Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Balance in All Things

The month of July 2011 will be filled with many Choices for Creating our Destiny in the Fifth Dimension and New Millennium. These Choices will provide finer details about how we will apply Brotherhood Consciousness, how we will Create our Expressions for Living in Joy, and how we will begin to bring Balance into our lives. Though we have always had the opportunity to make these changes in the past, July 2011 will require us to Create with Love as the Foundation of our Purpose in the unprecedented days of the Fifth Dimension and New Millennium!

Many will overtly ignore these Transformational Choices trying to maintain stability with what they know! However, the Life Force of their Soul will compel them to either step forward with the actions required for the Great Transformation now or at a later date when they will become relegated to learning like small children. These ones will mostly include powerful leaders and controllers who have demonstrated control and authority over Man of Destiny! Know that the Great Transformation will receive you when you remember that you are Light and Love!

On July 1, 2011 the Universal Energies will compel Man of Destiny to come to his proper place of power as a Co-Creator with God. Man of Negativity will groan and complain for the old days with his manipulated profits and control over Man of Destiny as the Scales of Justice will begin to bring Balance upon Mother Earth! Man of Destiny will need to begin to seek internal Balance in his world as the Joy of Living through Brotherhood Consciousness will become his greatest priority over his other proclaimed “important things!”  

Man of Destiny will need to continue to make many more Changes on July 2, 2011 and the most important issue will be the need to ready himself for the Fifth Dimension and New Millennium. Though there will be many distractions created by the Chaos and Confusion, take a moment to contemplate and consider your Heart and Soul’s progress. This process will begin to generate your thoughts for your future so believe in yourself and your Destiny with God!

The Universal Energies of July 3, 2011 will give Man of Destiny his direction for accessing his Joy of Living. Look within Man of Destiny for God and the Legion of Light will remain close to guide you but will not take away your responsibility to READY YOURSELF! These will become your initial steps of progress as the multilayered Energy Grid has already provided you access to Eternal Truth and Love to find your way. Despite what you will see and hear about the importance of correcting a stagnant economy this will be the least of our worries as the Great Transformation has already begun to bring out the Scales of Justice upon Man of Negativity’s devices of control!

On July 4, 2011 the United States will be celebrating its 235th Anniversary and its citizens will celebrate the symbolic freedom gained from the monarchy of England in 1776. Little do most of these and all well meaning people of the world know that freedom is outside of the enslaving and controlling ways of Man of Negativity’s laws to reinforce his lifestyle. Man of Destiny will now be in need to communicate his Heart and Soul’s Expression in order to advance himself into the Fifth Dimension and New Millennium. Many will begin to understand that they are controlled with unjust laws and little freedom to express their Heart and Soul’s Expression and soon they will begin to unite with a loud and unified voice to say “Enough already!” Let Light and Love be your guides to the Truth of who you are – A CO-CREATOR with GOD!

The Universal Energies of July 5, 2011 will intensify in Force to bring about the needed Changes for the times ahead. This massive Force of Energy will bring us to intensify our efforts by exploring and experiencing the concept of Brotherhood Consciousness in our own lives so that we can form a basis of understanding for our future. Though many will be reluctant to process this Change for fear of loosing their cultural identity, consider this, we are in the process of making a Solar System transition to Create a new World Culture with God!

On July 6, 2011 the Universal Energies will remain intense and will signal to the Legion of Light that they have achieved their state of Readiness to assist in the processing of the Fifth Dimension and New Millennium. Now it will be up to Man of Destiny to prepare himself for these days, as the longer he will take to immerse himself into his future the more rapidly he will have to learn as the Gateway to the Fifth Dimension begins on October 28, 2011! Light and Love will lead all who will seek!

When all will be said and done at our entry into the Fifth Dimension on October 28, 2011 many will look back upon these days. Not for the “miracles” they will be witnessing and becoming but for what their mindsets had left them to know best – poverty, fear, and suffering of the Soul! On July 7, 2011 Brotherhood Consciousness will be provided to establish your foundation. The more we all move in One direction the more we will fortify our understanding of working together as a unit of common cause for Living At One with Our Creator!

If you have brought yourself into adapting yourself into Brotherhood Consciousness, you will be on cue with the Universal Energy of July 8, 2011. Man of Destiny will begin to understand and process the Way of Brotherhood Consciousness. Though in reality Brotherhood Consciousness is ingrained within us, we break from our innate Truth when we become enmeshed with culture and all it defines for survival. No longer will people segregate themselves by nations or color for now the identity mark will be to be the People of God Consciousness!

The impetus driving the Change all around us is the Universal Energies causing our Solar System to ascend into the Fifth Dimension. Our need on July 9, 2011 will be to adapt ourselves into the Ascension Process with our Solar System and this will begin by bringing Balance into All Things! The list of items needing Balance would seem endless but since you can only begin with yourself, do so! This will assist the process one step further for yourself and for the New Millennium!

These first days of July 2011 will become critical for both the Legion of Light and Man of Destiny in order to bring Balance into All Things upon Earth. On July 10, 2011 Man of Negativity will attempt to hinder the process in any way he can but the Universal Energies will be working against him as he will begin to openly parade his power and laws to demonstrate his dominion over the Fourth Dimension and its Negativity! Stay to your Path of Truth and continue in the Way of Lovingness and we shall all prevail and unite as One!

So will anyone be “left behind” in the Fourth Dimension while our Solar System ascends into the Fifth Dimension? The answer is simply NO! No one will be excluded from participating in the Fifth Dimension unless they choose not to participate in the Dimension of Love. This is why it is imperative now to establish Love as the Foundation of Your Purpose so that you will become Unlimited with whatever you choose to Create and Express yourself. Now will be the time to step forward Man of Destiny and bring yourself out of fear of the shadows and see the Source of the Light!