Sunday, December 1, 2013

The New Matrix 2

The New Matrix will appear upon Mother Earth on December 19, 2013. More aptly described, it is the Universal Energy Grid serving to align Mother Earth through her new Pole Star of Vega with the Universe and all the higher dimensions. The New Matrix will function quite easily for you, dear Ones, for whenever and wherever your Heart and Soul are aligned with Love, so will your ability to readily Create whatever you will need and want! Creating with one’s Heart and Soul will not be occurring for every Soul yet but when the Energy for the New Millennium Activation occurs for every Soul on March 4, 2014 so will a greater possibility of entering into the New Matrix exist!

During the last week of December 2013 those who will be accessing the New Matrix will be testing out its properties and parameters. And as everyone will learn –the New Matrix will only function when one is constantly applying Love from one’s Heart and Soul with the New Matrix! The test is not one to question your own abilities of Light and Love, dear Ones, but the behaviors and habits one’s personality assumed to endure within the Third and Fourth Dimensions as “residue” limiting your Creator Skills. For in order to exist in the Third and Fourth Dimensions one has learned to be socially guarded and cautious to the point of developing the lack of trust for anyone else! This is not how the New Matrix functions and as you will find it is as if you were contained within a vortex of a “self-created Energy Adaptor”!

The “self-created Energy Adaptor” derives from the Energy Vortexes of your Chakra System.  When all seven of your Chakras are in proper alignment with the New Matrix anything you may define with Love from your Heart and Soul will reveal itself within the domain of the New Matrix! Creating with the New Matrix will become the way in which you will be demonstrating and role modeling all possibilities of Light and Love upon Mother Earth. Many will begin to take notice of you and your brothers and sisters of the Light and will look upon this process as a new “trend,” much like having the latest electronic gadget. But rather than interpreting the process of working with the New Matrix as the latest “trend,” what everyone will be witnessing will be the way of the future – Creating with Light and Love through the New Matrix!

Any interference that may come in the way of your working within the New Matrix will become like distant “static” in your Life by December 30, 2013. There will be many things to do and just as many issues to bring forth so that every Soul upon Mother Earth will have the capability to initiate into the Age of Light, Love, and Harmony! This will not be a small task by any means, dear Ones, for in your own activation on December 19, 2013 you will be moving into a position to lead the way! There will be hesitation and indecision by those watching but by the Time that the Energy of July 2014 arrives you will be in full swing of Creating your own Joy in Living!

There will be one more day to keep sacred within your Heart and Soul, dear Ones, and this will be the Energy of January 2, 2014. It will not be an Energy for presenting any awe inspiring and breathtaking actions on your part for you will see this to come in three more years! Instead look upon the Energy of January 2, 2014 as a Day of Remembrance for the past! No longer will you need to be incognito working against the forces of the Collective Consciousness that pushes all Souls into a place of fear and destitution for a new era begins – one that works through the internal workings of the Heart and Soul within the New Matrix beginning on December 19, 2013!