Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The March of Change Part 2

Everything in the Universe is bonded together with the adhering Energy of Love. Without the Energy of Love nothing would remain or exist within the Movement of the Universe. What will come to be in the remaining days of March 2012 will be a test of this Universal Law: If the Energy of Love is not applied into what is being Created by Humanity upon Mother Earth, that which is being Created without Love shall cease to exist within the Fifth Dimension’s binding Energy of Love! This will be the Test of Lovingness!

To better understand the momentum that this Energy Movement will take upon the Earth, dear Lightworker, think about what you would do when it is time to move or reorganize your home. Do you keep what no longer serves you as it did in 1985? Would you keep up the maintenance of an appliance or vehicle that costs you more to repair than to purchase a new one that would serve you longer? The Universe, dear Lightworker, is in such a phase – The Time of Reorganization – for the Fifth Dimension!

The Reorganization process will be functioning in the micro as well as the macro level. This will mean, dear Lightworker, that you and everyone else deemed to remain in the Fifth Dimension, will also be reorganizing. This will come as a process for removing and displacing experiences that no longer serve you in remaining in a constant State of Joy and Contentment. Call this a healing process that will clear your memory banks so that you, and everyone else, will grow and prosper in the Fifth Dimension. This healing process will be administered with the Energy of Love and will work if only you would apply it! In much the same way our Earth and Milky Way Galaxy will be adjusted and renewed!

This phase will lead you and the aggregate whole of the Legion of Light into place by April 18, 2012 so that you may provide your service for God, the Universe, and Mother Earth in the Fifth Dimension. In the mean time there will be much to get ready as sequences of events will be signs to you, dear Lightworker, that it will be time to begin! There will not be much understanding or comprehension by Man of Destiny, who will remain in fear as if he or she will be hiding under a rock not understanding that even when chasing shadows there is Light!

By the end of April 2012 the next phase of Renewal and Reorganization will begin! There will be an increase of awareness to the Light and Love available by everyone! This will signal the completion of the current phase and will allow those who remain open to the experience of the Fifth Dimension by fully absorbing and immersing themselves without hindrance of fear or pain! Everyone will not realize this but they will be learning how to recognize a feeling they have never allowed themselves to experience! This open period of Renewal and Reorganization will last for seven weeks, from April 29, 2012 through June 24, 2012! This period of time will also coincide with the beginning date of the manifested Energy of the Fifth Dimension – May 15, 2012!

You, dear Lightworker, will be at the forefront of this Change upon Mother Earth! It will not be overnight like some would like but nevertheless it will seem that way within three more years when there will be vast Societal Change to nurture the new culture developing in the Fifth Dimension. The strong leadership you will offer in service to God and the Reorganization will impact how Humanity currently measures and values their lives! Keep Heart, dear Lightworker, we are almost there! If there will need to be anything more to say, look forward to the days when everyone will want to be like you, dear Lightworker, a LIGHTWORKER!