Friday, September 23, 2011

The Transition Part 3

In the remaining days of September 2011 all issues concerning Humanity’s Spiritual progress or lack thereof will come to the forefront and be addressed as we will have less than a month until the Portal of the Fifth Dimension appears on October 28, 2011. These lingering days will mark the beginning point for all progressive movements and actions to realize Humanity’s Spiritual Evolvement. This will be the reason that it will be critical to increase our awareness in learning and understanding that empowerment and achievement in the Fifth Dimension will only come through the New Spiritual Knowledge that we gain for our future now!

There will be many battle lines drawn between the forces of Light and Darkness that will define an Individual Rights Movement where everyone will be forced to enact their choices to either live in a world of Lovingness and Peace or not! There will also be many confrontations with violence and destruction worldwide until the year’s end. The Individual Rights Movement will also bring witness to the rise of the Legion of Light who will plan, engage, and lead the Final Battle between Light and Darkness which will decide if Freedom will become a longing of the Heart or if it shall become the Way of Life for everyone!

On September 23, 2011 the Universal Energies will continue forming, merging, and intensifying the call for a New Foundation of Peace – A New Jerusalem – as the world’s turmoil will increase and expand to raise our awareness in Brotherhood Consciousness. This call will begin to awaken everyone into realizing that there are no boundaries or barriers in living the Human experience except by the illusionary walls of separation that we place between others and ourselves. There will also come with this realization an understanding that there is only one minority and one majority in the world – the few who would control the world’s financial assets and those who are indebted as their financial slaves! Awaken your Heart and Soul’s progress by recognizing your need to express with Truth, Love, and Joy!

The way to find the New Foundation of Peace will be to learn and progress with your Heart and Soul’s calling to express yourself with your highest intent for the Fifth Dimension. There will be much need on September 24, 2011 to find your expression of Joy in Living as you will find that emotional stress and turmoil are bodily signs that the experience of Joy in Living is lacking and asking you to reevaluate your priorities. Seek Truth and Love within the Reality of your Heart and Soul to ensure that you will be ready for the new standards of Creating in the Fifth Dimension and New Millennium!

There may be questions forming in your mind about how The Transition can be Creating two different Realities at the same time. The Truth is that the Fourth Dimension will be in a process of declining so that everyone and everything in its Dimensional Grid will learn to experience in the Dimension of Love! Many will not notice the effect of The Transition, even after October 28, 2011 but place more attention upon what they will perceive to be a lack of “normality.” The Universal Energies of September 25, 2011 will provide an impetus for seeking the Reality of the Fifth Dimension as our Earth will be completing her own Transition into it. There will be some who will be able to easily step into the Fifth Dimension’s Reality with only the assistance of their thoughts. Most however will still be incapable of transitioning yet as their minds will still only comprehend the current world and realize that EVERYTHING IS CHANGING!

Progress will begin once our minds accept the concept of Creating in the Fifth Dimension where we will be able to translate our thoughts into a manifested counterpart with ease – as long as it will come from our Heart and Soul’s Expression with Love! It will also be a necessity that our manifested counterpart be within the need of our Expression of Joy. The Energy of September 26, 2011 will have our Earth in a “no interference” zone in her Path of Ascension with our Milky Way Galaxy. Now it will be up to each and every one of us to adapt ourselves into her New Pathway and learn to Create within these New Parameters!

These New Parameters for Creating will ensure that whatever we Create will only be activated when we have our highest intent focused upon our Joy of Living. The Energy of September 27, 2011 will assist us in also achieving a “no interference” zone for whenever we will wander away from our focus of Joy and think about our past, so will our Heart deepen in intensity with our sorrow or fear! We will be making great progress in learning to Create in Fifth Dimension so let go of the past and focus upon your future of God’s Promise of Joy in Living!

Unifying in Brotherhood Consciousness will help us make sense of all the Chaos and Confusion occurring in these days. Do not let yourself become immersed with the high drama happening now, as the Energy of September 28, 2011 will not let the Earth’s plan to ascend with our Milky Way Galaxy deter her. This will begin a cleansing by Mother Earth to rid herself of negativity and all that she will not need for her Ascension. We will all benefit and must also replicate her actions by ridding ourselves with whatever will not align within Mother Earth’s Energy Grid.

The Fifth Dimension’s New Economy will be based upon local communities whose foundation is in Brotherhood Consciousness. Unity will bring Oneness to all who will bring their skills to Share and Cooperate with one another as this will become the foundation of self-reliance and subsistence. Preparation in Brotherhood Consciousness has already been introduced with the Earth’s many natural disasters. On September 29, 2011 the Universal Energies will further facilitate our need to learn to Share and Cooperate. Joy will become a commodity to share and express for it will assist many in remaining hopeful for the future to come!

On September 30, 2011 there will come an Opportunity to choose to express with the highest intent of your Heart and Soul. Truth, Love, and Joy will assist in expressing your Heart’s Expression to the highest degree and in this Opportunity will be the Pathway of expressing it with others. Many will still remain focused upon their own personal issues and concerns. This will be a benefit as this will assist them in processing the Universal Energies of The Transition into the Fifth Dimension. Others will remain in ego and not seek self-growth but rather they will gain knowledge and understanding that they will no longer control the Destiny of God’s Promise!

The Fifth Dimension will begin its destined course on October 28, 2011. There will still much to learn and process as the new rules and standards will have many in disbelief of what they will be able to do for Freedom is the longing in the Heart and Soul of every human upon Earth! In the Fifth Dimension this will be the only way to live but first must come the will of every man, woman, and child to become Responsible for its gain! This will be the parameter in which the Individual Rights Movement will be based and fought for by this year’s end!