Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Bearers of Light and Love Part 3

Let there be Light and Love for Understanding the days to come as we will now be in the second phase of entering into the Fifth Dimension and New Millennium. Now will be the time that the Legion of Light will be called upon to Assemble in order to prepare for God’s plan to usher in the Way of Lovingness, for there will be much work to bring Balance and Justice upon the Earth! Take time to listen within, Light Bearers, for God will lead you into your place and station of Light!

On June 21, 2011 the Universal Energies will begin to sever the financial bondage that Man of Negativity utilizes to control the masses for he will continue in his business as usual mode until it will be too late for him to react! Man of Destiny and the Legion of Light will be preparing to understand and learn more about the Brotherhood of Man and how Brotherhood Consciousness will make everyone Unlimited in their Creation processes! For the Brotherhood of Man will become the basis of security for everyone!

Learning to trust your neighbor will become part of the process of learning to enter the Brotherhood of Man and will become fundamental in understanding and examining our current culture’s barriers. The Energies of June 22, 2011 will begin providing opportunities for exploring and experiencing Brotherhood Consciousness on a daily basis. Make use of these Expressions of Love and increase your trust in the Signs from God that the Brotherhood of Man will lead us into the path of our Joy for Living!

Choices to lead us into the Fifth Dimension and New Millennium on June 23, 2011 will bring us in line with the Universal Energies as it will now only be a matter of preparing our foundation within the Brotherhood of Man. Be willing to commit yourself to God’s Plan as there will be some who will understand the process of readying themselves, many who will not understand but would be willing to learn, and then there will be Man of Negativity and his cohorts who will choose to ignore and continue to attempt to block God’s Plan. Let Light and Love be your guides in these days!

The choice for our future foundation in the Brotherhood of Man will still be available on June 24, 2011. This date will also bring in the Spirit of Self Reliance, as the Brotherhood of Man will depend upon Truth as the source of inspiration, Love to be shared amongst everyone, and the Joy of Living to gage our progress! Self Reliance as a Responsibility to act as a Loving, Caring and Sharing Bearers of Light that we all are, will assist the process of unifying the Brotherhood of Man with Brotherhood Consciousness upon Earth!

On June 25, 2011 the Legion of Light will be ready for details to be made available by Man of Destiny’s decisions of these days and the days to follow. Let those who will choose to prosper in the days to come be influenced with Love and Light to raise their own level of understanding and let those who will conspire to work against the Plan of God realize that Sharing and Caring about one another is the Way of Brotherhood Consciousness! Many details will still need to be resolved by Man of Destiny but the Universal Energies will remain steady in their course of Creating the Fifth Dimension!

Growth for Progress will be required on June 26, 2011 as well as in the days to follow until the Fifth Dimension’s Gate will open on October 28, 2011. Man of Destiny, the Way of Light and Love will call upon your Heart and Soul to respond. The Chaos and Confusion surrounding you is indicative of the disorder in your mind’s priorities of survival. The Way of Harmony will soon be within the Realm of the Brotherhood of Man and not in the illusionary realm of man’s finances and commodities. Your Creative abilities will become enhanced and Unlimited should you learn to understand and process God’s Plan for you! God and the Legion of Light will be here to support you but will not take upon your Responsibility to become Self Reliant!

On June 27, 2011 the Universal Energies will seal the mold of Creation that has been ordained through the choices we will make on this day. Take great care to understand and realize that your thoughts and beliefs will lead you to Create exactly what your thoughts and beliefs will be! The more Truth, Love and Joy you will ordain in your life for the Fifth Dimension, the more you will be in Harmony with the Gateway of Heaven! Seek to Understand and bring Progress into your world!

The Fourth Dimension has served us well as a training ground for learning to Love but now will be the time to apply what we have learned. On June 28, 2011 Eternal Truth and Love will be available for everyone to access and apply into their Destiny for the Fifth Dimension. This day will become pivotal in our process of becoming Self Reliant and Responsible citizens of the Fifth Dimension! So know in your Heart and Soul that whenever you will feel Joy and Happiness you are being guided into the Fifth Dimension by what you will feel and not what you will see!

By placing your feelings from your Heart and Soul into the Fifth Dimension, you will make exponential Progress with the Universal Energies on June 29, 2011. Let the Joy of Living be your guide and it will allow you to find your comfort from this world as from time to time the Fourth Dimension may drag your senses back into Chaos and Confusion. Make time to meditate and center yourself for Joy will be your guide into the Fifth Dimension as this will be where we will all be by choice!

Man of Negativity will continue to work to remind you that you live in the Fourth Dimension where his pawns have created laws to benefit him and his cohorts. His shackles that will attempt to keep you in the Fourth Dimension’s stage of learning will be released on June 30, 2011 as the Universal Energies will call for everyone to unite to fight the internal battle of our senses! Will you remain in the Fourth Dimension or will you step forward into the Loving Energy of the Fifth Dimension? You will be able to feel the difference and know your decision by the measurement of Joy in your Heart and Soul!

The month of June 2011 has brought us closer to the Gateway of the Fifth Dimension’s entry date of October 28, 2011 as the Universal Energies have increased in magnitude and will continue to do so until the entire process is complete. July 2011 will bring in many more experiences that will continue to further teach us that Brotherhood Consciousness will be the way of our future. And if we begin to gauge our progress by the Joy we feel rather than the illusion of security through finances we will know that we are being guided in the right direction for we ARE All At One with God and our Universe!