Saturday, June 27, 2015

Understanding with Love

Life in Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimension will be no different than Life in Mother Earth’s Fourth Dimension if every Soul on Earth were to think, act, and do things as if change were the result of influences originating outside of one’s Self. Whenever change or transformation originates from outside of one’s sphere of influence and serves to motivate one’s actions, change is the result of force rather than an activity of Freewill to stimulate growth and expansion in one’s Life. Change resulting from war or natural disasters are examples of transformation dictated by agents of change originating outside of one’s Self, and results in circumstantial change or transformation. Thus, natural disasters or wars force people to change circumstances in order to participate in activities outside of their own immediate control. When change or transformation originates from the influences of one’s Freewill, individual, and even social, change is activated through an internal awareness derived through the synchronization of new ideas, perceptions, and concepts of the Self. Change thus becomes a deliberate process of synchronizing internal forces rather than a change of circumstances forced upon one’s will. The Change or Transformation that all Souls await in Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimension is derived from an internal synchronization of Freewill!

Freewill is a function and process of each Soul’s unique individuality within the Universe. In aligning into Mother Earth’s developing Fifth Dimension with God and the Universe, each individual Soul will be making the transition of becoming Unified in Oneness with God and the Universe. For you, dear Ones, this will mark a return to the Unity with God and the Universe status you have always cherished and appreciated. For the advancing Man of Light Souls, (the evolving Man of Destiny Souls choosing to become like a Lightworker Soul in every way with the Light, Love, and Harmony of the Universe) it will signal the first time Unity with God and the Universe status will be offered by God. There will be many new responsibilities for Man of Light Souls as well as privileges in achieving the status of Unity with God and the Universe. The most challenging of these new responsibilities will be to think, act, and do things in terms of a TEAM, and not solely for one’s Self! The Universe functions collectively as ONE cohesive unit of UNITY. There are no unknowns, no anomalies, no inconsistencies, and no contradictions within the entire Universe as the Universe from the First through the Eighth Dimensions are all synchronized into UNITY through God Source!

The only way an individual Soul may align with God Source is by understanding ALL Things with Love! To think, feel, and understand your Creator, dear Ones, is to think, feel, and understand with Love in every hour, minute, and second of the day. From July 10, 2015 through August 9, 2015 all Souls who have chosen to begin within Mother Earth’s developing Fifth Dimension Harmony Vibration Field will begin aligning with God Source in Unity with God and the Universe. The idea, perception, and concept of TEAM will permeate into every solitary thought, feeling, and action of each individual Soul through God Source. Not one single Soul, Man of Light or Lightworker Soul, however, will lose his or her individuality for you are in a sequence to becoming a contributing facilitator in the growth and expansion of Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimension with the Universe in every way possible! Your aligning with God Source will continue until Mother Earth will finally, and thoroughly, blend within the Universe’s Fifth Dimension on May 22, 2016. Thereafter, all movement in Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimension will be a willful coordination of you, God, and the Universe through the synchronizing influence of God Source – as it is throughout the Universe!

Beginning on July 10, 2015 through May 21, 2016 there will be three conditional pathways in process of organizing every single Soul towards his or her appropriately chosen direction. Man of Destiny Souls will remain within Mother Earth’s diminishing and waning Fourth Dimension Harmony Vibrational world and will be unaware that change or transformation is even possible. Mother Earth’s Fourth Dimensional world shall become the place of circumstantial change and transformation, the place of changing circumstances by the force of negative deeds and actions, the disregard of Love compounded by Mother Earth’s natural disasters! You shall see these images on your evening newscasts and will witness many senseless activities occurring, but you have a choice dear Ones, you don’t have to watch the images at all! As for the evolving Man of Light Souls, they will still have much residue from being a Man of Destiny Soul but as long as he or she becomes actively engaged in understanding with Love, all will be well. Should he or she deter from active understanding with Love and the idea, perception, and concept of TEAM, Man of Light will be placed into a “holding pattern from progress” for relearning that God is in charge of the Universe – God Source is coordinating all aspects of Mother Earth’s Change and Transformation!

For you, dear Ones, awakening all Seven of your Chakras and aligning with God Source in Unity with God and the Universe will be returning you to becoming a Super Creator of the Universe once more! From July 28, 2015 through August 30, 2015 your alignment into Super Creator status will merge you into Mother Earth’s developing New Horizon Pathway. Though you may feel disorganized within the big picture of Mother Earth’s Transformation right now, you will not be confused or lost with God Source leading you! Many things remain to be coordinated behind the scenes for now, dear Ones, as Man of Light must still learn that understanding with Love will lead him or her to God Source so that he or she may properly align into Unity with God and the Universe! Without an idea, perception, and concept of TEAM, Man of Light would be no different than Man of Destiny and would only hinder and interfere in not only your Projects of Light and Love with the Universe but God’s Projects of Light and Love! ALL Change and Transformation in the Universe’s Fifth Dimension is coordinated by God Source and through the internal synchronization of Freewill for building a TEAM unified in understanding with Love. For understanding with Love is the only way of growth and expansion in God’s Universe!