Saturday, January 11, 2014

Turn the Page

There is only one holiday that we celebrate without tribute to something or someone and that is New Year’s Day on January 1st of every year. We only bring hope and anticipation that the New Year will be as prosperous or even more prosperous than the previous one. In some cases this is so while in others there is nothing but the same as usual. As for the other remaining months, we unceremoniously turn the page of our calendar to see where our days off may occur, how the next month’s weekend schedule may work out, or even look for what other holidays may appear with some anticipation. As we move into the second week of February 2014, dear Ones, you will see that the rhythm of the Joy in Living with the Universe will be so much closer to you than you may think, for all you will have to simply do is draw upon its Energy within your Heart and Soul to Create at will!

As the days approach the Activation of the New Millennium for all Souls on March 4, 2014 you will find that the habit of habitually counting days with some or little anticipation will no longer serve you for the Energy now is designed to keep you aligned in the rhythm of Joy in Living with the Universe. This will become more apparent as we get closer to February 13, 2014 when the Energy will begin its momentum to surge like a tsunami sucking back the sea before it finally appears on land. It will not produce a dangerous situation for anyone already aligned to the New Matrix that began its influence upon Earth on December 19, 2013. Essentially the Time Period from February 10 through February 22, 2014 will be for organizing your Projects of Light before the “tsunami like” Energy begins to pound the surface of all lands upon Mother Earth!

The process of organizing will not be a tedious or boring task for you and anyone aligned within the Legion of Light. In some cases it will be as if you were meeting long lost friends or relatives that you have not seen in such a long time and it is so! Depending upon the scale of your Project of Light some groups will harmonize immediately while others will need more time to organize but still be influencing the new pattern of thought into the Collective Consciousness. In these cases it will be much like building a house from different parts of the world. The immediate frame will be built in one place, the roof and exterior in another while the plumbing and electrical components in yet another place. As you will see, dear Ones, the imminent and long known Change is here!

Keeping in mind that the entire process of Change will still take three more years to be entirely integrated and assimilated by Man of Destiny Souls, do not feel you will have to do it all at once or even alone. For the Universe takes Time to cultivate a garden with nurturing, watering, and proper pruning to ensure the quality of fruits and vegetables you will look forward to. In a sense it will be as if Man of Destiny Souls were to become like immigrants entering into a New Horizon in three more years. Everything will be foreign to him or her for there will be a new social structure with social status based upon Love and Harmony to dictate how one is treated and treats another person with respect.

So the only direction to be moving towards, dear Ones, is to move with the Love in your Heart and Soul for this is the place that will set the tone, measure, and value of all things you hold near and dear to you! In this way you will not be in a place of “unceremoniously” turning the page of your calendar with little hope and anticipation that maybe somehow, someway, something will Change for the better! The Change is in your own Heart and the Change and Transformation to Re-Create Mother Earth into the realm of the Universe begins with you and through you!