Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Light Battle Begins

August 2009 ended with an Opportunity for those who have chosen to enter the New Millennium and one for those who chose to remain within the negative ways of the old thought pattern in which man enslaves his fellow man. This is only the beginning of the Light Battle, the negative forces that try to extinguish the Good from God to man, as from late August 2009 until May 2010 the energy patterns have the old pattern trying to bring the New Millennium to a standstill.

There were five Opportunities in September 2009, four were offered to the negative ways of the old thought pattern and one to progress the energy of the New Millennium. The first Opportunity for the negative ways of thought provided a Free Will decision to continue in a pathway without God’s Energy of Love. This same Opportunity appeared again as the third and fourth Opportunity in the month of September 2009 and also called into place the karmic Judgment of Man from further damaging the emerging Pathway of the New Millennium.

The second Opportunity offered in September 2009 was to progress the New Millennium with a boost of planetary energy for the Light to remain steadfast in this time of chaos. The message was to “activate progress towards Joy and Knowledge to overcome doubt and obstacles cast before your foundation.” This choice was anchored into place with a day of meditation in the following week for the purpose of guiding the Higher Mind towards the New Millennium.

When the Sun’s path crossed into the sign of Libra a strengthening of the New Millennium’s foundation proceeded by activating our internal learning towards guiding our Higher Mind into the New Millennium’s inevitableness and Creation. This would be so until almost the crossing of the Sun’s path into the Scorpion in October 2009.

The last Opportunity in September sought to bring in a pathway in which the old thought pattern would return to its prominence of the past. This shall be an artificial reality, an illusion, demonstrating that man using his gift of Free Will shall continue to create his tools of enslavement through his own disbelief that the New Millennium is here.

October 2009 brought in four Opportunities for building the foundation of the New Millennium as well as three more planetary alignments to sustain the artificial reality being constructed through the negative way of sustaining this thought process. This will be covered in next week’s posting.