Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Evolving Light Part 2

There will be a great opportunity in the New Horizon for you, dear Lightworker, like that one that has seemed out of your grasp for a very long time – for it is now time to display your skills and gifts of Light! Many will still be internally processing to understand where the momentum of the Universal Energies will be taking them but you, dear Lightworker, are designed to be ahead of the curve in preparation and understanding. For how would your uniqueness of Light make you stand out when no one can see or feel the Presence of God upon Earth like you?

As the month of March 2012 comes to a close there will come a turning point in the way of events to openly display the great glory of the Fifth Dimension and New Millennium. Look for the masses to become bedazzled and confused by the internal preparation and prompting they are currently receiving from the Universal Energies so that they will realize that the Standards of Living have Changed! For everything is now being ruled by Spiritual Standards of Living! They will not understand the difference but that is good enough for now as they begin to question and seek answers to the misunderstood differences between the Fourth and Fifth Dimensions! You, dear Lightworker, are on the threshold of opportunity to assist in the process of filling in the voids of misunderstanding and understanding in the workings of the Fifth Dimension and New Millennium!

There will be many seeking you, dear Lightworker, for the Truth that is innate within you in the remaining days of March 2012 and beyond! Many will still be attempting to continue their lives as if the only way to exist upon Mother Earth is to live with little Love and occasional Joy in their life’s circumstances! This will not be the case as the Spiritual Standards of Living in the Fifth Dimension and New Millennium require that you live with Love and experience Joy in everything that you do! This will be a difficult concept for the masses to understand and process! You, dear Lightworker, will be critical in bringing this essential understanding into the Heart and Soul of everyone upon Earth!

Do not feel overwhelmed for there are many like you, dear Lightworker, participating within the Legion of Light, the entire assembly of Lightworkers upon Earth to ensure that God’s Will will be done! Look forward with your Heart and Soul, dear Lightworker, for the Days of the New Horizon are here! For the days of March 28 through 30, 2012 will bring a signal to everyone that the Rule of the Brotherhood of Man is upon the Earth and no one will be allowed to deter from the responsibility and obligation to participate in their task of learning to Share and Cooperate in the Fifth Dimension and New Millennium!

The Time to Work Together is Here! Many will still need to learn to Trust and parlay their Trust with their fellow Brothers and Sisters within the Brotherhood of Man to know and understand that God is the Security within the Brotherhood of Man and will make everything possible! Choices to make this all possible will begin on March 25, 2012 and complete on March 30, 2012. Hence, there will be daily Opportunities to consider and place into motion. This will set your Project of Light into motion, dear Lightworker! For when the internal stirrings of all Humanity begin their external component, many will be willing to Share and Cooperate but will need guidance from you, dear Lightworker, to know and understand how! This will be the lesson of responding and trusting your own Heart’s Expression so that you may teach others how to likewise accomplish!

There will still be many internally trying to understand what the Fifth Dimension is all about without even the awareness that we have all Ascended with our Earth and Milky Way Galaxy into it. Externally many will continue to exhibit their beliefs and habits of the Fourth Dimension but you, dear Lightworker, are aware and cognizant where we are! Continue to follow your Heart for many great adventures and longings will come into place as the time and place to begin is here! By April 18, 2012 all of your Brothers and Sisters of Light will be in place to begin the Societal Changes that will allow everyone to seek and find their Joy in Living! May the Light and Love of God prosper within you!