Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Evolving Light

Beginning on March 15, 2012, dear Lightworker, your opportunity to begin your Project of Light will emerge. This will not be a major breakthrough but will allow you to continue with more confidence in your Project of Light. Many will become aware of your diligence and perseverance to your Task of Light! This will be a sign of your understanding and comprehension about what is to come by the end of March 2012 – the need for everyone to seek Truth and Understanding! You, dear Lightworker, are at the forefront and stand ready to emerge from the trenches to advance and lead all nations of the world into the Fifth Dimension and New Millennium!

The Energy, now in the second half of March 2012, will be intense and will be pushing everyone to rethink his or her priorities. So much so that what has been the status quo of the Fourth Dimension, up until now, will be demonstrated as fallacies and erroneous beliefs for the Fifth Dimension! If there will be a time to remain calm and inward seeking it will be now, dear Lightworker, for you are meant to lead everyone into the Fifth Dimension and New Millennium with Courage, Truth and Love!

Our Mother Earth and Milky Way Galaxy's upward Ascension into The Fifth Dimension will not be complete for three more years, but the time is now to initiate the required qualities of endurance – Truth and Love! Both of these qualities will not function in isolation and must be ascertained within the Truth of your Heart and Soul! You already understand this Truth, dear Lightworker, but it will be those who will come to you in the very near future that will need understanding and clarity.

The Energy to come in the remaining days of March 2012 will be intensive and pervasive and thereby leaving no one to be able to ignore the Great Transformation already underway! Man of Destiny will be allowed to choose the way of his or her learning. Will he or she choose the Way of Truth and Love, or will he or she choose the Way of Learning about Love? The Opportunity to choose will avail itself on March 16 and 17, 2012 and will provide the impetus to build the internal foundation to implement the basis of the Brotherhood of Man and the Joy in Living for everyone!

Quickly and rapidly the Energy’s momentum will dictate the Way of Truth and Love to be the way of the Fifth Dimension and New Millennium! March 18, 2012 will open a gateway for Man and Light to begin working together to prepare for the many Changes to come. Many will begin internally seeking to learn and grow for the sake of their Inner Self – their Heart and Soul. This will be the signal of things to come, dear Lightworker, for many will be internally preparing to seek Truth and Love for the Fifth Dimension’s necessary Spiritual Standards of Living!

If those who seek you readily move to debate, do not engage them. They will only be trying to comprehend the Way of Truth and Love in terms and concepts that they have not yet come to grasp. Simplifying will do no good either for the experience of Living with Truth and Love is an understood by all of the Legion of Light, the Way of Peace and Tranquility! Those who will know will listen and engage you for insight and further understanding. The road in which the masses will favor, however, will be to keep externally ignoring the Spiritual Standards of Living for the Fifth Dimension and live Life as if we were still in the Fourth Dimension. Do not let this worry you, dear Lightworker, for there are many other Lightworkers in God’s Legion of Light who stand ready to teach the Way of Truth and Love from the “other side!”

If you will feel tired or fatigued in the coming weeks, honor it and follow the way into your Heart and Soul and listen to the quiet that allows you to hear God’s Whispers of Truth and Love to you, dear Lightworker! Now is the time to prepare and ready yourself for the revealing of the Way of Truth and Love to everyone! You, dear Lightworker, are the Gatekeeper of Truth, Love, and Knowledge that will bring everyone to know and understand that the world is different and to allow everyone to acknowledge the Truth of who we all are, beings of Light and Love!