Monday, October 7, 2013

Prodigal Suns

If you wanted an answer to the question “What does my Soul look like?” The answer would be to simply look up at our Sun. Your Soul, like the Sun, is round with ever glowing white light that serves to sustain Life in every possible way upon Mother Earth through Spiritual development to encourage Life to grow and prosper. The Sun does not judge or have expectations where its light will travel or even what the purpose of its Light is to be used for, it only gives and shares whatever Love it has freely. Our Soul, in similar manner as the Sun, is also designed to cultivate Spiritual growth all around us through the radiating warmth that our Love and Joy have to offer to everyone.

There will be great reason to remember that you, dear Ones, are like the Sun, a being of Light and Love as well as a great cultivator of Spiritual Life. When the Energy of November 6, 2013 arrives, all Lightworker Souls will become Empowered as Co-Creators in Unity with God and the Universe. Some will know and comprehend who he or she is and what will be occurring. The vast majority of Lightworker Souls, however, will not understand what will be happening and will actually default into his or her status as a Co-Creator to learn about him or herself. There are 120,000 such Souls among the 144,000 Lightworker Souls upon Mother Earth. Much like all other Souls upon Earth, the focus of his or her life has been upon maneuvering through the dark density of negative energy that has diminished the strength, intensity, and desire of his or her Light and Love.

Much like the parable about the return of the prodigal son in the New Testament (Luke 15:11), it will be Time to return to the Ways of God throughout the Universe on November 6, 2013. The Empowerment of Creation will be a great asset for all who are ready to Create with Love and the Universe to begin the process of Re-Creating Mother Earth into the Fifth Dimension. For when the Energy of November 11, 2013 begins its influence, God’s Presence Energy will begin to produce Absolute Change throughout the Universe and upon Mother Earth! This date will also mark the Time for you, dear Ones, to become like the Sun you truly are to radiate the Light and Love you have to offer and begin resonating in the process of Light and Love from Earth into the Universe!

This process will be fun and easy for you and all there will be to do is just provide your Love to Create all the Joy and Freedom you will want! It will be as if you were a “Prodigal Sun,” a bright glowing star diminished in brightness due to overcast skies and finally returning with God to radiate into the open skies along with Mother Earth in the Fifth Dimension! This will only be the beginning as the Energy continues to intensify, strengthen, and increase your ability to contribute into Mother Earth’s Activation into the New Millennium on March 4, 2014!

For Man of Destiny Souls, it will be a bewildering journey in all ways from his or her lack of understanding about God’s Love and Joy! You will see these Souls, dear Ones, puzzled and in fear about what will be happening. At first their fear will anticipate judgment to come down. Then realizing there is no judgment upon him or her, they will deduce that “there must be a catch somewhere!” – and that everything that he or she “owns” will somehow be taken or stolen! They will hide with their things, little realizing that they are only hiding from God’s Love and Joy! How strange this will be to everyone who does not understand that the Sun’s radiating Light and Love serve to Create and sustain all Life, without any hidden agendas!