Sunday, August 15, 2010

The New Awareness Part 3

The New Awareness of our pending direction towards the New Millennium is strengthening and gaining momentum as we will have been ushered into the next phase in the Rhythm of Creation on August 19, 2010. Now will be the time to take action to eliminate whatever fails to progress your Spiritual Prosperity as you will look about you and witness that the rules of man are failing and will continue to fail until All Humanity upon Earth is participating in the New Millennium with Truth and Love as their guides!

The remainder of August 2010 will see us progress into the Season of Harvest with its goal of establishing our Path of Destiny and building its Spiritual Foundation within ourselves. If you lack the ability and Truthful knowledge of your Path of Destiny look no further than your Heart and ask your inner guidance to recall the simplest Joy you have ever experienced. There may not be a marketable benefit for your Gift from God at this time but find it once more and there you will begin to find the way of your Spiritual Prosperity for whenever the Heart leads the Quest of Life the Spirit will follow to Create everything you will ever need!

The Universal Energies of August 21, 2010 will bring forth increased Love to Activate Man of Destiny’s Spiritual Foundation for the New Millennium. Stay strong and continue the Quest to Create your Spiritual Prosperity and allow all that you do not need to fall to the wayside even if this means long-term relations and situations! These will only hinder your path and deny your relevance to yourself! Mercury will be in retrograde motion now so use this apparent backwards motion to your benefit by redoing and rebuilding your Spiritual Self!

The Realm of Negativity will increase their efforts to thwart the Positive Flow of the Creative Energies of the New Millennium on August 22, 2010. They shall blame and belittle anyone who attempts to obstruct their plan to funnel the economy into their pockets, for they have not realized that they will have already cornered the economic markets so that all who are involved will owe their lives like slaves. Break the chains All Man for the Realm of Negativity will deceive you as well as themselves by encouraging you to believe that the old capitalistic values of man continue to work! In the meantime the Universal Energies will continue to Create the Pathway towards the Spiritual Foundation of Man of Destiny and the Legion of Light.

The State of Sharing and Cooperation will be the core value of what will come to be in the New Millennium. See to it that you practice and display these traits for there will come a time when you will be tested and there would be no better day than August 23, 2010 when the need to seek and find your Destiny is at hand! Share the positive strides you will make with another and Cooperate with those who will need to know of their way, Man of Destiny and Legion of Light! The Realm of Negativity will not see the value of Sharing and Cooperation and will remain true to their paths of fear for they see these traits as a weakness unless the term “usury” is spoken.

In these days the Realm of Negativity will be at its strongest as they will organize to scheme to remain true to their course of controlling their interests in the economic realm. They will see that their rhetoric will almost convince the man on the street that the old ways are better for they will not willingly share or give up the value of the old capitalistic ways. Watch for the lines of the Battle of Light against the Darkness of Man to be drawn and witness the Forces of Light against the Realm of Negativity as a True Battle of the Spirit of God against the passions of man! The Darkness of Man will bring pain and sorrow but will be no force against the Universal Energies and the Legion of Light who will prevail in establishing the New Millennium!

On August 24, 2010 the Universal Energies will bring All Man to task to choose his side for the soon to come Judgment Day! All Man and Man of Negativity, you have been given generous time to learn of the Way of the Spirit and yet you continue as if you have not been warned. Time will not be on your side! Man of Destiny and Legion of Light proceed to promote your pathway and to establish your Foundation of Destiny!

The New Millennium will progress forward in the Name of God for those who know of His works. There will be many called by name and few will step forward for many are stranded between no knowledge and no time. Do you, All Man, not see the wonders of God all around you and within you? August 25, 2010 will have All Humanity in a day of accountability and shall require that your Foundation of Destiny be at hand! Let not this day pass you for you will be the most important person to God this day!

On August 26, 2010 there will be a second call for those who wait to enter the New Millennium as the momentum of the Universal Energies proceeds towards its becoming! Wait no longer All Man and Man of Negativity, for you will have numbered days to gain the Blessing of God for your works and deeds. Shall you not heed these Words of Truth you shall remain in the Joyless state of heart and mind and miss the entire reason you have entered the Earth Plane at this time! Look to those whose lives are not mired in Chaos and Confusion and live life in simplicity for the role model.

August 27th will bring the opportunity for All Humanity to grow into their life’s Purpose in the New Millennium. Use this timing wisely and you shall prosper or should you spend this golden opportunity you shall be one to be standing alone until you shall learn once more of the Way of the Spirit. The Realm of Negativity will do its maximum efforts to keep all in their grasp bound to their ways of economic fear for they will see no difference in gaining the Way of the Spirit through merit or as a negotiable commodity!

The Energy of August 28, 2010 will bring in the Day of the Blessing where the call for Cooperation and Sharing will be the new standard of civility. This Energy will boost those in place to negotiate with the Realm of Negativity, for deep inside they too will know that the Spiritual Boundaries have already been drawn. Will they accept defeat or will they continue their belief that the Way of the Spirit is a negotiable commodity? Let this day be a signpost for the Realm of Negativity’s change in their ways!

August 29th will provide Energy of Newness for our conscious minds to absorb and become. It will be as if you will no longer carry a load upon our shoulders and have been released from your stressors, for YOU have! Relax now and learn to Flow with the Universal Energies that Create ALL THINGS! The primary function of our Earthly pathways is to live the Life of Joy through Love and the only way to do this is to Live It! See and Benefit as the Foundation and Path of Destiny begin to open up for not only yourself but also the others seeking the Life of Joy!

On August 30, 2010 the Universal Energies will simultaneously merge the Pathways of Man of Destiny and the Legion of Light towards the work they will establish in the New Millennium. This shall be the Road to Follow for those who will wait and see what “Decision” they shall inherit after the Realm of Negation lets up on their reins of bondage, and THEY SHALL! Let these days mark the Way of Light as a Beacon that will serve as a sign that the Works of God upon Earth will be here to stay!

August 31st will be a day in which Freedom as the only occupation of Earth will become the standard to bear. All cry the call for Freedom yet cannot define it without terms of the old rules of man’s ways that become references to economics and selfish thoughts where someone will win and someone will lose. Freedom in the New Millennium will bring us all to Love and Trust one another and to care for everyone’s benefit. Use this day to think of these thoughts and gain your Freedom from the rules of man’s ways!

As the month of August closes there will be a need to wait for many more to enjoin the New Millennium’s movement. The cause for this is that All Humanity and our solar system is being inundated with New Energy to FORCE our old ways of thinking and believing to disintegrate. And as All Humanity receives the New Energy their learning and processing to make the Change of Newness will only come with the New Life Experience of Joy. You will Become a Man of Destiny and bear witness to becoming an Early Adaptor in the New Life on Earth! Much more Change will come in the next few months of this five-month-old process so stay in tune!