Sunday, December 15, 2013

Perception of a New Reality

What is Reality? Is it what we do and see in our daily routine and is defined though the people and things that appear to us as we engage in our daily routine? If this is the case, Reality is a relative series of appearances strung incidentally together according to one’s movement of place. Or is Reality the inclusion of all things in the Universe whether we can see them or not? For many people the former definition would serve just fine for a state of existence does not need room or mobility to grow and expand. But from January 13, 2014 onward there will be no room for homeostasis, or “just standing in one place” – for the Energy from January 13, 2014 through March 4, 2014 is designed to expand and Change all Perceptions of Reality!

Reality inclusive of all things in the Universe is the beginning of understanding and perceiving the New Reality approaching on January 13, 2014. By expanding into an inclusive understanding of Reality one’s sensory organs and faculties of reasoning will serve to open one’s Seven Member Chakra system and thus allow him or her begin to enter in the World of Creation! You, dear Ones, are one already innately equipped to just begin Creating at will! By Creating your own New Reality you will be role modeling and leading Man of Destiny Souls into the New Horizon through the Empowerment of Creation!

It will seem at first that you along with all other members of the Legion of Light will appear to be some kind of enigma on Earth – as if you do not already understand that you did not “fit” into this world and had to learn how to “travel” incognito and unrecognized for who you truly are – a Lightworker in Service to God. You will no longer be incognito or even transparent in the world, dear Ones, for the timing of your leadership will have already begun as of December 19, 2013! Most members of the Legion of Light do not like being in positions of leadership for the simple reason that there is only One Who leads and that is God! Instead. Look to see this time as the manifestation of being your Eternal Self of the Universe!

Once that the Energy of January 13, 2014 arrives it will be as if the individual power of Light and Love from each member of the Legion of Light were amplified and unified as One Light to shine all over Mother Earth demonstrating God’s Presence on Earth and it is so! This orchestrated movement will begin slowly but efficiently and will take two years to come into fruition with Man of Destiny Souls. It will no longer be the case that Man of Destiny Souls will disregard or ignore the Ways of Light and Love for all Souls are in the Age of Light, Love, and Harmony! To put this into perspective: it is a New Reality dawning and with it will come the original reason that you came upon Mother Earth – to increase the possibilities of Light and Love upon Earth!

As the days ahead progress during the year of 2014, dear Ones, you will begin to see events long ago deemed impossible or unlikely to even be considered, materializing! It will not be because the austerity stricken budgets of the world have suddenly revived themselves through the ability to print more money, but rather, because the New Reality designed for Creating will be in full effect! The year 2014 will actually mark the activation for implementing and realizing the Fifth Dimension Light and Love of the Universal Energy by superseding the former Third Dimension Energy of our Solar System. Through the realization that the boundaries of the Perception of Reality are actually increasing and amplifying within your own Reality, so will the perception of a New Reality for every Soul!