Sunday, May 23, 2010

Truth as the Beacon

What interesting times we live in! We have witnessed the beginning of the New Millennium on March 21, 2010 followed by a surge of Energy in April to promote our Destiny within the Brotherhood of Man. May 2010 then awakened the Power of the Phoenix within us to make the necessary adjustments to not only sustain through the Changes occurring while the world of Chaos extricates itself but it also removed us from the Chaos. Now comes the Season of Growth that will mark the month of June 2010 as a time to expand into our new roles and to be guided with Truth as our Beacon.

There are two main features in June 2010. The most prominent will appear from June 21st until July 3, 2010. This is the Truth Beacon in its most dominant position of the year and will guide us through the Chaos currently happening around us towards Re-Creating our World! The second feature began on May 27, 2010 and will complete its responsibility on June 8, 2010. This pattern will allow us to actively participate in the Flow of the Universal Energies while Earth makes her required Changes to cultivate the Brotherhood of Man.

In the first of two forecasts for the month of June 2010, June 1st through 7th will be reorganizing our pathways for the New Millennium as June 1st through 3rd will function to reorganize our value systems  by seeking to replace our needs based standards to Love and Truth standards. June 4th to 6th will demonstrate the resifting taking place in the political realms, as there will be new leadership coming to the forefront. These ones will not be the “politics as usual” politicians but rather they will have the intent of the Brotherhood in their hearts as well as Truth as their guides.

June 7th will usher in the Universal Energies into the manifestation of the Pathway of Spiritual Change. This day will mark the beginning of many more signs to come of the New Millennium’s Truth. Some will witness these signs and come to enjoin with these Energies and prosper. Others will merely come to see these signs as “interesting” as even more will ignore these signs because of their need for security based upon the physical realm’s “realities.”

June 8, 2010 will close out the opportunity to become a “Flow Master,” one who is at the right place at the right time, as the Energies will begin dissolving what is no longer needed in the physical realm for the New Millennium. Look to the signs from those who need physical security to now begin to seek inwardly only to find that they lack Spiritual Love and have little more than fear and guilt to offer the New Millennium for it is so! These ones shall either begin their spiritual growth or shall begin to lose themselves within their selfish needs and move away from the Love Dimension.

June 9th will produce a day in which we will need to question ourselves. Why am I not in Joy? What do I need to do to prosper in the New Millennium? How do I transition from the physical realm of security to spiritual security? This day shall have us each looking inward for there is at stake the Responsibility to Activate a Partnership with our fellow Man in the Brotherhood of Man required to function in the New Millennium. Should this Responsibility be ignored it shall quickly become an Imperative rather than a Choice.

June 10, 2010 will see us in a second date of contemplation as the next sequence of the New Millennium is about to manifest on June 11th and it presents the immanent time to interact with our fellow Man as a Partner on Earth within the Brotherhood of Man.  For ten days, June 11th to 21st, this shall be the message to All Man as Man of Destiny will begin to see and know that it is time to spread the message of our interconnectedness.

For the remaining days of this forecast, June 12th to 15th the Universal Energies will continue in a pattern of pronouncing the message of the Manifestation of the Partnership in the Brotherhood of Man and is open to all who have Love in their hearts and Truth as their guide for on June 21, 2010 the Truth Beacon is upon us and on this date will those who spread untruths and malice be rendered accountable in an instant!

In the next forecast from June 16 to 30, 2010 there will be seen Changes that will depend upon our readiness to accept our place in the Partnership of the Brotherhood of Man or not. The more willing we are in accepting this Energy the easier it will be and the more resistant we are in accepting this Energy the harsher our task on Earth will be, for this is what we are Creating. Think about these things, as the impending Changes from a world in Chaos to the New Millennium will bring us into that which seers have foretold from the past – move away from the worship of false idols to the worship of the One True God!