Monday, November 29, 2010

The Law of Love

The month of December 2010 will provide a key for entry into the New Millennium for one and all, as at the core of the New Millennium is the Law of Love that states Love one another as you would Love yourself. Love will be the key element in all we will do in the New Millennium and will set the precedent in deciding what you will Create with Lovingness in your world. This shall also be the time when the Phoenix Days of May 2010 will manifest in their fullness!

The Phoenix Days predicted in a previous post spoke about the awakening of the Phoenix within us and would produce the power of regeneration towards returning our Pathways to the Way of Joy. No easy task except now the Universal Energies will insist upon Man’s return to being a Co-Creator with God in all our thoughts and actions! Look around your life and find whatever is not supporting your Joy in Life and move on from it!

On December 1, 2010 the Universal Energies will show the way towards interfacing with those around your community in support of the Brotherhood of Man. The Brotherhood of Man will be a community of Lovingness to gather all willing participants through Sharing and Cooperation to Create a Community of Loving. Despite the Chaos and Confusion there will be a need for these steps to come into place for by Summer 2011 the world around us will be ruled by Truth and the Law of Love instead of Man’s laws that favor one over another in support of fear and greed!

December 2nd will bring forward the Energy to promote working knowledge for the Brotherhood of Man and will be a welcomed sign from God that all is well. If you should not feel attachment to others in your community, do not fear, for the Law of Love will make its affect felt in a matter of time and bring the masses in unison to promote CHANGE all around the world! For now look to the process of Change to begin within YOU!

The days are coming soon when all will have to face themselves to know and understand that the New Millennium Energy is here to promote standards of Truth and Love. December 3, 2010 will see to it that this message will be clearly understood by one and all, as the Way of Brotherhood will become more and more prominent in our social sphere. Sharing and Cooperation will be the only route in overcoming Chaos and Confusion as the chase of Illusion will begin to expose its ill effects on the present laws of Man.

Will you be ready for CHANGE on December 4, 2010? The Energy produced by the Phoenix Days of May 16th to 21st will be in full effect and will begin to draw you towards your Spiritual Prosperity. Look around and what do you feel is your inner calling for a Joyful Life? Are there too many options or too many conditions of Change that will not allow time for your search? The Energy of the Phoenix was designed to facilitate all Change needed at this time of the New Millennium’s calling. Free yourself of what you will not need to gain your Joy!

With all the Energy promoting Change in the heavens above on December 5th what will the New Reality on Earth be like? Look now to the Legion of Light to respond to their call to aid and heal the masses from the Chaos and Confusion they inherited by Man’s standards of rule and control over one another. Justice and Fairness are the byproducts of Truth and Love and they will begin to be felt all over the lands of Earth. Some Lightworkers will come from seemingly nowhere but will be ready for the work they have come to do to unravel the residue of fear and greed from the days of Man’s darkness!

The unraveling of residue caused by the prominence of fear and greed from Man and his ways will bring the Legion of Light to open the pathway for the Brotherhood of Man on December 6th. Awaken your Spirit for the time of accessing the Truth of who you are will be here! Love will bring many to access their Truth but there will be others who will not feel the need to follow their hearts and will fight uphill battles against the Universal Energies!

Soon the time of Anointing our pathways with God will be on hand but for now we will all be in preparation for those days at the ending of December 2010. On December 7, 2010 the Flow of our Destiny will begin with the choosing of our Way of Joy and how we will activate it with our inner Truth. Follow where you will be led by knowing the way is clear and prosperous for the New Life upon Earth! Know that many will seek to end their misery but will not know where to turn. The way of Becoming a Co-Creator with God will also produce many who will come to the forefront to attempt to lead the way but do not be fooled by the charlatans who are only fooling themselves in their tryst to lead everyone back to Chaos and Confusion.

The Universal Energies of December 8, 2010 will allow Man and Light to access their Spiritual Powers for functioning with the Law of Love - Love one another as you would Love yourself! Though it may seem to be easily understood and relatively simple, many will not understand that God did not place them on Earth to live in servitude and fear! Instead they will need to learn to lead their lives with Love for themselves and discover how they too can take charge of their lives and empower themselves to overcome any obstacle placed before them! Man of Destiny will step forward at this time to seek himself out.

When the lesson of Self Love has been incorporated into your life you will easily prosper in all decisions that you will make for yourself without timidity or fear of loss for there will only be gain! On December 9th there will be a Flow of Energy to engage those who understand the concept of Self Love to merge with the Energy of Brotherhood. Look not to the past where you have failed but trust that what you are hearing is the Truth for when the days of the New Horizon are here you will be safe and secure within the Dimension of Love!

When all will be said and done on December 10th you will find that the Universal Energies have been clearing the way to make room for your placement of Love. Do you see how far you have come in what has felt like a rollercoaster ride testing your faith? While the direction will remain clear – WE ARE ENTERING THE NEW MILLENNIUM - not all will seem as it will appear, as the Universal Energies will continue to promote Change from within ourselves so that we may enter into the Dimension of Love where all will be possible!

On December 11, 2010 the planet of Thought, Mercury, will begin a retrograde path to help us clear our thoughts and place them into the Spirit of Joy. This will be easy for some but those whose beliefs will hold them to worry and compare in longing for the past will be disappointed in the life they will Create. Open up and seek the Soul within yourself for here will be the measurement of wealth and Prosperity in the New Millennium. Will you be open to seeking within?

From December 12th until December 30th the Universal Energies will function to ordain and anoint the Path of Joy in Living. Seek now to find and secure your place within it and you will be pleased beyond your comprehension of Life on Earth! In the next posting of Alexandrian Kosmos you will be readied for the next movement in Creating the New Millennium as the Brotherhood of Man will be making its way into our spectrum of Reality.