Monday, January 20, 2014

The Expansion Begins

On February 14, 2014 the Energy will begin to build momentum towards ushering in the Energy surge of the New Millennium’s Activation on March 4, 2014. The vast majority of Souls will not be prepared for this surge but for you, dear Ones, it will be the Timing of your readiness! Many Lightworker Souls were born ready in the last 60 years for the Energy of the New Millennium to arrive. Some Lightworker Souls took more time than others to reach this conclusion as no matter how hard he or she tried to fit into a convenient “description box” they realized in one way or another that this was not the familiar world of Light, Love, and Harmony he or she was used to.

The past twenty years brought even more anxiety and impatience to the state of readiness for all Lightworker Souls as we all watched the world’s leaders with little understanding of this Timing make empty promises of reform and ignoring popular calls for Change. In the time period from February 14 through March 14, 2014 there will no longer be the need to look to outside forces to instill the Change that the Energy will give every Soul who is in Unity with God at this time! For you, dear Ones, are the Change and all that will manifest through you with the Empowerment of being a Co-Creator in Unity with God will bring! This month’s long time period will also serve as your point of Expansion with the Universe for you were born ready for your task of Light and Love!

As the week from February 14 through February 21, 2014 begins to subside so will any fear, hesitation, or apprehension you may have for you will begin to notice more participation to instill others with ideals of Light, Love, and Harmony. Not as a passive message of hope for the future but as an ideal of becoming! Here too is the “not so secret” secret to all your future endeavors in the New Millennium – inspire all of your goals and aspirations from your Heart and Soul with the ideals of Light, Love, and Harmony and you will never fail for we are all at One with God and the Universe! In this thought, dear Ones, you will find that like-mindedness will always draw you to other Lightworkers through those you already know and those you will come to know very shortly!

In the days to come, dear Ones, you will find yourself full of Life and vigor as if a rejuvenation effect has come to you and it is so! The rejuvenation effect is the direct result of your aligning in Unity with God and the Universe and all the Love contained within you and all there is! The reciprocation produced between your Love with God and the Universe will also serve to begin your process of Expansion with the Universe! It will not be immediately understood by everyone around but in due Time they will come to recognize that you are in Unity with God and the Universe! With so little understanding even now about our own Solar System how would they even know the difference except by the deeds and wonders you will Create in Unity with God and the Universe!

In your process of Expansion with the Universe you will also find, dear Ones, that your draw to other Lightworkers will begin a resonating magnetic effect that will produce the wonderment of the Universe upon Mother Earth through you and other Lightworkers – the effect of Collective Creation! For you will understand by now that the entire Universe was not Created individually by God but through the Collective Creation of you assisting God with your unique principles and ideals of Love with God! And in this way will the Great Expansion of the Universe begin – through you and with you in Unity with God and the Universe!