Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Closing of the Season of Opportunities

For perspective there has been a grand total of 19 Opportunities in which all man and light would decide to enter into the foundation of the pending New Millennium from July to October 2009. November 2009 would add five more Opportunities along with three planetary alignments that would further define the process of creating the way. The significance of all these recent Opportunities is that they do not occur in such prodigious numbers but rather tend to align themselves at a rate of less than one per month.

The first Opportunity alignment occurred at the beginning of November 2009 and was directed as a choice for the way of negativity. Its message was to “build upon Love and Joy to gather knowledge into your consciousness for your divine purpose on earth.” The pathway of negativity will form a foundation from which to begin with God’s Love to Flow towards a path of learning about their decision. Dreams and nightmares of their own inner turmoil will manifest to process and face their own fears and guilt.

The remaining four Opportunities were for those who have chosen to rediscover their divine pathways within the New Millennium. The first of these produced the energy to guide the path by beginning a gradual removal of unneeded residue from our past. This includes moving away from past alliances and friendships that no longer serve their purpose to teach us how to become divine within our own right. The second directed its energy into the core of our emotional state, which is our built in guidance system for measuring our level of happiness (or lack there of) and caused us to individually inventory our state of emotional wellness.

The third Opportunity in this rapid sequence of planetary events brought forth a bridge to link the message to mean, “the foundation of the Joy you seek is within your power to create, your divine pathway in the New Millennium.” This event was followed by a planetary alignment of the first of two Great Stars that came to seal the way to progress our creations into our overall pathways in unison with the earth’s pathway. Despite the continued opposition by the negative forces God’s energy forces will prevail to no end, as the illusionary reality battles the foundation of the New Millennium until May 2010. In the last Opportunity of November 2009 the bridge was strengthened and also produced a directive relating to seek out God when in need as what may feel as isolation is in reality the time needed for inspiration towards the New Millennium.

The season of Opportunities ends in November 2009 and for the time being the choices involved for our pathways in the New Millennium will be individualized rather than on a mass scale. There shall only be two Opportunities for the masses in December 2009 and the pattern will return to their normal frequency of less than one per month. November 2009 closes out with the second appearance of a Great Star. This one showed there to be the promise that the movement and Creation of the New Millennium is an Absolute.