Saturday, April 9, 2011

Infinite Possibilities Part 2

Man of Destiny, have you been considering the Infinite Possibilities that will be set before your Heart and Soul? Look about you and what will you see? More of the same past issues or will you finally stop your struggle against the Flow of the Universal Energies and move forward into the New Millennium? Now will be the time to consider carefully what you will be doing in the very near future for the Fifth Dimension awaits us all! And in April 2011 the middle of the month will be the time for everyone to standup and be counted!

The Star of Action will be calling you, Man of Destiny, throughout the period of April 11 until April 17th, to stop considering the world around you with your head and eyes. Instead use your Heart and Soul, as the Universal Energies of April 11, 2011 will lay before you the need to adapt yourself into the New Horizon of the rapidly approaching New Millennium. If you will begin to process with your Heart and Soul you will quickly recognize where Joy and Contentment reside within you and is the way to lead yourself into the Brotherhood of Man!

Joy will be all around on April 12, 2011, as the Universal Energies will lead us into the path of the Joy in Living! What, you do not see it? FEEL IT with your Heart and Soul and there you will begin the way to express it and release it from within you! These days of Earth Changes and the undoing of leadership changes will lead us into the New Horizon and though it may appear as Chaos and Confusion consider that YOU WILL BE WITNESSING A COSMIC EVENT that will function to ensure that Love and Joy will be all around you!

Shift your perspective for a day and feel what it may be like to be carefree and without worries. On April 13, 2011 the Energies will support such conditions to let you experience the time that will soon be here upon Earth! The Four Corners of the New Millennium — Love, Truth, Joy, and Brotherhood, will be in place for everyone to experience and ready themselves with trial runs to master their use for experiencing life in the New Millennium!

Though prior experience and expectations have equipped our ancestors with survival skills, it will now be time to advance our civilization in step with our universe for on April 14, 2011 the Universal Energies will be increasing and expanding Love all around us! In order to take advantage of this surge of Love in our universe you will need to seek Truth about yourself and your circumstances for the best way to discover your best friend, your Heart and Soul! Discover yourself and apply your Love into the momentum of the New Horizon and find the Light and Love within you!

Where will you be on April 15, 2011 when the Universal Energies will create the New Horizon for all life upon Earth? Here it shall be stated that despite appearances by those reluctant to seek the Path of the Leading Heart, there will many inexplicable Changes all around as the FORM for the New Reality will begin on April 15, 2011! Let your thoughts of Truth lead you to process your future and allow your Heart and Soul to seek Joy, for what you Create will set the precedent for your Pathway in the New Millennium!

The key in these days will be to remain as calm and peaceful as possible, as these qualities will be of value in seeking Balance. On April 16, 2011 the Universal Energies will be establishing the foundation for the Joy in Living and will require inward time to be spent in seeking the Truth of your place in the New Millennium. Though this may require diligent seeking by some to ponder making life changing decisions, many will come to find that this will be the PATH OF LEAST RESISTÃ…NCE in their lives! Seek the way to Light and Love now so that you will not become an observer in the New Millennium rather than an active participant!

On April 17, 2011 the pattern of the New Horizon will be set and bring everyone involved in the Dimension of Love for the New Millennium to look to the future of their Soul’s progress. Many will feel disengaged from their current lives and the people around them but fear not for the Way of Truth will have obsessed them into seeking the way of their Joy in Living! Others will place themselves into positions of vicarious learning and be able to process their own Changes while others still, will remain in the current dimension with passions for greed and control, only to fail their Soul once more!

Infinite Possibilities will become available for one and all on April 18, 2011 as the Universal Energies will perform their task of granting the substance of life, Love, for our Creations! Tap into this sacred source and move into the world that God reserved for us via the Universal Energies that Create all things! Our Hearts and Souls have long suffered for the body under the guise of economic needs over our Spiritual lives. Now the tide will be turning and will be open for access if only you will remain open-minded to the ideals being introduced to ensure our Paths in the New Millennium!

Look around you now and be open for any possible Change and adjustments you may make in your life for soon there will be a Day of No Return! On the Day of No Return we will relinquish the control that Time and the rigors of the clock have placed upon us as well as the false values they have made us seek! Turn inward Man of Destiny and Legion of Light for the day comes soon when the FORM of the New Millennium will be here upon Earth!