Sunday, October 16, 2011


We are now upon the eve of advancing Humanity’s Evolution into the Fifth Dimension – the Dimension of Love, and there will be nothing else to do except Begin! Much has been speculated and prophesized but on October 28, 2011 the Portal to the Fifth Dimension and New Millennium will finally open! The experience will be unlike anything we are currently conditioned to think and do as every experience will come from a State of Lovingness or it will not manifest! Open your Heart and Soul and become a Co – Creator with God once more!

There will be many Projects of Light beginning on October 18, 2011. Most will start out small and unnoticed by anyone except for God. They will gain momentum as everyone’s Energy and Balance acclimate into the New Horizon. The most essential traits of the Fifth Dimension, Brotherhood Consciousness, Lovingness, and Truth, will already be available. These traits will assist everyone in beginning his/her Destiny in the Fifth Dimension where we will all be Creating for our Heart and Soul’s Destiny rather than to make a living! Look forward and apply all the knowledge you have learned thus far to process within your Heart and Soul!

Many will feel displaced by their circumstances of life on October 19, 2011 as the Universal Energies will now compel us towards Progress. Are we living for our Heart and Soul’s Purpose or are we merely being dictated by societal conditioning to “do what is expected?” There will be little doubt that our Heart and Soul will be responding to the Energies for the days between now and the Portal’s entry date will have us question ourselves about our future. There will still be those who will not understand the decree of the Energies, but allow them to gain understanding in the standards we will all need to live by – Brotherhood, Love, Truth, and the common goal of Joy in Living!

Mother Earth will be expanding her own Horizons beyond what she has ever experienced. And likewise she has expectations for us to also expand and grow beyond our own concepts in the Fifth Dimension with her. On October 20, 2011 if we learn, process and, apply what we will receive in our Heart and Soul, concerning our Joy of Living and immerse it with Love, we will make rapid strides before the onset of the Fifth Dimension. There will be as much hope as anxiety in the world as events will reveal their course of action for Change! Let those who will not and cannot comprehend that the World belongs to GOD be given the way of learning!

Our Pathways in the Fifth Dimension will not be standardized for an economic need but rather, for our Heart and Soul’s Purpose. For this reason it will be critical to know and understand yourself and your motives so that you may learn what brings you Joy, as without self knowledge we become rudderless and moving with no intent or purpose. On October 21, 2011 the Universal Energies will surround us with the most appropriate Energy for seeking Joy so that if we align our Destiny into the Fifth Dimension with our Joyful passion, we will align ourselves with our Heart and Soul’s intent! Our New Pathways await us and will inspire us to Live in Joy everyday!

To Activate and Become will be the response our Heart and Soul desires! The biggest difference between our current dimension and the Fifth Dimension will be our need to be internalized rather than externalized, in other words, let the Soul feed the physical body rather than the other way around! For on October 22, 2011 our need to begin our Destiny by invigorating ourselves with Truth, Love and Self Knowledge will serve to strengthen and reinforce our progress into the Fifth Dimension. Many will not understand what will be happening as the shift into internal processing instead of responding to external stimuli will have them even more confused. Let this not be a worry for this will be the way that everyone will find his or her Joy in Living!

On October 23, 2011 the Universal Energies will bring Man of Destiny to the forefront. Will he be ready to step forward into a New Dimension? Or will he wager his bet upon a future that will “normalize” with hopes of a good job, food on the table, and a little extra for his habits? The Legion of Light will stand ready to lead and role model Joy of Living in the Fifth Dimension! This day will also signal a semblance of stability in Mother Earth’s Pathway of Ascension as all matters pertaining to her Path will be a mute point! Everyone will Ascend with her as long as they will have Love in their Heart and are willing to seek their Joy of Living!

October 24, 2011 will begin the last phase before the Ascension of our Earth and Milky Way Galaxy on October 28, 2011. There will be three categories of Humanity at this point, those who will know how to express with Love and Live the Path of Joy, those who will seek to learn how to express with Love to find their Joy of Living, and lastly, those who will seek growth in their own Soul’s Progress. The vast majority will be in the last category as the experience of Creating will be new to them and will leave them in need of nurturing so that they may trust Humanity once more and also, the need of learning the key tenets of Brotherhood Consciousness – Sharing and Cooperating!

The final week into the Ascension process will be the most Chaotic and Confusing for many as these days will transpire as if time stopped moving! Time as we currently know it will be fusing into a new spectrum of measurement – Time as Movement of the Soul! Now will be the time to begin as the present moment will be the most important in the Fifth Dimension, for there is no better time reference than NOW! Look forward and realize that God’s Promise of Joy in Living is upon us!