Friday, July 6, 2012

The New Horizon Part 2

On July 17, 2012 the Universal Energies will begin a three day period intended for quickly adapting into the New Spiritual Standards of the surging New Horizon Energy. Some like you, dear Lightworker, will not need to adapt your Standards but many of the Souls of Man of Destiny will burst their seams as they begin to internally recognize who he or she really is – a Co-Creator with God! This will signal to you, dear Lightworker, and all of your fellow members of the Legion of Light that the work before you will not appear as daunting as it may appear in the present.

This Gateway Energy will follow with a secondary surge of Energy that is preordained for you, dear Lightworker, and will elevate you and your Project of Light above all obstacles as Man of Destiny begins his or her task to align him or herself into the God Presence Energy of August 13, 2012.  This phase of time will also emphasize that Man of Destiny and the Legion of Light begin working together from July 18, 2012 until August 16, 2012! Most of Man of Destiny will be vicariously learning but some will not cede from what they expect to happen. The reason for this will be that Man of Destiny has no basis of understanding Truth like you do, dear Lightworker.

Truth and Love from God is Eternal as you, dear Lightworker, already know and understand. Truth and Love for Man of Destiny is relative to his or her Soul’s level of understanding. Many have been here upon the Earth Plane as many times as you have come to teach them about the Spirit and have learned. Some however have spent fewer lifetimes upon Mother Earth and have only accumulated “base knowledge” to advance into the times ahead. The latter ones will be the ones with the most to gain in the New Horizon appearing before us and will be slow to adapt. Do not judge them for their lack of effort for they will now be like elementary school students cramming to take a college level exam! Hail their efforts and send them Light and Love!

The end result in the near time ahead will be to learn and understand that the goal of Living with Eternal Truth and Love is to be in a State of Joy in Living! Joy in Living is the attainment of a continuous state of Joy and Contentment concerning Life’s circumstances. It is not measured with emotional pendulum swings of elated and depressed moods but rather through your Heart’s Expression! Your Heart’s Expression is the key to being in a state of Joy and Contentment and is an internal process. On August 3, 2012 the completion of establishing the foundation of your own state of Joy in Living will conclude so that the process of progressing from an internal to an external process may begin on August 4, 2012.

The Energy from July 17, 2012 through August 16, 2012 will be comforting and pleasing to you, dear Lightworker, for you will be back in your element of heightened Love Energy and in the Presence of God the Father and Mother of ALL Things after August 13, 2012! Many upon the Earth Plane will not understand this concept for they only understand with their external eyes rather than through their Hearts. In the next three years many will finally learn and understand this concept with the introduction to God the Father and Mother of All Things. Difficult as it may be to be introduced to an “event” recognized from the Sacred Books of all religions, it will become a Reality when everyone realizes that we are truly living in the Presence of the Father and Mother of ALL Things in the New Horizon