Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Spiritual Transformation Part 3

The month of October 2010 will close by providing the impetus for a Spiritual Transformation in order to layout a foundation for everyone’s Spiritual Prosperity. This should come as no surprise except for those who have ignored the Spiritual calling in the past few months with their concern for maintaining the outdated rules of every man for himself. Truth be told, we are at a crossroad in our juncture to disconnect the past from our futures!

On October 24, 2010 the Universal Energies will shift into the sign of Transformation, Scorpio, and announce that the beginning of Spiritual Prosperity will be here at last! Let these Energies prevail in your life and allow them to assist you in manifesting what you will become in the New Millennium. They will bring in the comfort of Love and Brotherhood and provide much needed Trust with each other as we work our New Millennium pathways into evolving forces of Love!

There will be no need for fanfare when you will do what is your soul’s task such as the simplistic act of saying you care for another will do. What is it on October 25, 2010 that could bring us all to act so readily and responsibly? It will be to find that seeking your True Self is a worthy act of God. To know one’s self and what comes naturally will show you the beginning of displaying your Spiritual Transformation and thereby the act of becoming a Co-Creator with God!

Let the new rules of Love and Truth inspire you towards Creating your greatest potential as these new rules are as simple as letting yourself relax on October 26th as the Universal Energies will continue to promote the Spiritual Transformation that will usher in your Spiritual Prosperity. Brotherhood and Joy go hand in hand with Love to let us all blossom with growth towards God. Now will be the day in which to seek inwardly in your surroundings of Love.

Nestle inside of yourself on October 27th to reflect upon the progress you have made thus far. Let your reflective state keep you on course towards the New Millennium, as you will find many options opening up to guide you. If you feel like you are off course because you do not “see” your pathway manifesting look again but see with your Hearts “eyes” and be assured that the shifting emphasis from material to spiritual is in process.

With the Universal Energies of October 28th the Legion of Light will be called upon to provide leadership in a darkened world. They will see to it that the success of God’s plan will move forward by urging All Man to join Man of Destiny in the New Millennium. There will be doubt and confusion due to the lack of trust by All Man for he does not see with the eyes of his heart that Change is immanent!

There will be more doubt and confusion on October 29, 2010 as All Man’s lack of trust will keep his world darkened with fear for where there is no Self Love there is only fear. All Man’s fears will work against him at the entry of the New Millennium and bring him to follow the role model example of the Legion of Light.  Listen to those whose voices will become public in the call for Change. This will signal to All Humanity that the Legion of Light will make their stand to bring justice and fairness to all the lands!

The Universal Energies will call All Humanity together to listen on October 30, 2010: “All Man until you release your fearful mindset you shall learn the lesson of Lovingness before you may enter into the New Millennium. You shall gain merit once more when you will be mindful of Loving all others as well as yourself. Look now to the Legion of Light to display their gifts of Spiritual Healing and Insightfulness in the Way of God!”

At the ending of October 2010 the plan to integrate All Humanity into the New Millennium will be completed for in the month of November 2010 the Doorway to the New Millennium will come to a close. Use your time wisely on October 31st to prepare for this coming event, as you will bear witness to the fallout caused by All Man’s fears!