Tuesday, December 24, 2013

In Unity with God

Last year’s process for all Lightworker Souls to become Co-Creators in Unity with God occurred from January 23, 2013 through February 4, 2013. The process was an individual and solitary experience and was unique for each particular member of the Legion of Light in order to solidify one’s Soul’s work for the Time to Come. This year’s process of Unity with God for Lightworker Souls will transpire from January 18, 2014 through January 29, 2014, dear Ones, and will call for you to begin the unification process with all other members of the Legion of Light. With this Energy will also begin the Gathering of the Legion of Light in order to initiate a new direction that every Soul upon Mother Earth will need to follow!

In the past, and even now, many Souls have lost the direction, motivation, and inspiration to move into a place of wholeness that brings one to his or her highest potential to accomplish what one’s Soul has come to do. This is not only True for all Lightworker Souls, but more so for Man of Destiny Souls. Whereas Lightworker Souls have the inner knowing that they are not in a cycle of evolution but on Earth to assist the evolution process, Man of Destiny Souls are in evolution and require a social structure supportive of the Soul. The reason being is that a Soul in the process of learning to Harmonize with all things of the Universe cannot and will not develop a way to express Love through a dysfunctional social structure that is suppressed and controlled! This is not how the God and the Universe function!

Man of Destiny Souls will be moving into the evolutionary step of becoming designated as Co-Creators in Unity with God from January 23 through February 7, 2014. It will not be an event that will suddenly find everyone on Earth Creating with Love for the understanding to do so takes Time through the evolution of the Soul. For you, dear Ones, this particular stretch of time will not be one of chaos and confusion but for Man of Destiny Souls it will be one of the most chaotic and confusing time periods ever witnessed upon Earth! It will not be for the “things” of the Universe that you will be introducing upon Mother Earth for the first time ever but assisting Man of Destiny Souls to learn that the Freedom to Create is never being in a place of control or limitation!

The displacement of all social control mechanisms of man will not last for very long, in fact, for three years. Some things will take shorter periods of time to undo and replace, others longer stretches of time because Man of Destiny Souls will not be able to emotionally let go of the things that he or she feels promotes wellbeing and comfort for his or her status. It is not status that the Freedom to Create is premised upon but the Light, Love, and Harmony offered by Unity with God and the Universe! And in this will the issue of Unity with God begin to cause disruption and anxiety in learning for Man of Destiny Souls. During the duration of the coming three years, dear Ones, you will not be hindered or impeded by Man of Destiny in any form, be it government, politics, or the status quo for you and the Legion of Light will be ushering in the Way of the Universe and all that it has to offer!

Most Lightworker Souls will not be involved in causing any major disruptions in the lives upon Mother Earth. Instead they will be instituting what they have come to be in the Universe – beings of Light, Love, and Harmony sharing and cooperating with all other Souls, and thereby expanding the growth of everyone and everything in the Universe through their role modeling. The few who will be directly involved will know that they will be serving as the Hand of God in all that they will be doing. So there will be no “collateral damage” except what Man of Destiny Souls will bring upon him or herself through the lack of understanding about what being in Unity with God is all about! And now begins the advancement of the Legion of Light through the Truth that we are all in Unity with God and the Universe!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Perception of a New Reality

What is Reality? Is it what we do and see in our daily routine and is defined though the people and things that appear to us as we engage in our daily routine? If this is the case, Reality is a relative series of appearances strung incidentally together according to one’s movement of place. Or is Reality the inclusion of all things in the Universe whether we can see them or not? For many people the former definition would serve just fine for a state of existence does not need room or mobility to grow and expand. But from January 13, 2014 onward there will be no room for homeostasis, or “just standing in one place” – for the Energy from January 13, 2014 through March 4, 2014 is designed to expand and Change all Perceptions of Reality!

Reality inclusive of all things in the Universe is the beginning of understanding and perceiving the New Reality approaching on January 13, 2014. By expanding into an inclusive understanding of Reality one’s sensory organs and faculties of reasoning will serve to open one’s Seven Member Chakra system and thus allow him or her begin to enter in the World of Creation! You, dear Ones, are one already innately equipped to just begin Creating at will! By Creating your own New Reality you will be role modeling and leading Man of Destiny Souls into the New Horizon through the Empowerment of Creation!

It will seem at first that you along with all other members of the Legion of Light will appear to be some kind of enigma on Earth – as if you do not already understand that you did not “fit” into this world and had to learn how to “travel” incognito and unrecognized for who you truly are – a Lightworker in Service to God. You will no longer be incognito or even transparent in the world, dear Ones, for the timing of your leadership will have already begun as of December 19, 2013! Most members of the Legion of Light do not like being in positions of leadership for the simple reason that there is only One Who leads and that is God! Instead. Look to see this time as the manifestation of being your Eternal Self of the Universe!

Once that the Energy of January 13, 2014 arrives it will be as if the individual power of Light and Love from each member of the Legion of Light were amplified and unified as One Light to shine all over Mother Earth demonstrating God’s Presence on Earth and it is so! This orchestrated movement will begin slowly but efficiently and will take two years to come into fruition with Man of Destiny Souls. It will no longer be the case that Man of Destiny Souls will disregard or ignore the Ways of Light and Love for all Souls are in the Age of Light, Love, and Harmony! To put this into perspective: it is a New Reality dawning and with it will come the original reason that you came upon Mother Earth – to increase the possibilities of Light and Love upon Earth!

As the days ahead progress during the year of 2014, dear Ones, you will begin to see events long ago deemed impossible or unlikely to even be considered, materializing! It will not be because the austerity stricken budgets of the world have suddenly revived themselves through the ability to print more money, but rather, because the New Reality designed for Creating will be in full effect! The year 2014 will actually mark the activation for implementing and realizing the Fifth Dimension Light and Love of the Universal Energy by superseding the former Third Dimension Energy of our Solar System. Through the realization that the boundaries of the Perception of Reality are actually increasing and amplifying within your own Reality, so will the perception of a New Reality for every Soul!

Sunday, December 8, 2013

2014 – A New Reality

When the New Year of 2014 arrives, dear Ones, you will already be gaining experience with the New Matrix that arrives to serve your Soul’s initiation into a New Reality on December 19, 2013. The New Matrix will still be relatively new for all Lightworker Souls but just know this – it will never wear out in its newness! This will be assured with the Energy of January 2, 2014 when every preliminary phase has been completed and ready to move all Souls into the next phase – the Energy for every Soul to fully integrate and Unify with God and the Universe! The next phase will begin on January 13, 2014 and will set into motion the new precedents and standards for the next two years.

The first week of the New Year will seem uneventful compared to the days to follow but as the momentum to instill the qualities of Light, Love, and Harmony brings understanding into every Soul, so will the effect of Spiritual Experience! Spiritual Experience will not come easy for Man of Destiny Souls for in his or her process to grow in understanding with God and the Universe he or she will find out how much different the rules of the Universe are compared to the rules of our Solar System. Much like the difference between night and day there will be no more practice, try outs, or even rehearsal for this is the New Reality in effect!

For two years Man of Destiny Souls will be learning in “real time” that Love is all there is in the Universe and the Fifth Dimension! Man of Destiny’s process of learning will lead to great social dysfunction that will usher in an absolute need for reorganization. Reluctantly the entire process of reorganization will eventually be turned over to you by February 2016, dear Ones! For Man of Destiny Souls will be watching and learning about you and your own successful endeavors of Love! For you, there will be no trials or even practice for you understand the entire Universe and its beneficial process of growth and expansion through Love and the means of Creation!

The two year reorganization process will lead to an entirely new understanding and awareness about the New Reality and all it has to offer. First there will be the understanding that Light, Love, and Harmony are the foundation with which one will be Creating his or her Life. This will eventually eliminate the need for an economic system based upon man’s artificial currencies and the advantages this gives for one to control the flow of supply and demand. The secondary understanding the New Reality will expand is the role of the Soul. There will no longer be a system to control one’s destiny based upon prejudgments of national origin, race, or religion, but rather one more balanced in allowing the Soul, whether one is Man or Light, to seek prosperity through the Joy of Living!

The third and most important new understanding the New Reality will usher in by February 2016 is the place of honoring God in every thought, deed, and expression of Love within every Soul’s Life! For an egalitarian society is one that expresses gratitude from the Heart and recognizes all things through Harmony – the Oneness of ALL Things! But until then the most important date to come for all Souls upon Mother Earth will be March 4, 2014, when you and your expressions of Love will be leading the way for the appearance of a New Reality at last!

Sunday, December 1, 2013

The New Matrix 2

The New Matrix will appear upon Mother Earth on December 19, 2013. More aptly described, it is the Universal Energy Grid serving to align Mother Earth through her new Pole Star of Vega with the Universe and all the higher dimensions. The New Matrix will function quite easily for you, dear Ones, for whenever and wherever your Heart and Soul are aligned with Love, so will your ability to readily Create whatever you will need and want! Creating with one’s Heart and Soul will not be occurring for every Soul yet but when the Energy for the New Millennium Activation occurs for every Soul on March 4, 2014 so will a greater possibility of entering into the New Matrix exist!

During the last week of December 2013 those who will be accessing the New Matrix will be testing out its properties and parameters. And as everyone will learn –the New Matrix will only function when one is constantly applying Love from one’s Heart and Soul with the New Matrix! The test is not one to question your own abilities of Light and Love, dear Ones, but the behaviors and habits one’s personality assumed to endure within the Third and Fourth Dimensions as “residue” limiting your Creator Skills. For in order to exist in the Third and Fourth Dimensions one has learned to be socially guarded and cautious to the point of developing the lack of trust for anyone else! This is not how the New Matrix functions and as you will find it is as if you were contained within a vortex of a “self-created Energy Adaptor”!

The “self-created Energy Adaptor” derives from the Energy Vortexes of your Chakra System.  When all seven of your Chakras are in proper alignment with the New Matrix anything you may define with Love from your Heart and Soul will reveal itself within the domain of the New Matrix! Creating with the New Matrix will become the way in which you will be demonstrating and role modeling all possibilities of Light and Love upon Mother Earth. Many will begin to take notice of you and your brothers and sisters of the Light and will look upon this process as a new “trend,” much like having the latest electronic gadget. But rather than interpreting the process of working with the New Matrix as the latest “trend,” what everyone will be witnessing will be the way of the future – Creating with Light and Love through the New Matrix!

Any interference that may come in the way of your working within the New Matrix will become like distant “static” in your Life by December 30, 2013. There will be many things to do and just as many issues to bring forth so that every Soul upon Mother Earth will have the capability to initiate into the Age of Light, Love, and Harmony! This will not be a small task by any means, dear Ones, for in your own activation on December 19, 2013 you will be moving into a position to lead the way! There will be hesitation and indecision by those watching but by the Time that the Energy of July 2014 arrives you will be in full swing of Creating your own Joy in Living!

There will be one more day to keep sacred within your Heart and Soul, dear Ones, and this will be the Energy of January 2, 2014. It will not be an Energy for presenting any awe inspiring and breathtaking actions on your part for you will see this to come in three more years! Instead look upon the Energy of January 2, 2014 as a Day of Remembrance for the past! No longer will you need to be incognito working against the forces of the Collective Consciousness that pushes all Souls into a place of fear and destitution for a new era begins – one that works through the internal workings of the Heart and Soul within the New Matrix beginning on December 19, 2013!