Friday, November 6, 2009

The Opportunities of August 2009

The energies that came in August 2009 displayed an energy surge unmatched within our lifetime. This energy provided not just one Opportunity for moving forward into the New Millennium but five Opportunities! The first Opportunity did not include all of the planets but by the end of the month ALL of the planetary energies were direct participants.

The first Opportunity was a choice for allowing the New Millennium’s energy to merge with our own individual energy in order to match with the surge’s energy. The clear message is that “this new energy is available to bring God’s Foundation for the creation of the Earth’s expansion into her own pathway towards the Flow of her own purpose while assisting Man’s endeavors in the time of Prosperity.”

The second and third Opportunities conjoined the energies of the planets into a message linking the first Opportunity’s message with a message to “activate the progress of Love and Knowledge towards the acceptance of the Earth’s pathway as well as your own pathway within this new path towards the New Millennium.” Suffice it to say, the new direction of the Earth’s pathway brings in a new thought pattern that emerges anew for our Creation of Reality. However, the old pattern did not extinguish itself but shall remain with those who seek security in the old. This is the New Millennium within our footsteps!

The final two Opportunities for August 2009 were from two opposite directions, one for those who have chosen the New Pathway and one for those whose Free Will chose to remain within the security of the old thought pattern. The New Pathway offered a fusing of a partnership that would merge the three previous Opportunities of like energy to like while the choice for security within the old was offered God’s Love for acceptance or rejection. September 2009’s energy patterns would emerge as a continuance of Opportunities from the planetary energies but not as intense as August 2009 for the choices have been made to merge into our own new pathways. These will be revealed next week and soon the future will be before us!