Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The Foundation

When the Energy of January 29, 2014 arrives upon Earth the New Millennium’s Foundation will be eternally sealed to serve every Soul’s quest to understand, become, and succeed in every endeavor of the New Reality. The New Millennium’s Foundation is not a physical edifice or a geographic point. It does not even have one physical location that one can point at and say, “Here it is” or “There it is!” It is within you for you are the one permanently sealed with the New Millennium’s Foundation within your Heart and Soul, dear Ones, awaiting your directions and requirements!

As Time progresses after January 29, 2014 you will begin to notice two separate worlds forming – one of the Legion of Light and one of Man of Destiny Souls. The world of the Legion of Light will be one that will be rapidly adapting and expanding with the Energy of the Universe through each Lightworker Soul becoming his or her Eternal Self of the Universe! The end result of this progression, dear Ones, is that you will see and bear witness in recognizing and gaining greater awareness of each other as Lightworkers within the New Reality. In this way the Unity with God instilled within each Lightworker will be more than just an individual reality but will serve to gather and cohere all Lightworkers in unison to bring the Changes that will be implemented for the New Millennium’s Activation for all Souls on March 4, 2014!

Man of Destiny’s world, on the other hand, will be like watching children play on a playground. They will divide up and segregate each other into whatever category is convenient for the way of their own games and their own rules. Most will play along with the games amicably while a few will turn to become “playground” bullies in order to control and force others to play their games of “make-believe I’m the leader.” That is until February 7, 2015 when Man of Destiny Souls begin to realize that the New Reality with God is already developing through the Legion of Light’s expansion and growth with the Universe. Man of Destiny’s play on the playground will come to a halt! The bullying games of domination and control will be over, for the “playground” bullies will no longer be heard, heeded, or even given a second thought!

There will come a great surge of Energy on April 20, 2014. This will be the Energy of Harmony for Joy in Living that all Souls will use to align with the Oneness that the Universe provides in Unity with God. This Energy will be the reason Man of Destiny Souls will finally stop playing the “playground games” by February 7, 2015 as the games will no longer make sense. For you, dear Ones, will be ones quietly leading and role modeling what the Energy of the Universe is all about! When the Energy Of Harmony for Joy of Living completes on April 12, 2017, the three year window of opportunity for Man of Destiny to align in Unity with God and the Universe will be over! From this point forward it will be cause for celebration!

The New Millennium Foundation will not be found in any one location upon Mother Earth but is within you and will travel wherever you may go, dear Ones! For now it will only be Lightworker Souls that will have it permanently sealed within his or her Heart and Soul. For Man of Destiny Souls it will take at least two more years to learn and understand that the New Millennium’s Foundation is internal and not derived of anything external. Some will understand by February 7, 2014 while other Man of Destiny Souls will take until April 12, 2017. It is not a footrace to be first but a process of understanding, becoming, and succeeding with the experience that Love and Harmony serve to lead one into the place of a Spiritual Purpose with God the Father and Mother of ALL Things!