Monday, May 11, 2015

God Source

The Self is composed of two overlapping states of conscious awareness, the Conscious Self and the Unconscious Self.  The Conscious Self, dear Ones, is you interacting and experiencing your physical environment without the input of any interpretation for any given experience. The experience of your Conscious Self is like raw data collected before analysis and evaluation for a computer program’s assessment. Your Unconscious Self performs the process of interpretation and evaluation of the raw data like a computer program for personal meaning. The Unconscious Self has four distinct “levels” to interpret and evaluate the experience of your interaction with your environment. The four levels of the Unconscious Self are (1) the Emotional Self, (2) the Mental Self, (3) the Intuitive Self, and (4) the Higher Self. The Emotional Self is aligned with your five senses and the Three Primary Chakras used to Create with Love, the Root Chakra, the Throat Chakra, and the Sacral Chakra. These eight sensory perception and awareness centers are aligned together through the Solar Plexus Chakra, the body’s Energy Vortex Center used for emotional evaluation. The Mental Self is aligned for cognitive recognition and evaluation of an experience in your environment. Like the Emotional Self, the Mental Self is also correlated to the five senses, the Three Primary Chakras used to Create with Love, and the Solar Plexus Chakra.

In general, most Souls experience Life through the Conscious Self and the Unconscious Self’s Emotional Self and the Mental Self, as the Intuitive Self and the Higher Self are aligned for use with the five physical senses and all Seven Energy Vortex Centers, or Chakras. When one has not exercised access to the remaining Chakras, the Third Eye Chakra, The Crown Chakra, and the Heart Chakra, one has little use for the Unconscious levels of the Intuitive Self or the Higher Self. This is a condition mostly associated with the lives of Man of Destiny Souls and will at times affect the circumstances of a Lightworker Soul, who has use of all five of the physical body’s senses and all seven Energy Vortex Centers available at all times. The only variable negating the access and implementation of the Intuitive Self and the Higher Self along with full use of all seven Energy Vortex Centers is a state of fear. The Energy Vortex Center assigned to differentiate between a state of fear and Love in one’s state of consciousness is the Solar Plexus Chakra. Fear, dear Ones, will deny all access to one’s Unconscious Self’s Intuitive Self and the Higher Self, as fear withdraws one from a state of Lovingness and stimulates hyperactive symptoms of fright through the body’s adrenal system.  

While a state of fear will stimulate one’s Unconscious Self’s Emotional Self and Mental Self to retrieve one’s previous memories, experiences, and thoughts, Love stimulates the Unconscious Self’s Intuitive Self and Higher Self to access input of knowledge outside of one’s immediate Self, as the Intuitive Self and the Higher Self serve to access and align one directly to God Source! God Source is the Spiritual Presence of God in manifestation! The role of the Intuitive Self’s access to God Source is chiefly designed for issues and circumstances relating to the unified physical body’s and Soul’s thoughts, deeds, and actions whereas the only concern of the Higher Self is to oversee all thoughts, deeds, and actions related to the progress of the Soul. Hence the realms of the Intuitive Self and the Higher Self function as direct communication with God Source much like the distinctive difference between prayer and meditation. Prayer is a request made to God and can be performed even in the most fearful state of mind while meditation is seeking a direct response from God within a state of Lovingness!

Your access to God Source, dear Ones, will Truly increase in scope and depth of perception from May 27, 2015 through June 13, 2015, as you will find your direct access to God Source through your highly developed Unconscious Self leading you in any and all endeavors of your Heart and Soul! This is not a mere coincidence or an accident! You began on this Pathway on February 3, 2015 when you became involved in an intensive period of specialized preparation for your role in Mother Earth’s New Horizon, and it’s finally about to complete! The specialized preparation period was a process to align your Unconscious Self’s Intuitive Self and Higher Self levels for Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimension with God. You may have been feeling somewhat tired and sluggish at times during this period, and even experienced times of extraordinary deep sleep but this was your Higher Self aligning your Spiritual Purpose with God for your new future! You will find that during the period of May 27 through June 13, 2015, your conscious awareness to matters related to your Soul’s progress dramatically expanding through your comprehension and evaluation skills! By expanding your comprehension and evaluation skills you will proceed into the direction of your Heart and Soul’s Joy of Living more rapidly than previously ever possible in Mother Earth’s Fourth Dimension!

God Source will be leading you and guiding your direction with the Eternal Truth of God, and granting you the “keys” to Create with the Throne of God, the Foundation of Love. God Source and the “keys” to the Foundation of Love are not at all new to you, but your usage in Mother Earth’s New Horizon will be, dear Ones! The twofold team of God Source and the “keys” to God’s Foundation of Love all began unifying with you on February 7, 2015 when you and all members of the Legion of Light, the aggregate whole of all Lightworker Souls on Mother Earth, were designated to lead Mother Earth in her Fifth Dimension Transition. Things externally around you may still seem to be moving at a snail’s pace but internally your conscious awareness is growing and expanding at the speed of Light with God! If these recent periods of Activations, Expansions, and Beginnings did not make any sense to your Conscious Self yet, dear Ones, they will by June 15, 2015! For the Energy of June 15, 2015 will begin the Future of Man and Light – the Energy to blend, commingle, and align the advanced Man of Destiny Souls, Man of Light, and all Lightworker Souls through God Source into One unified Force of Oneness to begin the physical transformation of Mother Earth into the Fifth Dimension with God!