Sunday, January 5, 2014

February 2014

The month of February 2014 can effectively be divided into three distinct periods of Time. Each period of Time will have a different purpose and at the same provide momentum to usher in the Energy of the New Millennium for all Souls on March 4, 2014. The first period will begin on January 30, 2014 and will complete on February 9, 2014. This period will be called the call and gathering of the Legion of Light. The second period in February 2014 will be from February 10 through February 22, 2014 while the final period will last from February 23 through March 6, 2014. It will be during the final period of February 2014 that you will truly be looking forward to dear Ones, for the Activation of the New Millennium for all Souls will finally be here!

The initializing period of Energy from January 30 through February 9, 2014 will be the most important one for you, dear Ones, for you will feel and hear the internal call of God the Father and Mother of ALL Things beckoning you forward! Your personalized message from God will come through the only True Source of Security from the Universe – God Source! In whatever methodology you use to connect the inner alignment of your Soul with God Source, be it meditation, dreaming, your “gut” feeling, inner hearing, reading symbols, etc., count on your method to be strengthened and reinforced. For your own method is your personalized connection to God Source so allow it to lead you into the greatest adventure of your Life!

The first week of February 2014 will actually be Time for initializing contact between you and all other members of the Legion of Light, dear Ones. Not every Lightworker Soul will be directly and physically involved as it will be in “Higher Self” that you will be attending these internal “meetings with God” through your own method of receiving God Source. So follow through and adapt for it will be God the Father and Mother of ALL Things leading you into your Joy in Living through the Harmony that Oneness with God and the Universe brings. In this way you will be in your proper “station” and place of beginning when the second phase of February 2014’s Energy begins!

It is not a far stretch of the mind that you do fully understand internally what you will be doing in the days to come but it is the details that all Souls will have a problem with. Do not let this occupy you, dear Ones, for what lack of details you are presently missing will come to you from around January 21 through February 22, 2014 when God’s Presence Energy will begin to manifest all around your world! For this reason the second phase of February 2014 will seem to be “slow” in comparison to the inspiring initializing period!

The purpose of February 2014’s Energy second period will be to bring organization to the many Projects of Light that the Legion of Light will be initiating. Some will not need to be so formalized in organization but most Projects of Light will for they will involve many Lightworker Souls in places with little cooperation from Man of Destiny Souls. But when you will reflect about this Time Period in the future, dear Ones, you will see that you are a part of a Quiet Revolution. One that will move silently and efficiently all over the world for one year without hindrance, obstruction, or even impediments for God the Father and Mother of ALL Things will be leading every aspect and detail through you!

When the final period of February 2014’s Energy arrives you find yourself in a True state of Joy and Happiness! It will not be for the immediate circumstances that you will find yourself in but more from the fact that you will realize you will not ever be alone again, dear Ones, fighting upstream against a multitude of obstacles but you are on a team composed of God the Father and Mother of ALL Things and all Lightworkers! You were never really alone in this Time of Transition but it sure as hell may have felt like it! The Time to Activate into New Millennium will surely begin to manifest the Spiritual Prosperity you Truly have in your Heart and Soul, and then some!