Saturday, June 29, 2013

Prelude to the Great Activation!

From May 9, 2013 through August 20, 2013, the Great Transformation to bring Light and Love upon Mother Earth will be taking place. On July 16, 2013 the first phase will be complete with all Souls upon Earth bestowed with the Power of True Creation in the Fifth Dimension to implement their role as a Creator with the New Universal Paradigm introduced on June 12, 2013. In what shall seem like a respite during the Great Transformation from July 17, 2013 to July 24, 2013, the Time will actually be a buildup of the Energy before the Great Activation occurs. For from July 25, 2013 through August 20, 2013, the Activation of all Souls who have chosen to go forward as Co-Creators in Unity with God will begin!

When the Great Activation begins on July 25, 2013, dear Ones, you will find yourself in a place of leadership to role model that Love is the Way of God and the Universe! And all you will have to simply do is remember and validate who you are in the Universe with God the Father and Mother of ALL Things! Once you complete this preliminary stage, it will be like moving from training wheels on a bicycle to mountain biking at full speed! So do not let the outer world interfere with your inner world!

Man of Destiny Souls will be unaware that True Creation in the Fifth Dimension is not only possible but also the way of evolving into the Fifth Dimension. The week of July 17 through July 24, 2013, however, will serve to Empower you, dear Ones, with the experience of True Creation to Create with the Universe once more! With your vast understanding, any difficulty that may arise can be overcome by releasing old memories and unlearning habits you may have carried over from the Third Dimension. So consider this, dear Ones, you are a Master Creator and know that Love is the Primary Element in all things, visible and ALL Things imperceptible to the physical eyes!

There will be limited examples of Man of Destiny Souls becoming Co-Creators in Unity with God in the immediate days to come. It will not be due to misunderstanding the basis of True Creation in the Fifth Dimension, but rather, the lack of understanding that Love is the Primary Element of the Universe. For without comprehension or understanding about Love’s role within the Universe, True Creation in the Fifth Dimension is impossible! Self Knowledge will serve as the beginning point of Man of Destiny’s Spiritual Journey to gain the required skills of True Creation in the Fifth Dimension, and will only begin when he or she understands that Love, as the Primary Element of the Universe, serves to coagulate and coalesce as a Vibration, much like his or her own Soul. For only when he or she will finally express him or herself as a Vibration of Love and begins to resonate as an equivalent expression of Love through the Pattern of the Universe, will True Creation begin!

By recognizing you are already Love, dear Ones, you will have no major problems whatsoever during this transition period! When the second phase of the Great Transformation begins on July 25, 2013. the Universal Energies will begin moving much like a mountain river barreling downwards with its springtime thaw of snow, rapidly and single minded in intent, to replenish Life in the land below! The completion of the Great Transformation arrives on August 20, 2013. And with it you will see that the New Horizon has arrived upon Mother Earth and signal that the Time to begin the Life of Light and Love will be upon us all!