Friday, October 29, 2010

The Brotherhood of Man

The Doorway into the New Millennium will appear before us on November 11, 2010. This will be the timing of Change in all that we will think and do upon Earth as we move forward and settle into our New Horizon. All Man at this point of time will become Man of Destiny and be forced to rapidly develop his thought processes to persevere in the New Millennium. Look now for real learning to occur for one and all as the Legion of Light moves forward with God’s Plan for all to enter the Brotherhood of Man!

The month of November 2010 will begin with a plethora of Spiritual gifts for All Humanity to expand and prosper in their concepts for the New Millennium beginning on November 1st. Use them wisely for they will only work when you have Love in your heart and the desire to know the Truth about yourself.

November 2, 2010 will begin to demonstrate the Power of the Spirit within us all. Develop and hone these powers for your Spiritual Prosperity that will now become available to you. The new rules of the New Horizon will continue to require that you have Love in your Heart and Truth as your guide. All else will fail to materialize unless it refers to your own Spiritual Pathway!

On November 3, 2010 the Universal Energies will function to show you the way to gain and develop your newfound skills of the Spirit. Let those who doubt or need to see signs of their own Spiritual nature within their physical world learn the Truth of their New Reality as this will be the most valuable lesson in understanding the new rules of the New Horizon.

Many will long for the “old days” when all was predictable and seemed in control. Let go of the past and ring in the new Spirit on November 4th! Your Spiritual Nature will gain precedence over your physical nature, as we will seek to understand why our thoughts may keep us from growing into our New Horizon. Choose to be responsible for all you think and do, as Love for yourself will be the beginning point for maintaining your Truth and Joy in Living!

All may seem overwhelming on November 5th but it will be a sign that all is ready for the New Millennium. This will be the point of life to release what may ail you or hold you back. Release these anchors of thought and begin to identify and claim your Spiritual Prosperity that will now find you in a state of confidence for the New Horizon! Relax and know that the Doorway that awaits everyone on November 11, 2010 is ready for your entry!

The Brotherhood of Man will be the call for one and all on November 6, 2010. The failure of one is the failure of us all as concern for everyone comes to the forefront. Sharing and Cooperating will be the keys for overcoming any issues for the Spirit of Brotherhood affects us all. Use this time to help another whose concerns may overwhelm him through his lack of understanding what new rules prevail in the New Millennium.

The role of the Spirit is to connect us all with everything there is. Whether you call it Christ, Buddha, or God it is all the same. On November 7, 2010 there will be little to fear as the Universal Energies will provide the last details for the Doorway of the New Millennium. Many will have a difficult time in relaxing for their anxiety over the mindset Change of the New Horizon will have them trying to relearn the Way of the Spirit. If only they would turn inside and see within their hearts that here is all the wealth and prosperity they will ever need!

Relax on November 8th Man of Destiny and take charge of your life and ways. The Legion of Light will provide the safety net for your leap of faith. This is not a religious movement and never has been. The Spirit has always been in your heart to Create your Joy in Living but now is the time to think for yourself and allow yourself to enter the Brotherhood of Man. Stop and fathom to think about the endless possibilities at your disposal!

God calls one and all to enter the Path of the Spirit that will place you in sync with the Doorway of the New Millennium. Leave your fears behind on November 9th and witness what you have only dreamed about in your wandering mind. Nothing should weigh on your mind these days, but if there shall be, it should be about how you will Create your life in the New Horizon.

The Universal Energies of November 10, 2010 will place a decision upon your heart on this day. Take time to consider your Spiritual values and come to understand that Love rules over all. The more you will Love and spread Love the more you will gain for love is the secret ingredient that makes everything grow in the New Millennium. Take it away and all that will be left is fear and survival mode and this is what we shall all leave behind!

The decision to enter into the Doorway of the New Millennium will be completed on November 11, 2010. Celebrate on this day for the world will never be the same again! Let all who will have chosen to enter come to work together to prosper in the Way of the Spirit. Some may be resistant but deep in their hearts they will come along to learn why God Created life upon Earth!

The month of November 2010 will mark a crossroad in the Destiny of Man as there will still be Chaos and Confusion for some who will be in process of learning and understanding about their new surroundings as they observe the Legion of Light demonstrate the Way of the Lightworker. There will be a new sense of justice guided by God to bring all lands to peace and prosperity!