Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Brotherhood of Man Part 3

As the ideal of the Brotherhood of Man comes into formation the timing of helping our fellow man will come to the forefront. Many will cry out for help and try to take matters into their own hands and will find that their cries for help will be ignored by the political “old guard” who, because of their own lack of Spiritual evolvement, will respond from their egos rather than from the perspective of the Brotherhood of Man!

The “old guard” leadership will continue to pamper their egos with wanton ideas for political gain and forget the reason God allowed them move into leadership in the first place – their intent to lead All Humanity into the New Millennium! By Spring 2011They will be exposed for their lack of Spiritual evolvement and be replaced with the Legion of Light who have truly come to lead Man of Destiny with their inspired hearts rather than with their egos into the Brotherhood of Man.

The Universal Energies of November 2010 will continue to promote the Brotherhood of Man and call everyone to become a Man of Destiny! The Energies of November 22, 2010 will serve to begin to turn against the “old guard” politicians for their self-serving plans of gain, as the Legion of Light will begin the Battle of Wills against the “old guard.” Look now for words of Truth to expose the deceit of those in power who will cover their trails with public relations programs to justify their ways of control.

On November 23, 2010 the sun will be in the sign of Sagittarius and will bring Change to the message of the Universal Energies. No longer will those who lead with ego hold those who seek Love and Truth behind the gates of Power. These days will see many in leadership and power begin to fall from their ivory towers to witness firsthand what many have suffered because of their Chaos. Change will come so quickly to those who fail to seek the Spiritual Pathway that they will not take responsibility for their fall and blame others!

In these last days of November 2010 there will be many who still have not taken responsibility for their thoughts and actions for the New Millennium. On November 24th there will be heard a call to seek your Spiritual Purpose in the New Millennium. Let this call not pass you by, as it will place into effect the Law of Love! The Law of Love states to Love one another as you would Love yourself and will be enforced as a RESPOSIBLITY to do so!    

November 25th will bring the Universal Energies to enforce the Law of Love not as a clever saying but as a decree of Truth for America’s celebration of Thanksgiving! No longer will those who wish to spread hateful venom at another be allowed to do so as they will first be unheard followed by a repercussion of their own venom antagonizing them with the pain they would wish upon another! Be aware of your own thoughts and deeds as the RESPONSIBILITY will be uniquely your own to account for.

Love is the key to all there was, is, and will be! On November 26th you will know the ever presence of God Love in all we think and do. Do not fear the Love you are truly capable of drawing into your life, Man of Destiny, and become the conduit of All God Love upon Earth! There will now be the need to seek and implement the Law of Love into your life, as the Brotherhood of Man will make its presence known throughout the lands of Earth so become the Creative Force of Love you were meant to be!

The Law of Love will be permeating into everything we will think and do as we will each reach a level of self-transformation from within on November 27, 2010. Some will advance quickly while others will be slow to adapt and learn but they are willing and for now that will do! Still others will continue to live in the fear of their TRUE SELF, the one who is capable of giving, sharing Love, and cooperating but would rather deny their TRUE SELF hoping to prosper with fear and control. The laws of man allow you to continue to hide you from the Truth of yourself for now but the Laws of God acting through the Universal Energies will not let you escape the TRUTH of your capacity to LOVE!

The choice will be available for your choosing Man of Destiny on November 28, 2010. The day will be full of Love in order to allow your choice to merge with the Law of Love into the Brotherhood of Man or to become an existence of fear. Sadly some will not allow their capacity of Love to expand beyond power and control that has kept Man in the dark ages even in these days of enlightment. The New Horizon is upon us all!

The Legion of Light will begin to demonstrate and lead by example how the Realm of God functions on November 29th. It will not be an easy task as there will still be those who think it “unmanly” to be a Loving Soul. However, it is Godlike to Love and Share and Cooperate in a world that seeks all that is God and that is, everything in existence! The days of Change are here and there is no turning back to the past when Man and his use of Freewill chose fear over Love in his pathway of learning!

Where there is Love and God there is always safety! On November 30th the final day of November 2010 will bring an emphasis for our Purpose in Love and Spiritual Prosperity and will provide for everyone the Love and Joy they have chosen to fulfill their Destiny. How simple it will be to let go of the past and only be in an atmosphere of Spiritual Growth and Love. Where is this place you may ask? The Kingdom of God is within you where it has always been! Seek to know of your capacity to Love with all your heart and there you will begin your pathway of Love!

The month of December 2010 will be one of the greatest tests of our capacity to Love and accept the way of Brotherhood in the New Millennium. It will not be easy but will require some to let go of security and all that previous experience has taught so that Faith in the New Horizon will allow everyone to not only grow in the Way of the Spirit but also Prosper as a Family united in the Ways of God for the New Millennium!