Thursday, October 22, 2009

What is Alexandrian Astrology?

Our eternal gift from God is the ability to create our own Reality. Whether or not we believe we are creating our own Reality is a matter of choice but how this gift manifests itself is through our unique thought processes based upon perceptions of our accumulated experiences. We are designed to create our own Reality with the assistance of the planetary energies working within the framework of the universe's stars.

Alexandrian Astrology is the study of the interaction of our solar system's planetary energies and the stars of the universe uniting to provide a Potential Reality that manifests as a guide for the Flow of the energies within a duration of time. As stated above we are given Free Will in this process to choose between the Flow of the universal energies or to seek out the experiences that we desire. It's that simple.

On a weekly basis Alexandrian Kosmos will give guidance to the plan presented through the planetary alignments and the energies they are providing to lead us into the New Millennium. Since July 2009 there have been many changes and much to write but that will come at the next posting.