Saturday, November 21, 2009

A Balancing Act

Last week it was reported that October 2009 had seven Opportunities to strengthen the creative energy between the pathways for the Creation of the New Millennium or to reenergize the old pathway of man enslaving his fellow man. However, there were actually eight Opportunities provided. Four for the Creation of the New Millennium and four for continuing the earth plane as it has been for generations in its negativity. Though this may sound fair there was actually a planetary alignment provided to limit the expansion of the old pathway.

The first planetary alignment to provide an Opportunity in October 2009 was for the negative way of thought. It was a planetary energy to implement a new illusionary idea to use God’s creative forces to expand the enslavement of man. In this case it was through the world of economic forces, the least common denominator for man’s participation on earth. At the same time there was a planetary energy displaying an alignment that activated our internal learning towards guiding our Higher Mind into the New Millennium’s inevitableness and Creation. This balancing energy remained until just before the Sun moved into the sign of the Scorpion.

In the first full week of October 2009 a humungous energy pattern came to counterbalance the negative forces and gave Earth and Man an opportunity to continue towards the New Millennium intact. It gave emotional understanding for the way of change that was occurring and also acknowledged God as Partner with the earth for placing a foundation for the undercurrent of change. Without this energy there would have been many to seek the way of security and remain with the known negativity.

The remainder of the month of October 2009 provided three more Opportunities for both sides of the spectrum on the same dates, October 11, October 17, and October 25, 2009. The message for the first two Opportunities were to choose to whom to remain a partner with, God or man, as they would either expand their creative forces towards a goal of the New Millennium or towards an illusionary security. The message changed on October 25 with the Sun’s entry into Scorpio as now the blocks to each side would surface to be pondered upon and would offer convincing arguments for those still undecided.

The closure of October 2009 brought in a date in which to seal the choice of the plan chosen. Both guarantee a plan that comes to a conclusion but each is built upon a separate set of standards. One to build the Real and one to build an illusionary process that would further enslave all man. Recall the events of August 2009 and remember that our individual energies have increased to enter into the New Millennium and have also increased to become further enslaved into the imaginary world of economic forces.

November 2009 would bring in five Opportunities to make a choice. One was for the negativity filled ways of old and four are to further expand the pathway of the New Millennium. This unbalanced act will lead the negative pathway to directly oppose the New Millennium with deliberate actions that will continue until May 2010.