Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Creating is a decision process driven by our own Free Will

Our lives are created by the choices we make using Free Will. This is our Reality. We make choices from the day we are born until our body exhausts itself on Earth. This is Reality. The choices we make may only impact our life for a single moment or can affect the duration of our earthly incarnation. This is how we create our own Reality.

We practice Free Will on a daily basis in order to create the pathway we choose as our own Reality. The role that the planetary energies provide is granting the opportunities for our pathway to manifest. In July 2009 an opportunity for creation towards the New Millennium activated a series of choices that are still in movement today.

The main opportunity of July 2009 was a message to “seek knowledge to create a state of goodness in your life. Surround yourself with all that is near to God. This is the foundation to be built with Love to guide the spirit of the New Millennium into place.”

The choice for creating the foundation of the New Millennium provides only a beginning point but from this point forward the Free Will issue involves acceptance of the energy or to reject it. August 2009 began an intensive series of energies but that will come next week.