Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Quiet Revolution

There has been a Quiet Revolution in motion for almost twenty two years. It never received press coverage, recognition, or even given a name but it began on May 9, 1992. The Energy of that day emitted the signal to every single Lightworker Soul to “get ready” for the Activation of the New Millennium. The signal to “get set” occurred on December 2, 2011. This particular Energy brought every Lightworker Soul to begin investigating into the long sought after possibilities in his or her Soul. As the last week of February 2014 begins so will the final signal be emitted and felt in all endeavors of your Heart and Soul, dear Ones!

The final signal to Activate into the New Millennium will occur on March 4, 2014. But when the Energy from February 23 through March 3, 2014 arrives so will the heartfelt sensation that what you have come to do is finally here! Your Heart and Soul will become invigorated with all the possibilities to experience that you may have left behind but there will still be even more possibilities coming to consider and they will be without end! During this Time period you will also find the need to meditate particularly strong even when you find it not convenient! The call to meditation will be for all Lightworker Souls to begin the process to regain the strength of his or her Soul’s purpose – the Eternal Self of the Universe, as one who traverses across galaxies and dimensions to Create and extend his or her message of Love in Unity with God once more!

Some Lightworker Souls will need a longer adjustment period to once again emerge as his or her Eternal Self but this will be a rarity. As for Man of Destiny Souls, look for these Souls to be clueless in what the Quiet Revolution is even about! They will keep pushing their efforts in the maintenance of their status quo in order to keep what they deem to be “the real and certain.” But it is not the Reality of the Universe that you, dear Ones, are Creating into manifestation upon Mother Earth! It will still take until February 7, 2015 when Man of Destiny Souls will become aware that no matter what they will try to do, it is not aligned with the Reality of the Universe! See this year long period to be a gift from God for your contribution into the Quiet Revolution!

In the next few months, dear Ones, you will be coming into awareness that the next three years will be an alignment period for every Soul to align with the Harmony of the Universe. Every Lightworker Soul will easily align with this very high and fine frequency vibration, dear Ones. Most Man of Destiny Souls will still not be fully able to align to it, however, even after the initial three year period. Simply put, the Activation of the New Millennium on March 4, 2014 will be largely ignored in significance and misunderstood by the vast majority of Souls. But for you, dear Ones, you already know and understand that the entire phenomena of the New Millennium is an internal event not an external demonstration of catastrophes brought upon by God and His/Her angels of heaven!

There will be catastrophes to come but not in the way that popular   “end of the world” imagery has conceived of them to happen before the New Millennium arrives. All catastrophes to come will be by the hands and decisions of humanity to maintain the standards of the Third and Fourth Dimensions as if Mother Earth were still there! Mother Earth and all her inhabitants are in the Fifth Dimension! The New Millennium’s Activation will bring an end to all things not aligned with the Harmony and Love of the Universe! This three year Time period is only a stage of expansion that the Universe is going through! And with the Universe’s process of expansion so comes a process of growth and expansion with Love for Man of Destiny to recognize and witness and with it, comes God’s Promises through you and your contributions to the Quiet Revolution, dear Ones!