Saturday, August 22, 2015

The Role of God’s Logos

The Greek word “logos,” (λóγος) is generally translated to mean, “a word, saying, or discourse” but has a syntactic range that allows “logos” to be defined in several different ways. When used, for example, in context with terms to describe an academic discipline, such as, biology, geology, or anthropology, “logos” means “the study of,” as in the term biology (βíος, “life” + λóγος), which comes to mean “the study of life.” In a philosophical context “logos” is defined as “cause, maxim, principle, or reason,” while in a religious context, “logos” used in conjunction with God becomes God’s Logos, or “God’s Word.” For Mother Earth’s evolving Fifth Dimensional world, “logos” used in conjunction with God, as God’s Logos, will come to mean “God’s Command.” The role of God’s Logos will be to assist Mother Earth’s growth and expansion into the Universe’s Fifth Dimension, and will serve in a similar capacity as God’s Logos in the Bible’s Creation Chapters of Genesis. God’s Commands in the Creation Chapters of Genesis all begin with the phrase, “Let there be …” such as in Genesis 1:3 when God Commands “Let there be Light” or with the phrase “Let the …” as exemplified in 1:11 as “Let the earth …” to indicate an intended action by God’s Command. God’s Logos as God’s Command will be serving to Re-Create Mother Earth for the Universe’s Fifth Dimension!

It will not be God alone Re-Creating Mother Earth for the Universe’s Fifth Dimension, dear Ones! Mother Earth’s Re-Creation Process will also integrate you and your gifts and talents from the Universe along with the aggregate whole of all Lightworker Souls on Earth, the Legion of Light, as the initializing Souls of Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimension! Once Man of Light Souls, the evolving Man of Destiny Souls aligning with you into the Universe’s Fifth Dimension, attain the Spiritual Knowledge and Spiritual Purpose Experience for the Fifth Dimension, they too will be assisting God in Re-Creating Mother Earth. God’s Logos activated upon Mother Earth on August 18, 2015, as God the Father and Mother of ALL Things has permeated into all endeavors and activities upon Mother Earth! It will, however, take about one more year for all Souls to fully align, synchronize, and integrate with God’s Logos. The primary reason the initializing process will require another year will be due to the issue of Freewill. Freewill allows each unique and individual Soul to become a part of the Universe’s Fifth Dimension or not. By choosing to progress into the Universe’s Fifth Dimension, one will be choosing an entirely New Horizon led by God’s Logos through God Source!

To become a part of the Universe’s Fifth Dimension is to become a part and a whole of God’s Universal Domain. On September 17, 2015, God’s Logos will begin “silently” influencing and guiding all Souls entering into Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimension, and, into an entirely New Horizon of Spiritual Experience! The initial “sounds of silence” will be God’s Logos “speaking” through God Source to transmit God’s Commands directly to you, dear Ones! For this is how the Universe’s Fifth through Eighth Dimensions, the Application Dimensions, function – God Source leads each and every individual Soul to his or her Soul’s self designed world of Joy of Living! Freewill allows one to disregard or even ignore the direction of God Source, but no one, after having experienced the world of disregard or ignorance of God Source in the Third and Fourth Dimensions, could, or would, even fathom ignoring such Wisdom any longer! Mother Earth’s Transition into the Universe’s Fifth Dimension will be moving much more rapidly by the standards of Time in its truest sense of meaning – Time as movement of the Soul – after September 17, 2015, when your alignment with God’s Logos through God Source will truly align into place!

The first year with God’s Logos will begin slowly in awareness but as Time progresses, there will be a noticeable difference in one’s approach through the measurement of success – the awareness that Love, and only Love, will function in Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimension! Man’s world measures success by the standard of the dollar, the more one has, the more things one can do. In Mother Earth’s evolving Fifth Dimensional world into God’s Universal Domain, success will be measured through the attainment of Spiritual Wisdom and its application through the Spiritual Essence of Love! In returning to functioning in the truest essence of your True Self with the Universe, dear Ones, all things in Mother Earth’s evolving Fifth Dimension will come much easier and in a more natural sequence! When the Energy of November 17, 2015 arrives God’s Logos will be calling the Legion of Light together to unify and work in leadership with God to Re-Create Mother Earth for the Universe’s Fifth Dimension! From October 6 through October 25, 2015 the innate “sounds of silence” from God’s Logos will no longer be “silent,” but direct to you in the preferential system of your meditational communication method! This way, dear Ones, you will be aligning into the natural sequence of who you are in the Universe once more!

The organization of the Legion of Light with God’s Logos will occur from November 17, 2015 through February 16, 2016. By February 16, 2016 all Lightworker Souls will be aligned and unified with God’s Logos through God Source to assist in the momentous changes Mother Earth will be making to become a New Earth – a Creator Planet of the Fifth Dimension – on May 16, 2016! The evolving Man of Destiny Souls, the Man of Light Souls, will also be assimilating into Fifth Dimension awareness but not as easily or as rapidly as you will be doing, for they will need to overhaul his or her reflexive perceptions by replacing his or her fear with Love! Fear will not be a motivator in the Application Dimension’s with God! By aligning with God’s Logos through God Source all Souls in Mother Earth’s evolving Fifth Dimension will realize that the concepts of “night” and “darkness” will no longer exist! In rereading the Creation Chapters of Genesis, dear Ones, you will find that the terms “night” and “darkness” disappear after the Fourth Day was Created by God (Gen 1:1 to 1:19). For the Creation Chapters of Genesis are representative of God’s Creation of the Universal Dimensions, not the days! And it is in the Universe’s Fifth Dimension (the Fifth Day) where all life forms begin their introduction without the concepts of “night” and “darkness” – as the Role of God’s Logos has permeated into all endeavors and activities upon Mother Earth!