Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Changing of the Guard

The year 2010 has completed and now the Universal Energies will usher in 2011. The year 2011 will be a pivotal year in which our solar system will evolve into the New Millennium, as events will unravel in the months to come to allow us to witness the Changing of the Guard from Man’s Laws to God’s Laws. Truth will come out to help us understand the Changing of the Guard so that we will be able to grasp and comprehend where we will need to make adjustments in our lifestyles as well as in our relationships. Become inspired to move with the Changes in this year so that you can attain your Spiritual Prosperity!

The Energies of January 1, 2011 will prepare each and everyone of us for the Changes to come by offering access to our future Destiny through our dreams, thoughts in meditation, and/or direct access during this month. Let your future come to manifest with all the Love you have so everyone may prosper through the gifts you will offer in coming future. It will also be in these days that Man of Destiny and the Legion of Light will decide upon the Destiny that they will become in the New Millennium.

The Joy you seek will be at hand on January 2nd and will offer you a glimpse into the possibilities of your future. Take time to notice the circumstances and the others around you for there will be many more days to come like this day. If you should feel alone however, let your circumstances help you define the company you shall want and also to inventory your best traits to assist you in becoming your True Self!

On January 3, 2011 the Universal Energies will set into motion your Destined Pathway that will allow you to not only design it but will also allow you to implement it! The major key as has been mentioned before will be to implement it with Lovingness. Without the key of Lovingness your Creation will simply become an idea and remain in that realm but with Lovingness you will become a Co-Creator with God!

In these days there will be many of the Light that will be available to assist Man of Destiny and Lightworkers through this major transition upon Earth and all you will need to do is ask. The Energy of January 4, 2011 will have some to witness a Solar Eclipse that will ask us all to turn inward to access our Spiritual Soul. Many will cry out in fear and know not why. Others will be content with what will be occurring for they will know that the signs of the New Millennium are here! And sadly there will be some that will try to control the wills of others but shall not for this is the Time of God!

The segregation of the masses by their willingness to turn to God or not will be especially noticeable on January 5th as the Network of Light will be available to those who will seek. The Network of Light will become a group of the Legion of Light upon the Earth Plane who will give guidance to Lightworkers and Man of Destiny in reclaiming their Soul’s Purpose for the New Millennium. Their authenticity will be a sign of God’s Hand in all our affairs and that all is well in this Time of God!

The Opportunity to Choose to enter into the Dimension of Love will be here on January 11 and 12, 2011 but for on January 6, 2010 the Universal Energies will establish the next stage of our access to the dimensional shift with the availability of our options in an Unlimited Destiny. Allow yourself to rest and meditate to gain insight and understanding of what will be available to you in the coming year. Do this and you will gain your Spiritual Prosperity and comprehension of the task which you will do in the Dimension of Love!

These will be days of Rest to decide what we shall come to do in the New Millennium and on January 7th the Universal Energies will bring us one day closer to decision dates of January 11th and 12th. Today the focus will be to continue gaining insight and understanding of what we would do in an Unlimited world. Ponder on the possibilities for your life to come in the New Millennium and let it spread Joy throughout your Soul so that you may let your dreams all come true!

Venus, the planet of Love, will be in the sign of Sagittarius on January 8, 2010 and will blend with this sign to promote Love and Joy upon us all. This will signal to everyone that Spiritual Prosperity will soon be available if only you will seek Love and Joy with all of your heart and let your Purpose of the Heart enter into your life so that you may BECOME IT! Activate your heart to allow all that God has to offer you for the New Millennium!

On January 9, 2010 the Universal Energies will provide momentum for seeking our cause in Lovingness. The superfluous supply of Love will grant attitudes of Sharing and Cooperating for everyone participating in social and recreational activities with others. Enjoy the Love and share with one another the great strides you can make with others in supporting where Love may lead them.

The Universal Energies will continue to inundate the Earth plane with the Energy to transform our awareness level to our God Source on January 10, 2010. This ever-increasing Energy will require that we make it our need and duty to turn ourselves to the Ways of God for all our needs. This will be a paramount issue for our existence upon Earth for not only ourselves but everyone for we will be living in the Dimension of Love where fear will not prevail!

The Universal Energies will be providing an Opportunity of Choice to enter the Dimension of Love or not on January 11 and 12, 2011. Be wise to choose properly for your future will be contingent upon what your heart will desire and though you may not understand all that will be happening be aware that this is the Time of God and will set precedents for the time to come in the here and now. 

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Law of Love Part 3

The last days of December 2010 and the year 2010 will continue with the Anointing and the Ordaining of the Pathways of Joy in Living until December 30th. The Anointing and Ordaining will bring everyone into alignment with the Power of Creating their Spiritual Prosperity. Let the Energy of these days fill and fulfill you in everyway of your becoming the greatest potential of your being and in this way you will fulfill your role in the God Plan for the New Millennium!

On December 22, 2010 the Universal Energies will set into motion the Legion of Light and Man of Destiny’s way to comprehend and understand his call and role in the Brotherhood of Man. Follow the Way of Light and Love and you will readily understand the movement of making your life to order. If you should feel left behind with the God Plan do not feel this way as you will demonstrate your integrity and worthiness to serve God in the evolving of everyone and everything on Earth! Love will take you beyond your wildest dreams!

Fear must be let go from your mind so that your heart may serve its duty for you on December 23, 2010.  The more you let go of fear the further you will progress in the New Millennium! Aspire to examine your heart to help you differentiate between what is in your heart and what has been in the way of your suppression. A quick test to examine your heart’s motivation would be to consider what you would do if you had nothing to lose. Consider it and gain your heart’s desire!

The Energies of December 24th will serve to promote your thoughts of Love and Joy from wishes into the full intention of your life if you will allow them. Imagine if you will all of your wishes, dreams, and desires surrounding you with Joy and Prosperity and if you will continue imagining these thoughts on a daily basis you will see them manifested in your life’s new beginning in the New Millennium! In the Time of God anything is possible!

December 25, 2010 will be one of the greatest Energy days for Love and family, as the Universal Forces will bring in the essence of Brotherhood of Man to the foreground. Surround yourself with Loved Ones and take advantage of this Energy from God by sharing and cooperating with others. This will be one of the most Love filled days in a long time and will function to help others realize their own Potential in Living in Joy. Allow yourself to absorb and give Light and Love on this day!

As the last week of 2010 comes to a close the Universal Energies will bring Man of Destiny the way of securing Love through his open desire to surround himself with Love and Joy instead of fear on December 26, 2010. Fear will not sustain you in the Dimension of Love and will only serve to hold you back in the world that is passing away for the New Millennium. Here in the New Millennium you will not be bound by limitations so allow your thoughts to expand with Love and begin to think about the world in infinite terms and possibilities!

The role of your inner world in your heart is to guide you toward your path of Spiritual Prosperity. If you will allow it to supersede the role of your earthly needs you will be progressing into the world of Love on December 27th. You are a creature of God’s Love and will not be allowed to perish unless you let your ego assume the place of God. Pity those who still have not grasped the message of these days! The Universal Energies work for you through God’s Love for you and will create for you all that you will ever need and more if you choose it!

To better understand and comprehend the New Millennium visualize your world surrounded by all that you Love. What does it feel like and who is there with you? On December 28, 2010 the Universal Energies will bring you closer to what and whom you have placed in the inner sanctum of your heart with Love. The visualization of Love will begin the formation of the New Horizon to come for you. Let it serve as your guide to Prosper in the Dimension of Love and you will easily manifest your part in the New Millennium’s Brotherhood of Man.

Everyone in the Brotherhood of Man will have similar aspirations and inspirations for Love will be the key for your entry into the New Horizon on December 29, 2010. The Love in your heart will allow you to learn and process the Way of your Destiny. Think with your heart and not with your mind and you will be at the right place at the right time to gain and grow with your Spiritual Prosperity by following the Law of Love!

On December 30, 2010 the Universal Energies will complete the Ordaining and Anointing of our tasks to fulfill our greatest Spiritual roles. Some who have not evolved their thoughts will think this to mean a life of sacrifice and still others will believe this to mean to isolate from society. This is not the Truth! When you stop to consider that everything and everyone in existence is connected with the Spirit of Love you will see and know that your Spiritual role is simply to be yourself for when you know yourself you will know God!

On the last day of 2010 the Universal Energies will bring continuance to the inundation of Earth and Man’s Transformation by enhancing our capacity of Light and Love to enter into the New Millennium. The transformation will continue until the beginning of February 2011 before we shall begin the next Season of Creation. Enjoy these times for the hardest part of the Transformation process is almost over. Happy New Year! 

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Law of Love Part 2

The midmonth of December 2010 will begin the Anointing and Ordaining of the Pathways of Joy in Living for the Legion of Light and Man of Destiny on December 12, 2010 and will complete on December 30, 2010. Its manifestation will designate this as the Time of God and will depend largely upon the Spiritual Prosperity one will seek for his or her life. Should this be sufficient while some will be seeking food for their tables and understand this to be a sign of lack? Or should this be taken as a sign that the World to Come is here and will require us to expand our focus?

Some may dispute the signs of our times and for this reason Alexandrian Kosmos has added the “Phoenix Chronicles ” chapter from Mary Summer Rain’s Phoenix Rising with No-Eyes’ Vision of Changes to Come page to the blogsite. Compare it with what is happening today and what No-Eyes had predicted in the late 1980’s. The call for Spiritual Man is here and will not let anyone escape the fact that the New Millennium is here!

The Universal Energies of December 12, 2010 will begin the Anointing and Ordaining of our Pathways of Joy in Living and the only way of avoidance will be to simply ignore it. This would be against the Flow of the Universal Forces. To simply ignore the call to enter the New Millennium will be difficult to achieve, as working together will be the core NEED in the Way of Brotherhood!

If only time would stand still long enough to allow all to consciously ponder upon the great opportunity at hand on December 13th! They would take notice that God and the Law of Love go hand in hand to enjoin the Way of the Spirit to Create our pathways in the New Millennium. Let the Way of Lovingness bring you to process thoughts of Love to uplift one another into the Brotherhood of Man.

An intensity of the Universal Energies will begin with the call to comply with the Law of Love on December 14, 2010 where the dictum “Love one another as you would Love yourself” will be the standard to live. The Universal Energies will not let anyone bypass this dictum for if there will ever be anything more important than Love you will not find it anyplace in the Universe. Do not hesitate to Share your time with another to demonstrate an act of Lovingness.

Become inclusive with your circle of Love for the Universal Energies will begin to release the long promised Spiritual Prosperity on December 15th! And as long as you will remain focused upon your Spiritual Growth you will begin a journey to future success in all you will think and do. This will come as a gift to all who will seek with Love in their hearts and Truth as their guide into the New Millennium. Practice and Practice with all your heart and Soul with Love and you find your share of Joyful Living!

The New Beginning will still be available on December 16, 2010, as the Universal Energies will continue their intensity of bringing one and all into the New Millennium. Many of the Legion of Light will be moving forward into their chosen Tasks of Light while Man of Destiny will enter into his own beginning that will lead him forward into the New Millennium. Some will not be ready for the Change to come but Higher Consciousness will lead still lead them forward.

The Universal Energies of December 17, 2010 will bring the Energy of Truth and Love to the forefront so that all will understand and know that God will be with all of the willing participants of the New Millennium. It will be a choice of which one may decline but the sphere of influence upon those whose movement requires Truth and Love will not be interfered with and will force those of negated wills to withdraw their lives from the Dimension of Love. Move forward with the Universal Energies that will Change our world long before December 2012!

The Time of God will be here during these days of Ultimate Change and on December 18th the Universal Energies will provide the Foundation for Man of Destiny’s Transformation in the New Millennium and as long as he will willingly follow the Law of Love he will prosper immensely! Allow your Spiritual Prosperity to enter your life to join the Brotherhood of Man and commune with the Universe!

Awaken your Soul’s task with the emerging Light on December 19, 2010 when your Truth will be known and implemented into Service with God! Take time to allow yourself to fulfill your time with Joy and Lovingness in order to immerse yourself with the Energy that will merge your Soul with your Soul’s task. You should not feel lonely any longer for that would be a step back into the Illusion of fear. Learn with all your heart the experience of the New Horizon for yourself and do not be surprised what YOU can now do!

If you feel doubtful at anytime in these days stop and take time to relax and center yourself. There will be much to do and learn in these days as the Universal Energies will prevail and lead you where you will need to be. December 20th will offer Man of Destiny’s Pathway with the Legion of Light if he will commit himself to simply seek Love and Joy in his Destiny! Look about you and you will begin to notice an open atmosphere of Trust beginning to form. This will be a sign that the Brotherhood of Man is becoming a Way of Life!

On December 21, 2010 the Universal Energies shall produce a Full Moon that will generate the cause of all Pathways to merge into Oneness for the intent of all who will enter the transition to Transform into the Light Beings. The Power to Create whatever you need in fulfilling your Pathway’s growth for Spiritual Prosperity will avail itself to you now! Learn to use this gift to fulfill your Destiny in this Time of God!

The period of time between December 12 to 21, 2010 will bring us the long awaited Change we have been preparing for. The key will be to focus on the Law of Love, which will keep everyone’s intent of Spiritual Prosperity in their hearts, and Souls. In this way we will unite into the Brotherhood of Man to unify us all into a Living unit of Love. The remaining days of December 2010 will see the Sun move into the sign of Capricorn and will continue to produce the Energy of Transformation for our Joy in Living!

Monday, November 29, 2010

The Law of Love

The month of December 2010 will provide a key for entry into the New Millennium for one and all, as at the core of the New Millennium is the Law of Love that states Love one another as you would Love yourself. Love will be the key element in all we will do in the New Millennium and will set the precedent in deciding what you will Create with Lovingness in your world. This shall also be the time when the Phoenix Days of May 2010 will manifest in their fullness!

The Phoenix Days predicted in a previous post spoke about the awakening of the Phoenix within us and would produce the power of regeneration towards returning our Pathways to the Way of Joy. No easy task except now the Universal Energies will insist upon Man’s return to being a Co-Creator with God in all our thoughts and actions! Look around your life and find whatever is not supporting your Joy in Life and move on from it!

On December 1, 2010 the Universal Energies will show the way towards interfacing with those around your community in support of the Brotherhood of Man. The Brotherhood of Man will be a community of Lovingness to gather all willing participants through Sharing and Cooperation to Create a Community of Loving. Despite the Chaos and Confusion there will be a need for these steps to come into place for by Summer 2011 the world around us will be ruled by Truth and the Law of Love instead of Man’s laws that favor one over another in support of fear and greed!

December 2nd will bring forward the Energy to promote working knowledge for the Brotherhood of Man and will be a welcomed sign from God that all is well. If you should not feel attachment to others in your community, do not fear, for the Law of Love will make its affect felt in a matter of time and bring the masses in unison to promote CHANGE all around the world! For now look to the process of Change to begin within YOU!

The days are coming soon when all will have to face themselves to know and understand that the New Millennium Energy is here to promote standards of Truth and Love. December 3, 2010 will see to it that this message will be clearly understood by one and all, as the Way of Brotherhood will become more and more prominent in our social sphere. Sharing and Cooperation will be the only route in overcoming Chaos and Confusion as the chase of Illusion will begin to expose its ill effects on the present laws of Man.

Will you be ready for CHANGE on December 4, 2010? The Energy produced by the Phoenix Days of May 16th to 21st will be in full effect and will begin to draw you towards your Spiritual Prosperity. Look around and what do you feel is your inner calling for a Joyful Life? Are there too many options or too many conditions of Change that will not allow time for your search? The Energy of the Phoenix was designed to facilitate all Change needed at this time of the New Millennium’s calling. Free yourself of what you will not need to gain your Joy!

With all the Energy promoting Change in the heavens above on December 5th what will the New Reality on Earth be like? Look now to the Legion of Light to respond to their call to aid and heal the masses from the Chaos and Confusion they inherited by Man’s standards of rule and control over one another. Justice and Fairness are the byproducts of Truth and Love and they will begin to be felt all over the lands of Earth. Some Lightworkers will come from seemingly nowhere but will be ready for the work they have come to do to unravel the residue of fear and greed from the days of Man’s darkness!

The unraveling of residue caused by the prominence of fear and greed from Man and his ways will bring the Legion of Light to open the pathway for the Brotherhood of Man on December 6th. Awaken your Spirit for the time of accessing the Truth of who you are will be here! Love will bring many to access their Truth but there will be others who will not feel the need to follow their hearts and will fight uphill battles against the Universal Energies!

Soon the time of Anointing our pathways with God will be on hand but for now we will all be in preparation for those days at the ending of December 2010. On December 7, 2010 the Flow of our Destiny will begin with the choosing of our Way of Joy and how we will activate it with our inner Truth. Follow where you will be led by knowing the way is clear and prosperous for the New Life upon Earth! Know that many will seek to end their misery but will not know where to turn. The way of Becoming a Co-Creator with God will also produce many who will come to the forefront to attempt to lead the way but do not be fooled by the charlatans who are only fooling themselves in their tryst to lead everyone back to Chaos and Confusion.

The Universal Energies of December 8, 2010 will allow Man and Light to access their Spiritual Powers for functioning with the Law of Love - Love one another as you would Love yourself! Though it may seem to be easily understood and relatively simple, many will not understand that God did not place them on Earth to live in servitude and fear! Instead they will need to learn to lead their lives with Love for themselves and discover how they too can take charge of their lives and empower themselves to overcome any obstacle placed before them! Man of Destiny will step forward at this time to seek himself out.

When the lesson of Self Love has been incorporated into your life you will easily prosper in all decisions that you will make for yourself without timidity or fear of loss for there will only be gain! On December 9th there will be a Flow of Energy to engage those who understand the concept of Self Love to merge with the Energy of Brotherhood. Look not to the past where you have failed but trust that what you are hearing is the Truth for when the days of the New Horizon are here you will be safe and secure within the Dimension of Love!

When all will be said and done on December 10th you will find that the Universal Energies have been clearing the way to make room for your placement of Love. Do you see how far you have come in what has felt like a rollercoaster ride testing your faith? While the direction will remain clear – WE ARE ENTERING THE NEW MILLENNIUM - not all will seem as it will appear, as the Universal Energies will continue to promote Change from within ourselves so that we may enter into the Dimension of Love where all will be possible!

On December 11, 2010 the planet of Thought, Mercury, will begin a retrograde path to help us clear our thoughts and place them into the Spirit of Joy. This will be easy for some but those whose beliefs will hold them to worry and compare in longing for the past will be disappointed in the life they will Create. Open up and seek the Soul within yourself for here will be the measurement of wealth and Prosperity in the New Millennium. Will you be open to seeking within?

From December 12th until December 30th the Universal Energies will function to ordain and anoint the Path of Joy in Living. Seek now to find and secure your place within it and you will be pleased beyond your comprehension of Life on Earth! In the next posting of Alexandrian Kosmos you will be readied for the next movement in Creating the New Millennium as the Brotherhood of Man will be making its way into our spectrum of Reality. 

Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Brotherhood of Man Part 3

As the ideal of the Brotherhood of Man comes into formation the timing of helping our fellow man will come to the forefront. Many will cry out for help and try to take matters into their own hands and will find that their cries for help will be ignored by the political “old guard” who, because of their own lack of Spiritual evolvement, will respond from their egos rather than from the perspective of the Brotherhood of Man!

The “old guard” leadership will continue to pamper their egos with wanton ideas for political gain and forget the reason God allowed them move into leadership in the first place – their intent to lead All Humanity into the New Millennium! By Spring 2011They will be exposed for their lack of Spiritual evolvement and be replaced with the Legion of Light who have truly come to lead Man of Destiny with their inspired hearts rather than with their egos into the Brotherhood of Man.

The Universal Energies of November 2010 will continue to promote the Brotherhood of Man and call everyone to become a Man of Destiny! The Energies of November 22, 2010 will serve to begin to turn against the “old guard” politicians for their self-serving plans of gain, as the Legion of Light will begin the Battle of Wills against the “old guard.” Look now for words of Truth to expose the deceit of those in power who will cover their trails with public relations programs to justify their ways of control.

On November 23, 2010 the sun will be in the sign of Sagittarius and will bring Change to the message of the Universal Energies. No longer will those who lead with ego hold those who seek Love and Truth behind the gates of Power. These days will see many in leadership and power begin to fall from their ivory towers to witness firsthand what many have suffered because of their Chaos. Change will come so quickly to those who fail to seek the Spiritual Pathway that they will not take responsibility for their fall and blame others!

In these last days of November 2010 there will be many who still have not taken responsibility for their thoughts and actions for the New Millennium. On November 24th there will be heard a call to seek your Spiritual Purpose in the New Millennium. Let this call not pass you by, as it will place into effect the Law of Love! The Law of Love states to Love one another as you would Love yourself and will be enforced as a RESPOSIBLITY to do so!    

November 25th will bring the Universal Energies to enforce the Law of Love not as a clever saying but as a decree of Truth for America’s celebration of Thanksgiving! No longer will those who wish to spread hateful venom at another be allowed to do so as they will first be unheard followed by a repercussion of their own venom antagonizing them with the pain they would wish upon another! Be aware of your own thoughts and deeds as the RESPONSIBILITY will be uniquely your own to account for.

Love is the key to all there was, is, and will be! On November 26th you will know the ever presence of God Love in all we think and do. Do not fear the Love you are truly capable of drawing into your life, Man of Destiny, and become the conduit of All God Love upon Earth! There will now be the need to seek and implement the Law of Love into your life, as the Brotherhood of Man will make its presence known throughout the lands of Earth so become the Creative Force of Love you were meant to be!

The Law of Love will be permeating into everything we will think and do as we will each reach a level of self-transformation from within on November 27, 2010. Some will advance quickly while others will be slow to adapt and learn but they are willing and for now that will do! Still others will continue to live in the fear of their TRUE SELF, the one who is capable of giving, sharing Love, and cooperating but would rather deny their TRUE SELF hoping to prosper with fear and control. The laws of man allow you to continue to hide you from the Truth of yourself for now but the Laws of God acting through the Universal Energies will not let you escape the TRUTH of your capacity to LOVE!

The choice will be available for your choosing Man of Destiny on November 28, 2010. The day will be full of Love in order to allow your choice to merge with the Law of Love into the Brotherhood of Man or to become an existence of fear. Sadly some will not allow their capacity of Love to expand beyond power and control that has kept Man in the dark ages even in these days of enlightment. The New Horizon is upon us all!

The Legion of Light will begin to demonstrate and lead by example how the Realm of God functions on November 29th. It will not be an easy task as there will still be those who think it “unmanly” to be a Loving Soul. However, it is Godlike to Love and Share and Cooperate in a world that seeks all that is God and that is, everything in existence! The days of Change are here and there is no turning back to the past when Man and his use of Freewill chose fear over Love in his pathway of learning!

Where there is Love and God there is always safety! On November 30th the final day of November 2010 will bring an emphasis for our Purpose in Love and Spiritual Prosperity and will provide for everyone the Love and Joy they have chosen to fulfill their Destiny. How simple it will be to let go of the past and only be in an atmosphere of Spiritual Growth and Love. Where is this place you may ask? The Kingdom of God is within you where it has always been! Seek to know of your capacity to Love with all your heart and there you will begin your pathway of Love!

The month of December 2010 will be one of the greatest tests of our capacity to Love and accept the way of Brotherhood in the New Millennium. It will not be easy but will require some to let go of security and all that previous experience has taught so that Faith in the New Horizon will allow everyone to not only grow in the Way of the Spirit but also Prosper as a Family united in the Ways of God for the New Millennium!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Brotherhood of Man Part 2

The New Horizon is here at last on November 11, 2010 as the Universal Energies will now be providing a new Energy for Creating with Love and Truth that will no longer support whimsical and selfish projects of Creation. Additionally the next season of Creation will be upon us on November 18, 2010, the Season of Rest. From November 18, 2010 until February 16, 2011 there will be a slow down of activity from the Universal Energies except to emphasize our need to enrich ourselves with Spiritual Growth to ready ourselves for the New Creation Year beginning on Feb 17, 2011.

The Universal Energies of November 12, 2010 will bring in an opportunity for Man of Destiny to promote the Brotherhood of Man. This shall come in the way of applying his Love to his Spiritual attainment with his fullest capabilities. If he should be focused upon selfish attainment he will be moved to learn and relearn that his Spiritual attainment that leads from the Joy in his heart shall come first. The Legion of Light will be called upon to provide guidance for Man of Destiny.

On November 13, 2010 Man of Destiny will be called upon once more to enter the Brotherhood of Man. When will those who resist becoming Man of Destiny release the notion that fear is a natural part of themselves when there will be so much Love available during this time period? If only they would take time to follow the dream in their hearts and realize that a return to the past is gone along with the Illusion of Man of Negativity and his quest to control the world’s population through his control of Earth’s assets! Think about what’s in your heart and pursue it!

The call to enter the Brotherhood of Man will be announced once again on November 14th. “Man of Destiny gather yourselves and raise your level of Spirituality to become more Joyful in life and in your relationships! The Creative forces of the Universal Energies will be peaking at an unseen level in the heavens! Enter the Brotherhood of Man and BECOME the Creative Force you truly are!”

Those who will step into the Brotherhood of Man early will gain a head start on those who will insist upon remaking the old. Try as they might they will only circle around a racetrack with no finish line to recreate the old! Relax and take time to trust your Spiritual guidance with all the Love you can absorb into the Brotherhood of Man on November 15, 2010!

The Universal Energies of November 16th will work to unite the participants of the Brotherhood of Man into a Force of Light to lead the way of the New Millennium! The beginning of Spiritual Prosperity will seek its way into your pathway with all the emphasis you will place within your heart. Relax for soon the task of the Season of Harvest almost ends.

The Flow of the Universal Energies on November 17, 2010 will emphasize a day of relaxation and meditation for the new Season of Rest that will begin the next day. Take time to pamper yourself and process what you have accomplished in this past year for the Season of Rest will bring in a time to meet and greet friends to reminisce about past memories and the future at hand. Find time to think about what is in your heart these days but do not ponder on mistakes for mistakes are how we learn and grow!

The Universal Energies will begin the Season of Rest on November 18, 2010. This day will bring to the forefront our Foundation for the Spiritual Prosperity we have been Creating. If you have envisioned yourself within the Brotherhood of Man and seeking others of like-mindedness, you will attract others in the Spirit of Sharing and Cooperation while those who will remain in their own selfish thoughts of greed and fear will continue living and planning with Chaos. Let these ones not disturb your pathway for they have much to learn and process in the Way of Brotherhood!

The company one keeps will say a lot about him on November 19th. If you will stay in the moment and remain True to the Love in your heart you will find that the materialization of your Spiritual Prosperity will begin. You will know this to be when you realize how much you have let go to the past so that you could make room for the new. Now will be time to let Love bring you with it into the Destiny of Brotherhood!

Meet and greet others on the way into the New Millennium by placing emphasis on others first for a day on November 20, 2010. Let this day be an example to you of the Way of the Spirit that is working in everyone and every living thing for it comes directly from God! Take time to feel compassion and care for others for they will all make it to become Man of Destiny soon!

The rejuvenation of Man will be in direct sight on November 21st except for the stragglers who will remain in the past, hoping and wishing that they could continue to feed their weakened egos with objects to overcome their fear. Nothing about the New Millennium will make sense to them as they will boast about their past and how they will achieve it once more and showing how little they know about the Way of the Spirit!

The Season of Rest will be upon us and lead us to get to know each other better so that we can know of the Truth in our Pathways. The sun will soon enter the sign of the Archer, Sagittarius, by November 23, 2010 when the message of the Universal Energies will no longer suggest to enter the New Horizon but INSIST upon it so that all that is being predicted will be in place by Springtime 2011!

Friday, October 29, 2010

The Brotherhood of Man

The Doorway into the New Millennium will appear before us on November 11, 2010. This will be the timing of Change in all that we will think and do upon Earth as we move forward and settle into our New Horizon. All Man at this point of time will become Man of Destiny and be forced to rapidly develop his thought processes to persevere in the New Millennium. Look now for real learning to occur for one and all as the Legion of Light moves forward with God’s Plan for all to enter the Brotherhood of Man!

The month of November 2010 will begin with a plethora of Spiritual gifts for All Humanity to expand and prosper in their concepts for the New Millennium beginning on November 1st. Use them wisely for they will only work when you have Love in your heart and the desire to know the Truth about yourself.

November 2, 2010 will begin to demonstrate the Power of the Spirit within us all. Develop and hone these powers for your Spiritual Prosperity that will now become available to you. The new rules of the New Horizon will continue to require that you have Love in your Heart and Truth as your guide. All else will fail to materialize unless it refers to your own Spiritual Pathway!

On November 3, 2010 the Universal Energies will function to show you the way to gain and develop your newfound skills of the Spirit. Let those who doubt or need to see signs of their own Spiritual nature within their physical world learn the Truth of their New Reality as this will be the most valuable lesson in understanding the new rules of the New Horizon.

Many will long for the “old days” when all was predictable and seemed in control. Let go of the past and ring in the new Spirit on November 4th! Your Spiritual Nature will gain precedence over your physical nature, as we will seek to understand why our thoughts may keep us from growing into our New Horizon. Choose to be responsible for all you think and do, as Love for yourself will be the beginning point for maintaining your Truth and Joy in Living!

All may seem overwhelming on November 5th but it will be a sign that all is ready for the New Millennium. This will be the point of life to release what may ail you or hold you back. Release these anchors of thought and begin to identify and claim your Spiritual Prosperity that will now find you in a state of confidence for the New Horizon! Relax and know that the Doorway that awaits everyone on November 11, 2010 is ready for your entry!

The Brotherhood of Man will be the call for one and all on November 6, 2010. The failure of one is the failure of us all as concern for everyone comes to the forefront. Sharing and Cooperating will be the keys for overcoming any issues for the Spirit of Brotherhood affects us all. Use this time to help another whose concerns may overwhelm him through his lack of understanding what new rules prevail in the New Millennium.

The role of the Spirit is to connect us all with everything there is. Whether you call it Christ, Buddha, or God it is all the same. On November 7, 2010 there will be little to fear as the Universal Energies will provide the last details for the Doorway of the New Millennium. Many will have a difficult time in relaxing for their anxiety over the mindset Change of the New Horizon will have them trying to relearn the Way of the Spirit. If only they would turn inside and see within their hearts that here is all the wealth and prosperity they will ever need!

Relax on November 8th Man of Destiny and take charge of your life and ways. The Legion of Light will provide the safety net for your leap of faith. This is not a religious movement and never has been. The Spirit has always been in your heart to Create your Joy in Living but now is the time to think for yourself and allow yourself to enter the Brotherhood of Man. Stop and fathom to think about the endless possibilities at your disposal!

God calls one and all to enter the Path of the Spirit that will place you in sync with the Doorway of the New Millennium. Leave your fears behind on November 9th and witness what you have only dreamed about in your wandering mind. Nothing should weigh on your mind these days, but if there shall be, it should be about how you will Create your life in the New Horizon.

The Universal Energies of November 10, 2010 will place a decision upon your heart on this day. Take time to consider your Spiritual values and come to understand that Love rules over all. The more you will Love and spread Love the more you will gain for love is the secret ingredient that makes everything grow in the New Millennium. Take it away and all that will be left is fear and survival mode and this is what we shall all leave behind!

The decision to enter into the Doorway of the New Millennium will be completed on November 11, 2010. Celebrate on this day for the world will never be the same again! Let all who will have chosen to enter come to work together to prosper in the Way of the Spirit. Some may be resistant but deep in their hearts they will come along to learn why God Created life upon Earth!

The month of November 2010 will mark a crossroad in the Destiny of Man as there will still be Chaos and Confusion for some who will be in process of learning and understanding about their new surroundings as they observe the Legion of Light demonstrate the Way of the Lightworker. There will be a new sense of justice guided by God to bring all lands to peace and prosperity!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Spiritual Transformation Part 3

The month of October 2010 will close by providing the impetus for a Spiritual Transformation in order to layout a foundation for everyone’s Spiritual Prosperity. This should come as no surprise except for those who have ignored the Spiritual calling in the past few months with their concern for maintaining the outdated rules of every man for himself. Truth be told, we are at a crossroad in our juncture to disconnect the past from our futures!

On October 24, 2010 the Universal Energies will shift into the sign of Transformation, Scorpio, and announce that the beginning of Spiritual Prosperity will be here at last! Let these Energies prevail in your life and allow them to assist you in manifesting what you will become in the New Millennium. They will bring in the comfort of Love and Brotherhood and provide much needed Trust with each other as we work our New Millennium pathways into evolving forces of Love!

There will be no need for fanfare when you will do what is your soul’s task such as the simplistic act of saying you care for another will do. What is it on October 25, 2010 that could bring us all to act so readily and responsibly? It will be to find that seeking your True Self is a worthy act of God. To know one’s self and what comes naturally will show you the beginning of displaying your Spiritual Transformation and thereby the act of becoming a Co-Creator with God!

Let the new rules of Love and Truth inspire you towards Creating your greatest potential as these new rules are as simple as letting yourself relax on October 26th as the Universal Energies will continue to promote the Spiritual Transformation that will usher in your Spiritual Prosperity. Brotherhood and Joy go hand in hand with Love to let us all blossom with growth towards God. Now will be the day in which to seek inwardly in your surroundings of Love.

Nestle inside of yourself on October 27th to reflect upon the progress you have made thus far. Let your reflective state keep you on course towards the New Millennium, as you will find many options opening up to guide you. If you feel like you are off course because you do not “see” your pathway manifesting look again but see with your Hearts “eyes” and be assured that the shifting emphasis from material to spiritual is in process.

With the Universal Energies of October 28th the Legion of Light will be called upon to provide leadership in a darkened world. They will see to it that the success of God’s plan will move forward by urging All Man to join Man of Destiny in the New Millennium. There will be doubt and confusion due to the lack of trust by All Man for he does not see with the eyes of his heart that Change is immanent!

There will be more doubt and confusion on October 29, 2010 as All Man’s lack of trust will keep his world darkened with fear for where there is no Self Love there is only fear. All Man’s fears will work against him at the entry of the New Millennium and bring him to follow the role model example of the Legion of Light.  Listen to those whose voices will become public in the call for Change. This will signal to All Humanity that the Legion of Light will make their stand to bring justice and fairness to all the lands!

The Universal Energies will call All Humanity together to listen on October 30, 2010: “All Man until you release your fearful mindset you shall learn the lesson of Lovingness before you may enter into the New Millennium. You shall gain merit once more when you will be mindful of Loving all others as well as yourself. Look now to the Legion of Light to display their gifts of Spiritual Healing and Insightfulness in the Way of God!”

At the ending of October 2010 the plan to integrate All Humanity into the New Millennium will be completed for in the month of November 2010 the Doorway to the New Millennium will come to a close. Use your time wisely on October 31st to prepare for this coming event, as you will bear witness to the fallout caused by All Man’s fears!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Spiritual Transformation Part 2

The transformative Powers of the Spirit will continue to run high through the middle segment of October 2010 and will bring many to a standstill in their attempts to run the course of their lives with a “business as usual” attitude. Stop and take the time and effort to deeply examine your life’s situation. The Spiritual Transformation of the New Millennium is here at last!

On October 12, 2010 the Universal Energies will sequence their dance in Creating the Pathway of Spiritual Transformation with a call for all to enter. Do not let this opportunity pass you by, as the entry way is open and will only be available for a short time. Come and play with the star that you are in the Eyes of God!

The Universal Energies will be gaining momentum towards providing the material of future wealth for All Humanity on October 13, 2010. No longer will you need to be security conscious in the material world’s chase of the Illusion as the main goal. Instead the main goal will be to become conscious of your Connection and Partnership with God. There you will find all you will ever need and more to develop your Spiritual Prosperity!

Two of the most influential days in the lives of All Humanity will occur on October 14 and 15, 2010. Here you will find that the promised Pathway for everyone is at the forefront of All Humanity to endeavor and become. October 14th will provide the initial thrust of the Energy’s movement by producing the Partnership with God to enter the lives of all. The God Partnership will provide the beginning of Destiny in the Pathway of Oneness.

October 15th will then follow up October 14th’s thrust and bring All Humanity to move with all the Love he can muster to move forward and progress himself to begin his Destiny. For without Love all in life will be for naught like a ship without a rudder to guide it. Take charge All Humanity and move forward as the Spiritual Being you are to make the progress you will need to become the Truth of who you are!

Welcome to your New Horizon, Man of Destiny, as you learn to truly prosper for yourself within the Brotherhood of Man on October 16, 2010. The Legion of Light has been in wait for these days of Spiritual Prosperity since they were long predicted. There is still much to do and much to learn about the New Horizon so take the time you will need to process these new thoughts and do not worry, fear, or stress on the past!

Keep your thoughts and prayers geared towards the highest aspirations you desire on October 17, 2010 for these thoughts are your channel of Creating all you will need. Focus your thoughts upon Love and Joy and retain them within to behold your product of Love! Do this ritual daily even if only for five minutes. The Pathway into the New Millennium is here and there is no treading back to the land of sorrow and pain!

Do all that you will to immerse yourself in the Love available on October 18th and allow yourself to freely think of what you will do for Love of yourself! This is the call for action to bring forth the growth in your Soul’s Purpose with all that you were meant to do upon Earth. Look to where you are and practice visualization and rest assured that you will become one of self-reliance!

October 19th will mark the halfway point of the Universal Energies’ Purpose for the month of October 2010. The Universal Energies shall bring the Legion of Light into action for the Spiritual Transformation taking place and usher in the Brotherhood of Man into place. This shall be All Humanity’s foundation of strength and place of security for all future endeavors of the Spirit. Look now to see and hear words of Hope come to one and all for the New Millennium is here!

Be open and aware on October 20, 2010 and feel the Love all around you, as you will be in God Presence! All you will need to know this day is that you will be able to differentiate between who is there for God and who is there for himself. God Presence in the form of others will bring their heart’s share of willingness to Cooperate while those out for themselves will continue to only lookout for themselves and theirs.

On October 21, 2010 the Universal Energies shall begin to unite all the elements of Truth and Love, Brotherhood, and Destiny into a Pathway for the New Millennium. Seek your Higher Guidance to assist you in forming your highest ideal of yourself and the way to be shown to you. Higher guidance will demonstrate to you your chosen way be it through a dream, a vision, a feeling, or “inner knowing.” Take time in quietness to better understand and learn!

The Project of Light is almost complete but for now it will be the time for Man of Destiny to step forward to initiate his own Pathway of Light on October 22 and 23, 2010. Let these days become ones of glory for you and your loved ones, as the final decisions to progress into the New Millennium come into place and build the foundation of the thousand years of Peace and Joy among All Humanity!

The Sun will be exiting the sign of Libra on October 23, 2010 and will enter into the sign of the Scorpion. Let this be the date that you move into the Realm of Love and Truth to gain your share of Spiritual Prosperity. Continue this Pathway and the promise of remaining connected to your God Source will be yours to enjoy. Be one of focus and wisdom and move into the Brotherhood of Man to become a Creator with God once more!

The remaining time of October 2010 will show the month to continue emphasizing a Spiritual Transformation for All Humanity. These days will demonstrate a critical turning point in Man’s Progress towards Light once more and bring about the Changes we all need to make to become divine again. In the Spiritual sense we are divine but would you recognize it in its physical manifestation? This is where we will be long before December 2012! 

Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Spiritual Transformation

Since March 21, 2010 many of the critical elements of the New Millennium have manifested to make way for the Spiritual Transformation that we are about to begin in the month of October 2010. All Humanity will bear witness to this event that will require a continuing shift in our thought processes to make it a Reality for each and everyone of us. Look about you and what do you see and hear? Is it Chaos and Confusion? Or have you developed your Spiritual Prowess to be in the Joy of Living and to move into your Destiny?

All is ready and in place as “the Kingdom of God is within you!” Look not for these elements to appear before you with the charlatan powers of someone else but by your own skills of Creation! See the beginning of your Spiritual Prowess to begin by October 4, 2010 and will remain in place everyday thereafter!  Welcome to the New Millennium and the New Horizon!

October 1, 2010 will begin where September 2010 left off with an Opportunity of Choice for All Humanity to choose the Way of Brotherhood to allow it to manifest the life of Sharing and Cooperation. Do not let those with energy of negative residue deter you from your Destiny and Joy of Living for they will diligently work to keep you in “your place” of past misery. The Legion of Light will continue to place into motion the “safety net” for peace and prosperity over the world of Man.

While those who seek Change in their lives ponder to know what direction they may take to prosper few will turn inward to understand that the keys to the “Kingdom of God is within” them for they forget that ALL IS SPIRITUAL and all they need to do is focus on their heart’s desire on October 2, 2010. The Joy of Living will be at their beck and call only for the asking as will entry into the peace and prosperity of the New Millennium. Destiny is in your heart and all you will need to do is follow it!

On October 3rd if you shall follow your heart you will be on the pathway to Love and Prosperity! Let go of your past and the security that binds you to the present for your most valued asset will be the New Millennium thoughts that shall keep you connected with God Who will see to it that your Path of Joy will prosper! Look within and find your Truth. There you will find that where your thoughts go so will your Spirit. If you stress, worry, or fear, so will the prosperity you seek!

The New Millennium will manifest itself on October 4, 2010. This day shall become a milestone for all the future to recall the struggles of Man during this era where he was better valued as a commodity rather than an individual soul! Look now for many signs of the New Millennium’s Truth to make their appearances and seen as “miracles.” All Humanity will be in place for their chosen Destiny on this date and will begin partaking in their chosen prosperity. What did you Create today?

The Universal Energies of October 5th will begin to transfer all their available sources into the manifestation of the New Millennium! The Brotherhood of Man will be in full effect as the rules of Sharing and Cooperation will permeate into every thought and action by every human being. Whether it is followed or not will depend upon each and everyone’s motivation to make rapid progress with the new expectations of the New Millennium.

October 6, 2010 will be the date in which to implement your plan to establish the foundation of your Destiny. Have you thought about a small business to turn that hobby into a labor of love? What is it that moved you into current career? Was it the money? Family expectations? Go to the place that gives you the most tranquility and follow that dream. What would you do for the Love of yourself?

The momentum will get stronger and stronger to involve you into what you Love on October 7th. Now will be the time for your mind to relax and benefit your heart with relief from stress. Let this day allow you to usher in your Destiny’s foundation as the Universal Energies will begin to call intensively to All Humanity to serve for your greatest cause – your soul’s contentment! The world economy is down for this reason and the few who prosper materially will not be allowed to interfere with the unshackling of the soul!

If there is a day in which Change shall allow you to initiate anything and bring it to a successful conclusion it will be October 8, 2010. The Universal Energies will be spinning a web of Destiny for your success if only you will include your heart’s desire for the Joy in Living! Let this day work for you, as you will become the Creator of what you were meant to do in this lifetime!

The many who will not follow the Universal Energies in these days will look back one day soon with regret and sorrow for in their hearts All Humanity will know that the opportunity to begin the Path of Destiny is at hand! God will continue calling All Humanity by name to awaken their hearts on October 9th to the wonderful opportunities at hand. Listen to the plan of the Legion of Light for details on how the benefit of Destiny will come for one and all on this day! Awaken yourself and place yourself in God’s Path of Joy and Light!

An intensification of the Universal Energies will come to the forefront from October 10 to 29, 2010 with one message and one goal – FIND YOUR DESTINY! Make time for yourself to learn where you may be in your Destiny process on this 10:10:10 day! October 10th will initiate the process of progress by introducing the knowledge you will need for placing your plan into motion and nurturing it. Those who are already on track to progress themselves will have an easy time of moving forward while those who lag will only initiate a process of learning that will keep them stopping and starting into stagnation until they will finally decide where they will need to alter their thought processes to enter the New Millennium.

On October 11, 2010 the Universal Energies will provide the momentum to seek and grow into your Destiny. All you will have to do is take time out for yourself to immerse yourself into the vastness and richness of your Creative Imagination to view the beauty and lovingness of your New Horizon! By springtime you will not only be living in the purpose driven world of the New Millennium but you will also be Joyful and looking forward!

In the first eleven days of October 2010 the Universal Energies will initiate the emergence of Destiny for All Humanity and will continue to do so until everyone is merged into the process of entering the New Millennium. It will not be easy for some who will have to relearn their way from darkness but on the other hand there will be those who have been in waiting for lifetimes for these days to emerge and bring Man back to living in the Light!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Destiny Begins! Part 3

On September 23, 2010 Destiny will begin for everyone! Hear within to know of what you may fulfill! Pay attention to your dreams this day and recall with your greatest abilities to learn how you will fulfill your Destiny! It will be an experience to let you know that God loves you and cares about you! Let this day be the beginning of your Life in Joy!

Some will choose not to open their hearts on September 23, 2010 with their preoccupation of worry, stress, and fear, as they will have no idea that the rules upon Earth have changed from material goals to sharing and cooperation goals. Let those of you who are in the know share with one another about the Truth of this day! Many Changes are still to come and we are already on the journey towards a New Horizon in which all your hopes, wishes, and aspirations will all come True!

September 24, 2010 will offer All Humanity a plan to access the Unlimited Realm of Ideals and to promote self-growth in their lives. Self-growth will encompass understanding the Spiritual revitalization at the center of the core of the New Millennium while access to the Unlimited will have you becoming an active participant in the New Millennium’s Brotherhood of Man, as one who will know and understand that Love and Truth are the God Principles of becoming Man of Destiny!

The Universal Energies will begin to compress and concentrate on September 25, 2010 into a narrowing of choices for All Humanity. No longer will you be able to ignore or postpone your decision to make the necessary Spiritual Change you are required to enter the New Millennium! For now the New Millennium’s agenda will begin the process of allowing only thoughts of Joy in Living to prosper. In this manner the thoughts of Joy in Living will increase the prosperity of your pathway while fear, guilt, and negativity will give you naught!

The Universal Energies of September 26th will be bountiful in the expression of Love as it will assist in transforming your emerging Destiny to fruition and will also be utilized in assisting the healing process of those who are currently being burdened with issues limiting their participation in the sequence of New Millennium events. While there will remain those who will not have a clue that the New Millennium is upon us they will still be accountable for their own Spiritual transformation.

September 27th will be a day in which many will aspire to move themselves forward only to find that the struggles they face are self imposed limitations for material gain. Internalize and account for the power within you to Create all you will need and more! Do not be limited by the choices available through the commercial world. All Man you have more to offer than to trade your time and labor for meager subsistence! Create what your heart desires and become Free at last!

September 28, 2010 will bring to the forefront a new pattern of emulation, one that will remove All Man’s need to enlarge his self worth and ego and allow him to see for himself what is his New Horizon. This new pattern of emulation will be choice driven, to accept or reject, but see its implementation to affect ALL. Watch now as leaders who will choose to reject the New Reality of the New Millennium let the falsehood of their way bring them to fall like leaves in the wind!

The month of September 2010 will end with two Opportunities of choosing for the final days of September 29th and 30th. The Opportunity of September 29th will be for All Man to allow his chosen Destiny to begin. He should be aware that his choice will bring with it his Joy of Living for the New Millennium as the Legion of Light will stand ready to assume their roles through leadership and implementing breakthrough models of thought that will provide a magnitude of accomplishments for the New Millennium! Stand ready for the New Reality to begin!

On the final day of September the Universal Energies will offer an Opportunity for All Humanity to choose. Man of Destiny and All Man will choose to gain self-empowerment in all that they will be called upon to do in the New Millennium while the Legion of Light will receive a similar choice of self-empowerment based upon their call to duty for God and Man of Destiny. Use the choices of these days wisely and work to fine tune the gifts of your calling!

The completion of September 2010 will have signaled that all is in place and ready for progress based upon our need to bring our Destiny to the forefront. Now October 2010 will ask us to make Changes to increase our Spiritual aptitude and to expand our base of comprehension in all that may come to engage us into our path of Flowing. Let all Change be to your benefit in the learning and processing of the New Horizon! 

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Destiny Begins! Part 2

The month of September 2010 will continue to direct the Flow of the Universal Energies into implementing our chosen Destiny and will continue to do so through mid-November 2010 when the Energy of Change will leave NO DOUBT that the New Millennium is here! Learn now to understand the process of Change so that you may contribute your portion of Love and Truth into the New Millennium as these Changes will be here to stay! Fear not from the Realm of the Spirit and trust that the veil of illusion will be removed to reveal your chosen Destiny!

The Universal Energies of September 12, 2010 will continue with the planet Mercury in apparent retrograde motion. There will still be time today to reinforce your thought processes to better plan for your Destiny in the New Millennium. September 12th will also mark the last day the Realm of Negativity will have to affect the formation of the Brotherhood of Man. See this day to let you gain an internalized sense of the New Reality being produced by the Legion of Light’s Path of Light. Do not be influenced by the external Chaos and Confusion as these are signs that the Spiritual Change comes soon!

September 13, 2010 will grant the process of gaining a new sense of security, one built upon enhancing our intuition. This will allow those who have moved past the stage of “by sight only” to process a thought immediately and “know” its validity. Experience will be needed but will develop the thought-conclusion process to become a new sensory tool in the human experience.  Stay balanced and remain free of emotional confusion and you will witness this new experience!

September 14th will beckon the call for Brotherhood once more to promote the prominent role of Man of Destiny. Many will hear the call but will not trust enough to know the difference between their heart and mind. The Realm of the Spirit can only be processed in your heart and there you will find the place that will Create the Joy of Living. While your mind functions to place its emphasis on survival your heart will bring YOU life! Follow the road to Life and move yourself beyond the path of survival!

On September 15, 2010 the Universal Energies will encourage All Man to enter into the Realm of the New Millennium. He shall now be able to inwardly listen to discern the Truth from Falsehood and move himself more readily into the New Millennium. Do not look at what you lack for there you will recreate more lack. Instead look to the world AS IF you can hear and smell and touch the Joy of Living all around you! In this manner YOU will begin to Create your path in the place of your Love.

All Man listen to your heart within and know that halfway measures will only take you halfway to where you must be. Progress and Prosperity await you on September 16th if only you turn your heart of stone to Love and there you will find the treasure trove of your happiness! The New Millennium will not wait much longer for you for soon you shall hear a message from Above! God waits for you to open your heart enough to listen within and hear your Truth.

If All Man truly seeks to Change the way of his world he cannot be complacent as his best and keep looking for a return to the days of yesterday when all felt predictable and secure. Look now for the Universal Energies of September 17, 2010 to place him on the verge of a Change he can gain from, though the Change to come will not be his longing for messages from his leaders to return him back to yesterday. It is gone All Man and you may fail to distinguish for yourself that the Realm of Negativity seeks to hold you as their puppet by taking the economy hostage so they can gain in return. Love and Truth will prevail in these days for your Destiny is here!

September 18th will bring Man of Destiny’s projects of Love to the forefront so that he may enlist them into service with the Legion of Light who continues to open the Pathway of Light for all to enter. All Man do listen to these words of Hope and Prosperity, YOU do not have the luxury of time to retreat from the Pathway of Light! Step into the New Millennium and witness the Love and Truth of who you really are! Looking back at these days with regret for what you had will only continue your victim’s mindset so step forward and look to your heart and Progress yourself to where you truly belong — in the New Millennium!

The rapid movement to bring in the New Energy of Change will be completed on September 19, 2010, as now the call to All Man will come with deadening urgency. You shall be on your own, All Man, to accept or reject your call towards the New Millennium. Now is the time for you to follow your path of Flow to where it may lead you. Be warned though, All Man, should you reject your call the Realm of Negativity will track you down like a beast seeking its worship for the power they command, and it is so! Do not be fooled All Man for you will be deceived once more!

The New Earth of the New Millennium will begin to emanate its Light for All Humanity to see and be in awe on September 20, 2010 as all who have accepted the gift of September 13, 2010 will know and see the Truth of this New World! The Brotherhood of Man is more than an idea of Utopia as now it will be the Truth for all who shall know and see! Sharing and Cooperating will go hand in hand and will begin the Spiritual Prosperity promised to all!

On September 21, 2010 the Universal Energies will align to grant access to those whose paths have been merged into the Legion of Light’s Pathway of Light to bear witness of the ease in which their lives shall begin to prosper. Pray for the Legion of Light’s continuous efforts to engage All Man into God’s Plan of Spiritual Prosperity for ALL! Let those within the grasp of Chaos and Confusion awaken to the opportunities at hand for not only themselves but their descendants who will not have to witness the struggles of All Man firsthand!

A New Day shall come to the forefront on September 22, 2010 like the calm before the storm! Enjoy the peace and relaxation of this day for there is much to learn and process for there is One Who Comes the Speak to all who are ready to listen. Angels of God, Legion of Light, you will know His Presence more readily than Man but assist All Man to be aware Whose Presence he will have with him to guide him with Love and Truth about his way on the New Earth. Let him also know that he will be secure and comforted from the Chaos and Confusion for a day so that he may learn to trust his inner guidance into the New Millennium!

We have entered into the manifestation stage of the New Millennium and will now have to learn to trust that what we receive from the Spiritual Realm will come with Truth and Love. Toss out your victim mindset All Man and take the risk of Creating from your heart instead of your mind for the days of waiting for the World to Come are over! 

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Destiny Begins!

The month of September 2010 will begin the process of implementing our chosen Destiny in the New Millennium. There will no longer be the time to sidestep or neglect the Spiritual Reality that will come at our disposal to Change the World, as this will be the time to make the Changes that have been in process for years. Let yourself become immersed in the process of Change and use it to Change the World as we know it today!

September 2010 begins with the planet of thought, Mercury, continuing in retrograde motion until mid-September. Use this time to become aware of your thought processes and be mindful of the Change occurring in our world. The Change that comes will establish the Foundation of our Destiny so that before we enter the month of October 2010 we will ALL BEGIN to understand one another and see our similarities rather than differences!

On September 1, 2010 the Universal Energies will provide a guiding Beacon from the Legion Light to lead in unison with Man of Destiny to offer understanding in our hearts and minds with Love and Brotherhood. The more we readily accept the concept of the Brotherhood of Man the more rapidly we will transition with the Spirit of Cooperation. Be aware however that the Realm of Negativity will try to instill their fears upon all who will listen to them, as they are not aware that their end is very near!

The Universal Energies will continue to provide a guiding Beacon from the Legion of Light on September 2nd and will also bring forth our Foundation of Destiny. The Foundation of Destiny will become the place from which we will draw our strength and fortitude to become and maintain the new standards of Living in Joy. Some will move forward rapidly while others will only begin to understand that not all is at it seems to be! The beginning of understanding will be a sign to all that the New Millennium is progressing forward!

The first of three Opportunities for each Soul to choose the way the New Millennium will begin in September 2010 will be offered on September 3, 2010 and will provide each Soul his Destiny and Foundation intact for its forthcoming Manifestation.  This day will also be the last in which the Realm of Negativity will be blocking the pathway towards the New Millennium’s Fullness! See them to assert and remind everyone that no State of Cooperation exists in commerce so why should they change?

September 4th will set into motion the Way of Progress to Create Man’s Pathway with God and the Legion of Light. This shall signal the Beginning of Man’s ability to become immersed into the thought processes of the New Millennium so that he can not only understand what is occurring but also act upon his thought processes with clarity. This day shall also diminish the actions of the Realm of Negativity’s ability to expand any further than the residue of negativity they will carry with them. No longer will they be able to spread their cancerous thoughts and beliefs to those who have been immersed into the New Millennium!

September 5, 2010 will bring into place a strengthening for the Choice made on the Opportunity Day of September 3rd and shall open the Way of Sharing and Cooperation. Open yourself to your Fellow Man who will also be open to sharing and cooperating with you. The world economy will stagger until the intent of sharing and cooperating becomes the basis of commerce. The Realm of Negativity will be displeased for they have hindered in every way possible to capitalize on their control and now shall have to learn that they will not control Humanity! Judgment comes soon for all who have not progressed with the Spirit of Cooperation!

The Joy of Living is the Promise to Man of Destiny on September 6th as he will be the one who has manifested his Pathway into the New Millennium through his Spiritual Ways of Sharing and Cooperation. The Legion of Light has long been in wait for these days as God has sent His most powerful representatives to ensure that these days will be fulfilled for all souls who have come to witness them! Let not the Man of Negativity deny you the Joy of Living in these days for he will have his time to ponder what he will need to learn!

Man of Destiny, be the one who has Created his way to Joy on September 7th for you will be in the Rhythm of the Universal Energies which Create ALL THINGS! Activate Love from the Highest Source and place it into your Destiny so that it may rapidly manifest! The Brotherhood of Man will support your endeavors of Love and help to bring all Spiritual Projects into motion for they will work as a team of One with God and the Legion of Light!

Gather your projects of Love on September 8th and draw out the place you will need to release their boundaries. These days are filled with more than Potential to Change the World as the Universal Energies will provide you with the Ideas of how, when, where, and what if only you will take time to listen to your heart! The World is not waiting for a Super Man to Change IT from without for the entire Process begins within YOU!

On September 9, 2010 be aware that the lure of the Realm of Negativity may mock you into believing that the Chaos and Confusion that runs rampant may only be “fixed” through their expertise of manipulation. Do not listen to them for they will know that the New Millennium will ruin their purpose and in order to remain in power they will attempt to keep Humanity fighting against each other to build up their profits. Let the Brotherhood of Man build its momentum within YOU!

The Universal Energies of September 10th will see the Legion of Light diligently at work with further details of the Pathway of Light that they will continue to build for God and the Man of Destiny. These days will draw closer to the Day of Conclusion for those who will follow and those who will not. Let yourself not be one who staggers away for lack of willingness to take the Pathway of Light for it promises to bring forth the Joy in your heart!

September 11th will bring access for Man of Destiny to activate Love through the Universal Energies into his Foundation of Destiny. This shall bring him in line with the Brotherhood of Man and the Legion of Light’s Pathway of Light. Now will be the time to gain understanding and wisdom for what shall come to be in your pathway created with Love for there will soon be a doorway opening for understanding YOUR PURPOSE!   

Legion of Light do not let these days wear you down for the Pathway of Light you steadily build will lead Man of Destiny into the Light! All Man will eventually Change for he still does not understand the Way of the Spirit that will lead him to the Joy of Living. He struggles to follow the rules of Man and despises them and can easily be led by the Realm of Negativity’s ability to inflate his ego to think he can be as “powerful” as them. Have patience for All Man for he too shall come around to be in the Pathway of Light!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

The New Awareness Part 3

The New Awareness of our pending direction towards the New Millennium is strengthening and gaining momentum as we will have been ushered into the next phase in the Rhythm of Creation on August 19, 2010. Now will be the time to take action to eliminate whatever fails to progress your Spiritual Prosperity as you will look about you and witness that the rules of man are failing and will continue to fail until All Humanity upon Earth is participating in the New Millennium with Truth and Love as their guides!

The remainder of August 2010 will see us progress into the Season of Harvest with its goal of establishing our Path of Destiny and building its Spiritual Foundation within ourselves. If you lack the ability and Truthful knowledge of your Path of Destiny look no further than your Heart and ask your inner guidance to recall the simplest Joy you have ever experienced. There may not be a marketable benefit for your Gift from God at this time but find it once more and there you will begin to find the way of your Spiritual Prosperity for whenever the Heart leads the Quest of Life the Spirit will follow to Create everything you will ever need!

The Universal Energies of August 21, 2010 will bring forth increased Love to Activate Man of Destiny’s Spiritual Foundation for the New Millennium. Stay strong and continue the Quest to Create your Spiritual Prosperity and allow all that you do not need to fall to the wayside even if this means long-term relations and situations! These will only hinder your path and deny your relevance to yourself! Mercury will be in retrograde motion now so use this apparent backwards motion to your benefit by redoing and rebuilding your Spiritual Self!

The Realm of Negativity will increase their efforts to thwart the Positive Flow of the Creative Energies of the New Millennium on August 22, 2010. They shall blame and belittle anyone who attempts to obstruct their plan to funnel the economy into their pockets, for they have not realized that they will have already cornered the economic markets so that all who are involved will owe their lives like slaves. Break the chains All Man for the Realm of Negativity will deceive you as well as themselves by encouraging you to believe that the old capitalistic values of man continue to work! In the meantime the Universal Energies will continue to Create the Pathway towards the Spiritual Foundation of Man of Destiny and the Legion of Light.

The State of Sharing and Cooperation will be the core value of what will come to be in the New Millennium. See to it that you practice and display these traits for there will come a time when you will be tested and there would be no better day than August 23, 2010 when the need to seek and find your Destiny is at hand! Share the positive strides you will make with another and Cooperate with those who will need to know of their way, Man of Destiny and Legion of Light! The Realm of Negativity will not see the value of Sharing and Cooperation and will remain true to their paths of fear for they see these traits as a weakness unless the term “usury” is spoken.

In these days the Realm of Negativity will be at its strongest as they will organize to scheme to remain true to their course of controlling their interests in the economic realm. They will see that their rhetoric will almost convince the man on the street that the old ways are better for they will not willingly share or give up the value of the old capitalistic ways. Watch for the lines of the Battle of Light against the Darkness of Man to be drawn and witness the Forces of Light against the Realm of Negativity as a True Battle of the Spirit of God against the passions of man! The Darkness of Man will bring pain and sorrow but will be no force against the Universal Energies and the Legion of Light who will prevail in establishing the New Millennium!

On August 24, 2010 the Universal Energies will bring All Man to task to choose his side for the soon to come Judgment Day! All Man and Man of Negativity, you have been given generous time to learn of the Way of the Spirit and yet you continue as if you have not been warned. Time will not be on your side! Man of Destiny and Legion of Light proceed to promote your pathway and to establish your Foundation of Destiny!

The New Millennium will progress forward in the Name of God for those who know of His works. There will be many called by name and few will step forward for many are stranded between no knowledge and no time. Do you, All Man, not see the wonders of God all around you and within you? August 25, 2010 will have All Humanity in a day of accountability and shall require that your Foundation of Destiny be at hand! Let not this day pass you for you will be the most important person to God this day!

On August 26, 2010 there will be a second call for those who wait to enter the New Millennium as the momentum of the Universal Energies proceeds towards its becoming! Wait no longer All Man and Man of Negativity, for you will have numbered days to gain the Blessing of God for your works and deeds. Shall you not heed these Words of Truth you shall remain in the Joyless state of heart and mind and miss the entire reason you have entered the Earth Plane at this time! Look to those whose lives are not mired in Chaos and Confusion and live life in simplicity for the role model.

August 27th will bring the opportunity for All Humanity to grow into their life’s Purpose in the New Millennium. Use this timing wisely and you shall prosper or should you spend this golden opportunity you shall be one to be standing alone until you shall learn once more of the Way of the Spirit. The Realm of Negativity will do its maximum efforts to keep all in their grasp bound to their ways of economic fear for they will see no difference in gaining the Way of the Spirit through merit or as a negotiable commodity!

The Energy of August 28, 2010 will bring in the Day of the Blessing where the call for Cooperation and Sharing will be the new standard of civility. This Energy will boost those in place to negotiate with the Realm of Negativity, for deep inside they too will know that the Spiritual Boundaries have already been drawn. Will they accept defeat or will they continue their belief that the Way of the Spirit is a negotiable commodity? Let this day be a signpost for the Realm of Negativity’s change in their ways!

August 29th will provide Energy of Newness for our conscious minds to absorb and become. It will be as if you will no longer carry a load upon our shoulders and have been released from your stressors, for YOU have! Relax now and learn to Flow with the Universal Energies that Create ALL THINGS! The primary function of our Earthly pathways is to live the Life of Joy through Love and the only way to do this is to Live It! See and Benefit as the Foundation and Path of Destiny begin to open up for not only yourself but also the others seeking the Life of Joy!

On August 30, 2010 the Universal Energies will simultaneously merge the Pathways of Man of Destiny and the Legion of Light towards the work they will establish in the New Millennium. This shall be the Road to Follow for those who will wait and see what “Decision” they shall inherit after the Realm of Negation lets up on their reins of bondage, and THEY SHALL! Let these days mark the Way of Light as a Beacon that will serve as a sign that the Works of God upon Earth will be here to stay!

August 31st will be a day in which Freedom as the only occupation of Earth will become the standard to bear. All cry the call for Freedom yet cannot define it without terms of the old rules of man’s ways that become references to economics and selfish thoughts where someone will win and someone will lose. Freedom in the New Millennium will bring us all to Love and Trust one another and to care for everyone’s benefit. Use this day to think of these thoughts and gain your Freedom from the rules of man’s ways!

As the month of August closes there will be a need to wait for many more to enjoin the New Millennium’s movement. The cause for this is that All Humanity and our solar system is being inundated with New Energy to FORCE our old ways of thinking and believing to disintegrate. And as All Humanity receives the New Energy their learning and processing to make the Change of Newness will only come with the New Life Experience of Joy. You will Become a Man of Destiny and bear witness to becoming an Early Adaptor in the New Life on Earth! Much more Change will come in the next few months of this five-month-old process so stay in tune!