Sunday, February 23, 2014

Coming of Age

The human body, like all Life forms in the Universe, develops along a standard pattern of growth and developmental stages. For the human body these developmental stages are birth, infancy, early childhood, preadolescent, adolescent, and adulthood. At each stage of development there are physical and cognitive milestones accomplished to ascertain and demonstrate proper growth and development. Using this growth and developmental model, at this point of time Mother Earth is advancing into the Fifth Dimension and progressing into the “early childhood stage” of her Spiritual Development, as are Man Of Destiny Souls who were also Created within the Milky Way Galaxy. Mother Earth’s “early childhood stage” will serve to introduce many New Changes devised for her own growth and Spiritual Expansion into the Universe. The way of Mother Earth’s Spiritual Expansion is through the Harmony of the Universe along with all of her co-inhabitants.

The Energy from March 15, 2014 through April 14, 2014 will extraneously expand Mother Earth with the Harmony of the Universe and God’s Presence Energy! You will come to feel absolute encouragement, gratuity, and empowerment all at once with this Energy, dear Ones, for you are already truly in accord with the Harmony of the Universe! You will not need to be reminded of your Truth, for your Lightworker Soul was not Created here on Earth or even in the Milky Way Galaxy, but in the far reaches of the Star Systems in the Universe! As the Energy moves forward from March 27 through April 8, 2014, Mother Earth will begin reaching and stretching to receive and hold the Hand of God once more! And as she excitedly and exuberantly stretches to hold the Hand of God so will her body begin to quiver and shake with delight! For she will be Home with the Universe!

For you, dear Ones, a new opportunity and experience begins for you from April 7 through April 29, 2014 – the experience of activating as a Co-Creator in Harmony with God! This will bring the process of Creating with the Expansion of the Harmony from the Universe within you and through you wherever you may be, for your vast experience with the Universe will be back into the rhythm of Harmony with the Universe as if you had never lost it! The reason for the exuberant feeling you will begin to openly express is the increase of Creation Power Mother Earth will be gaining with the Expansion of Harmony from the Universe. A way of looking at Mother Earth’s current developmental stage of prominence is to understand that Mother Earth is just entering into her “early childhood stage,” and as such, you would not give an infant table food and expect an infant’s body to properly digest or even consume an adult’s four course dinner. By similar manner, Mother Earth could not sustain the full force of Energy from the Universe, but by being “spoon fed” she could learn to work up her appetite and develop her “internal organs.”

For three years Mother Earth will be rapidly increasing her “appetite” for Harmony from the Universe. When this stage completes on March 27, 2017 so will your own Empowered capacity to Create with the Universe increase as she grows and increases with her Creation Power! This is also a reason, dear Ones, that you may have felt stifled and muted in your own power to Create on Earth, for Mother Earth did not have the full capacity to support your Creative endeavors. This factor has never disavowed your capabilities to be Creative with your Heart and Soul, but served to assist you in guiding and building the understanding and comprehension for Man of Destiny Souls who are also in the early childhood stage of Spiritual Development! 

In the coming months, dear Ones, you will begin to see a whole New Horizon revealing itself to every Soul open to the New Possibilities of the Universe by expanding the Truth about our Universe and everything Living within it! There will still be much more to ponder and behold in order to increase the developing Hearts and Souls of Man of Destiny. But by role modeling and serving in the place of leadership with Light, Love, and Harmony, dear Ones, you will accomplish much and reveal the Truth to every Soul willing to listen!