Saturday, April 27, 2013

All You Need Is Love!

When the Energy arrives on June 1, 2013, the first stage of expansion of the New Horizon will be complete! Every Soul, dear Ones, will be a Creator once more! No longer will you be one to Create through the purchasing power of man’s currency systems but with God’s Currency of Love! This will bring noticeable differences in the Times ahead as the skills to Create begin to develop once more. Lightworker Souls will begin on May 20, 2013 when Creator of the Heart possibilities appear, while Man of Destiny Souls will begin on June 1, 2013. Many Man of Destiny Souls will not be readily adapting into his or her new role of Creator, but the ones who will adapt will be progressing steadily when they will know that they are Empowered with Love!

There are three categories of Creators: Creator, Co-Creator in Unity with God, and Creator of the Heart. The distinguishing difference between these three categories is that one in Creator status is in development of his or her seven Energy Centers, the Chakras, to the point that ALL SEVEN will be functioning and operating with Love. The Co-Creator in Unity with God and Creator of the Heart statuses both have ALL SEVEN Chakras simultaneously functioning with LOVE. The difference however, is that the Co-Creators in Unity with God, consisting of mostly Lightworker Souls, will need a “training wheel” stage until they will let go of man’s systems of restraint and limitations from his or her conscious awareness. It will not take long for these ones to just remember what working with the Universal Energies is like once more!

Creator of the Heart status will be using the highest expression of one’s Creative Potential, not what most think to be the Crown Chakra, but the Heart Chakra! For in one’s Heart is where Love is expressed, understood, and transformed from thought into its material correspondent – through the process of Creation! This is Man of Destiny Soul’s eventual goal through his or her process of evolution of working with Light and Love from the Universe in the Fifth Dimension! Though it will not be an instantaneous transformation for Man of Destiny Souls, Lightworker Souls will be in place all around Earth to lead the Great Transformation of Mother Earth into the Abode of Peace and Harmony!

As one may deduce in the transformation from man’s currencies to God’s Currency of Love, there will be many issues of concern by those who place the value of man’s currencies above God’s Currency! They will call this time “terrible, even worse than the 1930’s Great Depression” and it is so for them! For God’s Universe Creates and bring expansion through Love and in the same way, dear Ones, you as a Creator with the Universe will be Creating and expanding with Love! By the time the Universal Energy of February 11, 2013 every Soul upon Mother Earth, Man of Destiny and Lightworker Souls, will be in the place of Love and Joy!

When the Energy arrives in the final week of May 2013 there will be a newness that has not been felt upon Mother Earth for a long time! The Energy of this final week will be the “starting gate” of a brand New World – a world in which every Soul will begin Creating his or her own sense of Joy in Living! Some will feel anxiety and nervousness due to the sense of “unknowing” and lack of direction, but do not let these feelings overcome you for God Walks the Land and will not let anyone who Creates with Love fail! All you will have to do is refresh yourself with the song “All You Need Is Love” by those great inspiring philosophers of our time, Lennon and McCartney!

All you need is love
All you need is love
All you need is love, love
Love is all you need!

That’s all you will need, dear Ones!