Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Separation Begins! Part 2

There are basically two types of Souls upon the Earth Plane: the Lightworker Soul and the Man of Destiny Soul. There is no real sense that one is higher or lower, superior or inferior, or even that one Soul is closer to God the Father and Mother of ALL Things than the other! Far from the Truth the only difference between these Soul types is that the Lightworker Soul has acquired Spiritual Experience to Create his or her world with Light and Love. Man of Destiny on the other hand is learning to acquire Spiritual Experience to Create his or her world with Light and Love! The Separation of Souls will begin on August 30, 2012.

The Separation of Souls will not be an event marked by the “Judgment” of God as some suppose it to be rather it will be the time of Lightworker and Man of Destiny Souls to choose to walk alongside God the Father and Mother of ALL Things, Who will make His/Her appearance upon the Earth Plane on August 13, 2012. This event is already in motion as the Energy of August 2012 can attest and it will be this same Energy in motion that will bring you, dear Lightworker, into the forefront of all events pertaining to Man of Destiny learning to acquire the Spiritual Experience to become a Co-Creator with God upon Mother Earth!

The Separation of Souls on August 30, 2012 will bring everyone upon Mother Earth to recognize him or herself as a Spiritual Being who will acknowledge that God the Father and Mother of ALL Things is present upon the Earth Plane and that they will center their lives within the Foundation of Love that manifests within ALL Things! To understand these two Spiritual Truths will be a “leap of faith” for many, dear Lightworker, even for some of your fellow brothers and sisters of the Light who have lost their way with the dense negativity upon Mother Earth’s former dimensional self. To Live with Love and Joy will be the Way of Mother Earth as the Abode of Peace and Harmony!

In the days after God the Father and Mother of ALL Things becomes Present upon the Earth Plane there will be an Activation of the Universal Energies to unite everyone willing to use God’s Currency of Love for Unity with God for two days, August 16 and August 17, 2012. The next day, August 18, 2012, will bring the Energy to progress your Project of Light, dear Lightworker, to begin the Enlightenment of Man of Destiny and the fallen Lightworkers. All you will have to do, dear Lightworker, will be to listen to your Heart for there God will speak to you and detail the Plan of your Activation!

The next three months after August 18, 2012 will be a period of reaping what you will sow. It will not be a “pretty” sight for everyone in the initial attempt as a Spiritual Being but because you, dear Lightworker, have been endowed to lead, teach, and heal with your activated gifts and talents you will succeed beyond your wildest expectations! God’s Currency of LOVE will supercede all currencies of man and render them valueless! For Love will be the only Currency that will allow you to become a Co-Creator with God in the New Millennium! To understand that the Foundation of Love is what the Separation of the Souls will be based upon will become the need for everyone to understand, know, and honor to gain their Joy in Living!

The initial Energy of August 2012 will serve to encourage and inspire everyone to recognize his or her original state as a Spiritual Being. It will not be an easy transition as it will involve individual as well as societal change so radical that the return to recognizing your family by the Spiritual Bond of Love, rather than by isolating standards of color, creed, nationality, ethnicity, or even blood, will be inspiring a New State of Freedom to commence! This will become the turning point in uniting and forming the Brotherhood of Man and Light. The Brotherhood of Man and Light will form into the Family of God and will be upheld by the Spiritual Bond of Love in each Soul’s Heart and consciously choosing to become a Co-Creator with God. The choice will be up to each individual Soul whether to walk with God or not for there is no higher or lower, superior or inferior, only LOVE to Create the New Millennium!

Friday, July 20, 2012

The Separation Begins!

The Energy of August 2012 will be some of the most densely compressed and multilayered Energy ever to be experienced upon the Earth Plane! The reason is twofold: 1) to sustain the Energy of God the Father and Mother of ALL Things upon Mother Earth from August 13, 2012 onward and 2) to ensure that you, dear Lightworker, will also activate and bring fruition to your Project of Light upon the Earth Plane without interference! These two initiatives will progress with the New Horizon and begin the Separation of Souls between those who will be willing to learn to Live with the New Spiritual Standards of the New Millennium and those who will not adapt and continue to live by the code of man’s laws!

By recognizing the Power of Spirit and progressing with the Energy of the New Horizon many will come to learn, know, and understand that God the Father and Mother of ALL Things will be walking upon the land of Mother Earth! This should not surprise you, dear Lightworker, but let it sink in and bring you confidence for this will bring you and your Project of Light into a position of ease and comfort in utilizing your Spiritual gifts and talents. By August 18, 2012 the Energies will be providing a boost for you and all activated members of the Legion of Light that will cause everyone upon Mother Earth to take notice for it will be time to step forward!

In parallel to your stepping forward, dear Lightworker, you will begin to witness the Separation of Souls! Not by the accounts of God the Father and Mother of ALL Things but by the individual choice that propels the need to uphold the standard of man’s currencies of exchange over God’s Currency of Love! The choice to live as a physical rather than a Spiritual Being of Light and Love will dictate the direction in which one will travel in these Days of Separation so that by the end of August 2012 living and understanding the New Spiritual Standards of the New Millennium will not be a choice but the Standard for everyone!

In these days of the New Horizon’s arrival there will be even more Chaos and Confusion and the reason will be that the Energy that will begin in August 2012 will function to “seal the doorway” in the direction of returning Mother Earth into the Abode of Peace and Harmony. The “sealing of the doorway” will have many Man of Destiny Souls not understanding or much less applying the New Spiritual Standards of the New Millennium but this is why, dear Lightworker, your Project of Light will assist in educating their understanding and comprehension about what the World of Light and Love is all about!

Before the end of November 2012 every country, nation, and continent will have new leadership composed solely of members of the Legion of Light in place. There will be much resistance to this movement in September 2012 by those who esteem the value of man’s currencies of exchange over God’s Currency of Love but it will be short lived and bring an end to the control and domination of the few over the masses. With the Energy that will begin in August 2012 the Separation of Souls phase will begin to demonstrate that The World belongs to God the Father and Mother of ALL Things and will bring into place Mother Earth as the Abode of Peace and Harmony! Remain strong, dear Lightworker, for your work is only beginning and so is the transition to return the world to its rightful Owner – God the Father and Mother of ALL Things!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Love as Currency

If you are paying attention internally as well as externally during these last weeks of July 2012, dear Lightworker, you will be very much inline for becoming a Co-Creator with God in the next few weeks. Many among the Man of Destiny Soul level will not understand as they feel that the experience with God is a Sabbath process of rituals or prayers in times of personal crisis. You, dear Lightworker, may not even question the possibility of God’s Presence upon the Earth Plane beginning on August 13, 2012. But if you do question it, it is because you don’t know how it will be different as you already honor and understand God’s Presence in your life. Man of Destiny will not even comprehend this concept for he or she will see it all as an external process!

Understanding the God Presence Energy beginning to manifest from July 28, 2012 until August 29, 2012, and apexing on August 13, 2012, will require Man of Destiny to rethink everything he or she will know and understand to be the Truth. The only way he or she will be able to do so will be to internalize and listen within him or herself. Your message and Project of Light, dear Lightworker, will bring him or her to begin to understand with the Truth and validity of your Heart and Soul. It will not be an overnight process to convince Man of Destiny with the Truth but allow God’s Presence for three years to be known, understood and experienced!

Pods of Lightworkers now await the call to lead the nations of the world from darkness into the Light of God’s Presence. Some have already risen to prominence but wait for the fall of grace by those who claim power through financial instruments over the masses. These ones, whether you recognize them as the Illumnati, Cabal, or even Bilderbergers, will be the ones to continue to seek that all inhabitants of Mother Earth remain under the laws of man but will find out that the WORLD BELONGS TO GOD! This will lead everyone to redefine and reinvent Society to conform to the New Spiritual Standards for the New Millennium!

The New Society forming as the New Horizon begins in these days of July 2012 will eventually bring everyone to recognize and understand that God the Father and Mother of ALL Things is Present in all affairs of Man and Light! The comfort and reassurance this will give everyone will invigorate and instill Brotherhood Consciousness – Sharing and Cooperating with one another – that will greatly enhance and increase TRUST with the one shared currency of exchange: LOVE! Love will be the currency of exchange in the New Millennium and for this reason Unity with God the Father and Mother of ALL Things depends upon learning and growing with Love now!

Will everyone understand that Love, Trust, and Security with God the Father and Mother of ALL Things will be all that you will need to participate in the New Millennium? No, there have been many conditioned to think in values established by currencies that they see with their eyes and work to attain through the formula of hours times value of work equals commodity to purchase (H x V = P). In the New Millennium the formula will be: Love plus Joy equals Freedom (Love + Joy = Freedom)! Love in this case is the pursuit of your Joy in Living to find Freedom from stress, worry, or disease to Live in Joy!

On August 4, 2012 it will be time to apply your internal understandings into your external world. You may find it strange to simply remain focused upon what you Love and brings you passion but this is the New Horizon appearing before us and the New Standards of Spiritual Living are in effect! It may take some time for Man of Destiny to acclimate into this mindset but you, dear Lightworker will be at the frontline once you remember what it was like in the Sixth Dimension where you were born! For this reason it is important to Internalize to understand, and to know that what comes by listening to your Heart with the Energy of August 13, 2012 will be of great importance not only to you but also to God the Father and Mother of All Things! This is only the beginning so relax, and learn to Flow with the Universal Energies that Creates all things! 

Friday, July 6, 2012

The New Horizon Part 2

On July 17, 2012 the Universal Energies will begin a three day period intended for quickly adapting into the New Spiritual Standards of the surging New Horizon Energy. Some like you, dear Lightworker, will not need to adapt your Standards but many of the Souls of Man of Destiny will burst their seams as they begin to internally recognize who he or she really is – a Co-Creator with God! This will signal to you, dear Lightworker, and all of your fellow members of the Legion of Light that the work before you will not appear as daunting as it may appear in the present.

This Gateway Energy will follow with a secondary surge of Energy that is preordained for you, dear Lightworker, and will elevate you and your Project of Light above all obstacles as Man of Destiny begins his or her task to align him or herself into the God Presence Energy of August 13, 2012.  This phase of time will also emphasize that Man of Destiny and the Legion of Light begin working together from July 18, 2012 until August 16, 2012! Most of Man of Destiny will be vicariously learning but some will not cede from what they expect to happen. The reason for this will be that Man of Destiny has no basis of understanding Truth like you do, dear Lightworker.

Truth and Love from God is Eternal as you, dear Lightworker, already know and understand. Truth and Love for Man of Destiny is relative to his or her Soul’s level of understanding. Many have been here upon the Earth Plane as many times as you have come to teach them about the Spirit and have learned. Some however have spent fewer lifetimes upon Mother Earth and have only accumulated “base knowledge” to advance into the times ahead. The latter ones will be the ones with the most to gain in the New Horizon appearing before us and will be slow to adapt. Do not judge them for their lack of effort for they will now be like elementary school students cramming to take a college level exam! Hail their efforts and send them Light and Love!

The end result in the near time ahead will be to learn and understand that the goal of Living with Eternal Truth and Love is to be in a State of Joy in Living! Joy in Living is the attainment of a continuous state of Joy and Contentment concerning Life’s circumstances. It is not measured with emotional pendulum swings of elated and depressed moods but rather through your Heart’s Expression! Your Heart’s Expression is the key to being in a state of Joy and Contentment and is an internal process. On August 3, 2012 the completion of establishing the foundation of your own state of Joy in Living will conclude so that the process of progressing from an internal to an external process may begin on August 4, 2012.

The Energy from July 17, 2012 through August 16, 2012 will be comforting and pleasing to you, dear Lightworker, for you will be back in your element of heightened Love Energy and in the Presence of God the Father and Mother of ALL Things after August 13, 2012! Many upon the Earth Plane will not understand this concept for they only understand with their external eyes rather than through their Hearts. In the next three years many will finally learn and understand this concept with the introduction to God the Father and Mother of All Things. Difficult as it may be to be introduced to an “event” recognized from the Sacred Books of all religions, it will become a Reality when everyone realizes that we are truly living in the Presence of the Father and Mother of ALL Things in the New Horizon