Sunday, December 8, 2013

2014 – A New Reality

When the New Year of 2014 arrives, dear Ones, you will already be gaining experience with the New Matrix that arrives to serve your Soul’s initiation into a New Reality on December 19, 2013. The New Matrix will still be relatively new for all Lightworker Souls but just know this – it will never wear out in its newness! This will be assured with the Energy of January 2, 2014 when every preliminary phase has been completed and ready to move all Souls into the next phase – the Energy for every Soul to fully integrate and Unify with God and the Universe! The next phase will begin on January 13, 2014 and will set into motion the new precedents and standards for the next two years.

The first week of the New Year will seem uneventful compared to the days to follow but as the momentum to instill the qualities of Light, Love, and Harmony brings understanding into every Soul, so will the effect of Spiritual Experience! Spiritual Experience will not come easy for Man of Destiny Souls for in his or her process to grow in understanding with God and the Universe he or she will find out how much different the rules of the Universe are compared to the rules of our Solar System. Much like the difference between night and day there will be no more practice, try outs, or even rehearsal for this is the New Reality in effect!

For two years Man of Destiny Souls will be learning in “real time” that Love is all there is in the Universe and the Fifth Dimension! Man of Destiny’s process of learning will lead to great social dysfunction that will usher in an absolute need for reorganization. Reluctantly the entire process of reorganization will eventually be turned over to you by February 2016, dear Ones! For Man of Destiny Souls will be watching and learning about you and your own successful endeavors of Love! For you, there will be no trials or even practice for you understand the entire Universe and its beneficial process of growth and expansion through Love and the means of Creation!

The two year reorganization process will lead to an entirely new understanding and awareness about the New Reality and all it has to offer. First there will be the understanding that Light, Love, and Harmony are the foundation with which one will be Creating his or her Life. This will eventually eliminate the need for an economic system based upon man’s artificial currencies and the advantages this gives for one to control the flow of supply and demand. The secondary understanding the New Reality will expand is the role of the Soul. There will no longer be a system to control one’s destiny based upon prejudgments of national origin, race, or religion, but rather one more balanced in allowing the Soul, whether one is Man or Light, to seek prosperity through the Joy of Living!

The third and most important new understanding the New Reality will usher in by February 2016 is the place of honoring God in every thought, deed, and expression of Love within every Soul’s Life! For an egalitarian society is one that expresses gratitude from the Heart and recognizes all things through Harmony – the Oneness of ALL Things! But until then the most important date to come for all Souls upon Mother Earth will be March 4, 2014, when you and your expressions of Love will be leading the way for the appearance of a New Reality at last!