Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Brotherhood of Man Part 2

The New Horizon is here at last on November 11, 2010 as the Universal Energies will now be providing a new Energy for Creating with Love and Truth that will no longer support whimsical and selfish projects of Creation. Additionally the next season of Creation will be upon us on November 18, 2010, the Season of Rest. From November 18, 2010 until February 16, 2011 there will be a slow down of activity from the Universal Energies except to emphasize our need to enrich ourselves with Spiritual Growth to ready ourselves for the New Creation Year beginning on Feb 17, 2011.

The Universal Energies of November 12, 2010 will bring in an opportunity for Man of Destiny to promote the Brotherhood of Man. This shall come in the way of applying his Love to his Spiritual attainment with his fullest capabilities. If he should be focused upon selfish attainment he will be moved to learn and relearn that his Spiritual attainment that leads from the Joy in his heart shall come first. The Legion of Light will be called upon to provide guidance for Man of Destiny.

On November 13, 2010 Man of Destiny will be called upon once more to enter the Brotherhood of Man. When will those who resist becoming Man of Destiny release the notion that fear is a natural part of themselves when there will be so much Love available during this time period? If only they would take time to follow the dream in their hearts and realize that a return to the past is gone along with the Illusion of Man of Negativity and his quest to control the world’s population through his control of Earth’s assets! Think about what’s in your heart and pursue it!

The call to enter the Brotherhood of Man will be announced once again on November 14th. “Man of Destiny gather yourselves and raise your level of Spirituality to become more Joyful in life and in your relationships! The Creative forces of the Universal Energies will be peaking at an unseen level in the heavens! Enter the Brotherhood of Man and BECOME the Creative Force you truly are!”

Those who will step into the Brotherhood of Man early will gain a head start on those who will insist upon remaking the old. Try as they might they will only circle around a racetrack with no finish line to recreate the old! Relax and take time to trust your Spiritual guidance with all the Love you can absorb into the Brotherhood of Man on November 15, 2010!

The Universal Energies of November 16th will work to unite the participants of the Brotherhood of Man into a Force of Light to lead the way of the New Millennium! The beginning of Spiritual Prosperity will seek its way into your pathway with all the emphasis you will place within your heart. Relax for soon the task of the Season of Harvest almost ends.

The Flow of the Universal Energies on November 17, 2010 will emphasize a day of relaxation and meditation for the new Season of Rest that will begin the next day. Take time to pamper yourself and process what you have accomplished in this past year for the Season of Rest will bring in a time to meet and greet friends to reminisce about past memories and the future at hand. Find time to think about what is in your heart these days but do not ponder on mistakes for mistakes are how we learn and grow!

The Universal Energies will begin the Season of Rest on November 18, 2010. This day will bring to the forefront our Foundation for the Spiritual Prosperity we have been Creating. If you have envisioned yourself within the Brotherhood of Man and seeking others of like-mindedness, you will attract others in the Spirit of Sharing and Cooperation while those who will remain in their own selfish thoughts of greed and fear will continue living and planning with Chaos. Let these ones not disturb your pathway for they have much to learn and process in the Way of Brotherhood!

The company one keeps will say a lot about him on November 19th. If you will stay in the moment and remain True to the Love in your heart you will find that the materialization of your Spiritual Prosperity will begin. You will know this to be when you realize how much you have let go to the past so that you could make room for the new. Now will be time to let Love bring you with it into the Destiny of Brotherhood!

Meet and greet others on the way into the New Millennium by placing emphasis on others first for a day on November 20, 2010. Let this day be an example to you of the Way of the Spirit that is working in everyone and every living thing for it comes directly from God! Take time to feel compassion and care for others for they will all make it to become Man of Destiny soon!

The rejuvenation of Man will be in direct sight on November 21st except for the stragglers who will remain in the past, hoping and wishing that they could continue to feed their weakened egos with objects to overcome their fear. Nothing about the New Millennium will make sense to them as they will boast about their past and how they will achieve it once more and showing how little they know about the Way of the Spirit!

The Season of Rest will be upon us and lead us to get to know each other better so that we can know of the Truth in our Pathways. The sun will soon enter the sign of the Archer, Sagittarius, by November 23, 2010 when the message of the Universal Energies will no longer suggest to enter the New Horizon but INSIST upon it so that all that is being predicted will be in place by Springtime 2011!