Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Hollow

The Miracle of Creation is that your Love, dear Ones, does all the “work” for you. It is not a belaboring process that leaves you physically tired, emotionally exhausted, or even mentally fatigued. Instead you become rejuvenated, invigorated, and reenergized from the inspiration that you draw directly from your Heart and Soul and exchange it with the Love of the Universe. On November 6, 2013 your Heart and Soul will fully align to begin to function like a “Creation Chamber” with the Universe. Your Heart Chakra is that “Creation Chamber,” and will serve to manifest your Third Eye Chakra’s Imaginal States that you access to redesign and reorganize your Life in accordance with the Love and Spiritual Experience you already have with the Universe.

The Spiritual Experience you have previously acquired with the Universe, dear Ones, will make all the difference in Creating with the Universe beyond November 13, 2013 when a “hollow” effect will begin upon Mother Earth for those Creating in the way of the Fourth Dimension, as if Love were still a lesson to be learned. Any attempt to Create with the intent to hurt, injure, or to take advantage of another Soul will result in the Creation of nothing except an immediate karmic effect! The immediate karmic affect will be even more prevalent after the Energy of November 18, 2013 when the turning of the Energy will produce physical signs that the New Millennium is about to activate, and it is so!

At the same time that the “hollow” Creation effect begins on Mother Earth so will signs that the Apocalypse is in full motion. The Apocalyptic Period began on October 14, 2013 and will last until March 4, 2014 when the New Millennium Activates upon Earth. You will have nothing to fear, dear Ones, for you are already a Co-Creator in Unity with God! The Apocalyptic Period is for Man of Destiny Souls to decide once and for all that they too are intent upon becoming a Co-Creator in Unity with God and the Universe. The possibility exists at this turning point that all Man of Destiny Souls will begin as a Co-Creator in Unity with God by February 7, 2014! The probability, however, is another story for Man of Destiny Souls will first have to release and relinquish all ego related issues, which includes “self proclaimed” control, power, and dominion, in the Ways of God and the Universe!

When the week of the “hollow” Creation effect arrives Man of Destiny Souls will be held in a testing pattern from November 11, 2013 through July 22, 2014 to see how much and how fast he or she has learned in the Ways of God and the Universe! Chaos and Confusion will become the standard and will increase sevenfold in his or her mind until each individual Soul has become designated as a Co-Creator in Unity with God! For you, dear Ones, there is no trial for you, for you are already one designated to lead through demonstration and role modeling in the Ways of God by being a Co-Creator in Unity with God. It is in this way that the Redistribution of Wealth will occur through you, dear Ones, through you and your Empowerment of Creating with Love!

Through Spirit, your Love moves from your Heart Chakra to merge with the Energy of the Universe to become manifested as a byproduct of your Love. Through your Love, dear Ones, the New Millennium will Activate within you and through you, for the greatest part of the Spiritual experience you bring is with Spirit! Your Love is the key and the way of Transformation, for inside every Soul, Love is designed to share and receive in order to expand one’s immediate world much like the Universe itself shares, receives, and expands! You already understand this Truth and that is why you know that the days of working without Love are in the past!