Friday, December 14, 2012

Harmonizing with ALL Things

At the core of everything that exists in the Universe is the Energy of God Source. Unseen and untouchable yet can be felt and heard within the Soul of every living being. The Energy Field that makes communication possible between one Soul and another Soul is the Energy of Love that encompasses each particle of God Source so that it can expand, grow, and prosper as its own unique Expression of God’s Love. At this point of time our Mother Earth and Milky Way Galaxy are at an Expansion Phase with the Universe and this is why, dear Lightworker that every living Soul within the expanding Energy Field of the Universe is in a process of growth and expansion beyond any other known time frame!

When the Universal Energy of January 11, 2013 arrives for us to begin to truly consider our possibilities in Expanding our Soul’s Spiritual Pathway, we will also be bringing Love and Harmony to Activate our Purpose with Joy. This will be the way in which all who have chosen to expand beyond his or her known Spiritual Properties will be not only ready for Unity with God the Father and Mother of ALL Things but will also ensure that every pitch and chord is struck in accordance with the Harmony of the Universe!

By Harmonizing with ALL Things in the Universe, dear Lightworker, you will be able to consider where you would take your Love to begin an experience of Co-Creating with God! You have already been Ordained, Activated, and given the Responsibility of Mother Earth’s Transition into the New Millennium! Now, you will be achieving your final stage in the week to come, dear Lightworker, when you will begin to merge and commingle all your Energy of Love with God and the Universe from January 14, 2013 through February 4, 2013! When this stage is complete, rest assured that you have passed through all preparation stages of the Heart and Soul!

The process of preparing the Heart and Soul was not as arduous or as dramatic as one would think, but actually served as a reminder to whom you really are and what you have come to do. These opportunities offered the “path of least resistance” so that by the middle of February 2013, you will vastly improve and increase your ability to “Harmonize with ALL Things!” So what has appeared to be a “test of endurance” was in Reality, an Expression of Free Will provided to everyone willing to progress, expand, and become Unified as a Co-Creator with our Creator!

Soon it will be time to relax, dear Lightworker, and despite your steady anxiety to bring about the New World and New Millennium, we all must wait and stand back to see what happens to those who have not prepared his or her Inner Self. For they have not realized, dear Lightworker, that they too are being offered the opportunity to Unify with God the Father and Mother of ALL Things and to realize Joy in Living in everything that they will do! It is not a missed opportunity if you were not aware but it is if you choose to let it go by you! That is the difference in these days, dear Lightworker – to Progress with God or not to Progress!

After the opportunity to Unify with God Completes on February 4, 2013, big sweeping Changes will begin upon all lands of the Earth from March 2, 2013 until April 6, 2013. Man’s economic values will fade away from any recognizable form of understanding, for the Energy of the New Millennium will be prevailing and offering those who have chosen to Serve God and to assist Mother Earth in her Transition to Live in Peace and Harmony. Mother Earth will gather them to share her bounty and all she will have to offer as Co-Creators with God! Rejoice for it begins soon!