Sunday, February 16, 2014

The Post Activation

The Post New Millennium Activation Period will begin on March 5, 2014. This date will set into motion the direction in which all Life upon Mother Earth will be conducted and maintained, leading to an era of Peace, Love, Brotherhood, and Harmony. The movement into this direction will be slow by the mass of Earth’s population who are predominantly Man of Destiny Souls. Lightworker Souls on the other hand will be in the process of expanding with the Universe and introducing his or her Project of Light and Love. For one year it will seem that everything reported by news media sources will be continual reports dramatizing the worse of conditions and elements of sensation as if nothing were in Change and Transformation – bizarre events of death and trauma, celebrity culture, and politicians and their elections. So quietly, dear Ones, everyone will be distracted while you herald in the Expansion of the Universe upon Mother Earth!

The initial Expansion of the Universe Energy will be upon us from February 14 through March 14, 2014. You will feel this Energy as it induces you to withdraw from the world from February 23 through March 16, 2014, and into your special place of meditation or wherever you don’t bring the outside world into wherever you are! In your space of relaxation and comfort you will be in solitude with God and the Universe to instill and inspire the direction your Heart and Soul as you journey into the Post New Millennium Activation Period. While engaged in your special place of quiet, you will also totally and finally sever yourself from the world of Man, the drama, the flair of self importance, and all the special effects of a non sequitur rationale that revolve around it! In this way, dear Ones, you will know you have released the world of Man and are now immersed into the Fifth Dimension with God and the Universe!

It will not always be easy to accomplish total disengagement from Man’s world now but a three year window is already available for you to make these necessary adjustments, dear Ones! So relax and have fun with the newness that the Post New Millennium Activation Period will bring for your Creations of Love in Harmony with God and the Universe! Man of Destiny Souls will also be required to disengage from the world of illusion but it will not be as easy as it will for you! The reason being is that internally you have the depth and understanding of knowing the Truth about God and the Universe! For Man of Destiny Souls it will be a wearisome time until September 15, 2019 when progress will begin for him or her by learning the Truth about his or her new surroundings of the New Horizon through you!

While you Create your contributions of Love into the Expansion of the Universe upon Mother Earth, you will find momentum building with every step forward you take to disengage yourself from Man’s world and into the Harmony of God and the Universe! In fact, when the Time period of July 12 through August 6, 2014 arrives, so will the Hand of God serve to assist you further at every transition point and crossroad that may arise for you for you are in Harmony with God and the Universe! The initiation that arrives from March 5 through March 16, 2014 will be integral for you and your contributions of Love, not by efforts of mobilizing mass demonstrations in an unjustified system but merely by disengaging from it totally! This may be difficult to understand at this juncture of evolving with Love, but the leap of faith with God will be as simple for you as slipping into your favorite jeans and T-shirt!

Once the Energy of the New Millennium’s Activation arrives on March 4, 2014 nothing will ever be the same for any Soul existing upon Mother Earth! For Man of Destiny Souls it will be a Time of challenge and difficulty to the move away from all that one has come to know and understand as the Truth. For Lightworker Souls, the Paradigm Shift to emphasizing the Way of Love and Harmony will be cause for celebration and festivity! For while you will be in process of Creating with the Universe you will find that the time for celebration everyday in Harmony with God is here, dear Ones, and you are HOME at last!