Monday, May 3, 2010

The Phoenix Awakens Part 2

The previous forecast of April 29 to May 11, 2010 provided us with the foreknowledge that the Universal Energies were in place to ready our Creation processes for the Phoenix’s awakening during the period of May 16th to May 21st. The second period of this forecast, May 12th to May 22nd, will bring us to witness the Phoenix Awaken within us so that we will Progress our Purpose on Earth. This is the timing of Mary Summer Rain’s account of the progress Man must make towards revitalizing our spiritual ways in her 1987 book entitled Phoenix Rising.

May 12, 2010 will callout the Lightworkers who have remained withdrawn or in study of their tasks to begin to merge into the Legion of Light and move forward with the Brotherhood of Man. The occurrence of this timing comes as these ones are those who have almost forgotten their way in the darkness while keeping Man on his course of action towards the Light. The day for Man of Destiny comes the following day, May 13, 2010, and the momentum of this pathway will intertwine with the Legion of Light and the Earth’s pathway to progress Man of Destiny into a Partnership of growth to progress into the Brotherhood.

The Planetary Energies will increase their thrust of Energy on May 14th when the central focus of this day is to manifest the Brotherhood of Man and move forward into the Responsibility of processing our Destiny towards the ideal of an all encompassing Family. May 15th will continue this message and will direct the merging pathways with the Light and Love of God towards the Brotherhood of Man.

On May 16th the Universal Energies will grant the Earth the power to proceed with her Cause and Purpose and will provide an Opportunity for Man and Light to choose the Responsibility to be At One with the Earth’s Pathway. This day will also unite the planetary members of our solar system into joyous celebration for the foundation that our Earth will provide for the Brotherhood of Man. And now the Phoenix Awakens within us to lead Man of Destiny and Light with the Creative Abilities to create all we will ever need and do in the New Millennium!

By expanding our concept of Family on May 17th we will gain knowledge to process our Destiny for enacting our pathway within the Brotherhood of Man. Light and Man of Destiny with the constants of Love, Brotherhood, Family, and Partnership in their hearts will take the lead in demonstrating the way to enter the world of Joy and Happiness. May 18th will then provide a dimensional gateway from which Light and Man of Destiny will begin to recreate the world once more with God.

May 19th will mark the ending of the Season of Creation and will grant us a day in which we shall look inward to reflect upon what we have initiated and manifested so that on May 20, 2010 we can begin the Season of Growth. The Season of Growth will begin with an Opportunity for Man and Light to Choose to activate the Phoenix within us, which is the spirit of regeneration towards returning our pathways to the way of Joy!

May 21st will follow with a second Opportunity to Choose. This Choice grants the manifestation of our pathway in the New Millennium and derives from our focus upon our Destiny through the Unlimited Love we have accepted to push our Projects of Light and Love forward. On May 22nd we will receive a reprieve of sorts in that we will not be making a decision for our soul’s task on this day. That will come on May 23rd when we will be making two vital choices for our soul’s progress and purpose but that will be told in the next Alexandrian Kosmos posting. May 22, 2010 in the meantime is for processing the knowledge and direction that the Phoenix within us has provided as now is the time to step forward into the prosperity of life within the New Millennium!