Friday, September 30, 2011

The Window

The month of October 2011 will bring in much needed transparency into revealing our Earth’s Path of Ascension. Many Projects of Light will become visible and begin to manifest as things that will no longer serve us in the Fifth Dimension will be discarded and disappear. Those who have readied themselves for the Fifth Dimension will be in a state of “anxious anticipation” from knowing that their Paths of Light will begin!

The Window of the Fifth Dimension and New Millennium will open on October 28, 2011. Many will find the experience awkward and unfamiliar as they become aware that the Energy of Love will be prominent and readily available. Most will remain as if they were still in the Fourth Dimension – distrustful, skeptical, and even resistant to Change! However once there, they will be on a fast tracked education into learning how to become a Being of Light once more for Light and Love is all there is! 

Many will continue to think that the world’s problems can still be fixed with the same old and tried remedies. Even in our own lives this will continue for some by habit. On October 1, 2011 the Universal Energies will bring everyone into learning and understanding that our future depends upon Creating with Love and being responsible in Creating our own Joy of Living. These principles are an Absolute and imperative for Living in the Fifth Dimension! The sooner we understand and learn these principles, the sooner we will adapt ourselves into our new environment and Create with our Heart and Soul’s intent!

On October 2, 2011 The Window into the Fifth Dimension will be available to examine, ponder, and seek before it finally opens on October 28, 2011. Allow yourself to daydream and imagine its purified Energy of Love by opening your Heart and Soul as you become aware of its immense presence! This exercise along with visualization and meditation will bring everyone closer to understanding that the Fifth Dimension will be the place where anything will be possible! Chaos and Confusion will continue to be the rule until everyone has understood and learned the way of our future!

Our Earth will be making adjustments even after she makes her Ascension with our Milky Way Galaxy. In the same way we must also persist in making adjustments within our Hearts and Souls to ready ourselves. The Universal Energies of October 3, 2011 will help us prepare for this by reminding us to Share and Cooperate in an experience of Brotherhood Consciousness. Some will prosper and understand while others will be “too busy” to realize that the entire process of learning for the Fifth Dimension depends upon an internalizing experience of the Heart and Soul. Everyone’s Purpose in the Fifth Dimension will depend upon everyone to recognize the beneficial experience that Brotherhood Consciousness will bring!

Imagine a life without the experience of Negativity. There would be no need to shield and shelter your Heart and Soul from the experience of fear and pain or even having to act defensively towards another person. Imagine this and you will understand the Choice everyone will be given on October 4, 2011. This Choice will bring into fruition the experience of life with Brotherhood Consciousness and Joy. Does it seem too hard to imagine lifetime after lifetime without the experience of Negativity? The Fifth Dimension is called the Dimension of Love and will manifest Creation to the fullest degree in all that has been hidden in the Fourth Dimension’s lessons and experiences in learning to Live with Love!

Brotherhood Consciousness to begin our journey into the Fifth Dimension will be role modeled by the Legion of Light beginning on October 5, 2011. God’s Legion of Light will ensure that His Promise of Joy in Living will be fulfilled. Some Lightworkers will provide leadership while others will serve as Teachers and Healers of the Soul to raise understanding and comprehension amongst the masses. Other Lightworkers will serve to progress the Project of Light in other needed capacities such as promoting Joy. In so doing the Legion of Light will be role modeling Brotherhood Consciousness without the knowledge of each other except by the identifying essence and quality of “knowing” the presence of another Lightworker!

Man of Destiny and the Legion of Light will begin to work together in the Project of Light on October 6, 2011. This too shall be a choice amongst Man of Destiny as he functions to make sense of the Chaos and Confusion all around him! The stage of progressive learning will be over and now it will be time to enact the principles of Creating with Love and being responsible for Creating our own Joy of Living. Many have lost the capacity to Create as they have learned to become dependent upon an economy favored for the few and only serving the few, in a way that has enslaved everyone into their grasp and hold!

The process of Creating is dependent upon two qualities inherently available to us. These are the capacity to receive and give Love and to Live in Joy. We make daily choices to apply one or both of these qualities in our lives and at times we will just take what will come to us. On October 7, 2011 the Universal Energies will be give us the Opportunity to Choose to Create our foundation of understanding for Creating our Fifth Dimension Destiny of Joy. It will be a personal choice as the founding principle of the Universe is to Create with Love and Joy in as many ways possible. This way we will learn to experience Love and Joy in all its many dimensional facets!

On October 8, 2011 the Universal Energies will begin to slowdown the preparation of our world for the Fifth Dimension and New Millennium for it is done. Now the massive concentration of Energy will shift towards preparing everyone for the Portal’s Entry date on October 28, 2011. Massive Turmoil will blend with the Chaos and Confusion already present in the world. Many will not understand with their Hearts and Souls and will delude themselves and others with extreme measures to resist their own Transformation! This too will be an Opportunity to advance with Expressions of Love, Brotherhood, and Joy but will be widely misinterpreted except by those who will call themselves Lightworkers within the Legion the Light!

Before the Change of Dimensions occurs there will be a need to process, learn, and apply Love and Joy in all we think and do for these will be necessities of Life in the Fifth Dimension. There will still be many unresolved issues that will continue into the Fifth Dimension as those who will not have gained a rudimentary understanding of Love and Joy will bring Chaos and Confusion with them. For this reason the Legion of Light will be readily available to lead, teach, and bring understanding to a world in the midst of rapid Transformation!