Sunday, December 6, 2009

Embracing the Last Opportunities until March 2010

December 2009 will close out the year by offering two Opportunities for enhancing our pathways within the New Millennium. These will be the last universal choices offered until March 2010 as December will be dominated by the need to internalize and seek within to strengthen our God connection.

December began with a bridge to bring our emotional foundation closer to God in order to progress ourselves beyond the inferior thought system that limits our growth. In a sense this is a process of turning our fears and worries over to God and having Him transform them into Love energy in order to fulfill our roles in the New Millennium. This planetary energy was a cleansing that sought to intertwine and braid us into a divine likeness of God.

The first of the two Opportunities in December will be offered to create an activation of our need to see ourselves as divine in every manner of our lives and this will strengthen us to merge our pathways into the current planetary energy sequence. This energy will continue to sustain us until the sun’s path crosses over into the sign of Capricorn, the sign of determination. The second Opportunity for December 2009 will last for two days in the sign of Capricorn and in effect has us to choose whether we will move with the earth and help her create the thousand years of peace. This is why we have incarnated on earth at this time and what the New Millennium is all about!

The month closes out by having us seek the way of our greatest happiness, as this is the way in which we shall find our true destiny in the stars. For there is no greater Joy than the natural energy flow in which we energize ourselves by doing what we were designed to do and that is in our divine pathway. December also closes out with five planets in the sign of determination, Capricorn, and this will propel us to complete this task without hindrance from the way of negativity, unless we allow it.