Friday, June 29, 2012

The New Horizon

The Time period from July 9 through July 16, 2012 will be an important one for Man of Destiny and Light for everyone will be making their final decision to advance into the Energy Flow of Unity with God or not! Some will not know what to expect but will be open to learning rather than continue to experience a world without Love. For you, dear Lightworker, the world will open to you and your Project of Light that awaits the advent of the God Presence Energy on August 13, 2012. This is not a drill but the real thing!

There will be many changes that will take most by surprise especially in the way that current world systems are operated. Social Trust is the common bond upholding it and when those who do not uphold the Spiritual Standards of the New Horizon with the bond granted by Social Trust, there will be consequences! Masses will rise up and relinquish their role as the “silent majority” and demand more transparency and accountability by those who aspire only to control, silent, and restrain any aspiration and hope for Freedom in the Heart!

The New Horizon is the beginning of the physical reality of the New Millennium and will become apparent on July 12, 2012. The Energy of this date will mark the transition from limitation in the expression of the Soul to Freedom of the Soul for everyone who has chosen to seek growth with Love and to Activate in Unity and Oneness with God! The Energy that will follow on July 15, 2012 and July 16, 2012 will enable the choice to Activate and Expand into a state of readiness for the day of God Presence Energy on August 13, 2012!

In addition to acclimating into the new physical environment of the New Horizon there will also be internal awareness that will allow all who have chosen this direction to become better prepared for the God Presence Energy. Many will make “holidays” and create additional days of rest to internally and externally align themselves into the Energy of the New Horizon! You, dear Lightworker, will have already prepared but if not, do so for the reason you have come to the Earth Plane is here!

Those who will ignore the need to internally prepare for the New Horizon and what it will bring will find themselves “complaining” of constant lethargic and sluggish body aliments that will force them to rest in order to align themselves into preparation for the day of God Presence Energy! It will not be a enjoyable time for them, dear Lightworker, but if they should gain the courage to ask if you will assist them, do so, for you will be working with God’s Energy to expand their knowledge of the New Spiritual Standards in the New Millennium!

Everything that has only been until this time period a hope, dream, or wish, will now become an Aspiration of Faith and Knowing for everyone, dear Lightworker, and you will be here to Enlighten all who will ask it of you to show them how. Love in every thought and deed will do wonders and some who have not experienced long bouts of trust with Love will become healed with just the Words of your Love from God! The New Horizon will make many long time aspirants of their dreams and wishes into believers and begin to experience his or her proper role upon the Earth Plane – Co-Creators with God in the New Horizon now appearing on Mother Earth!