Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Man and Light

There are only two types of Souls in the Universe that have the capability to Create with Love, assimilate with the Harmony Vibration of the Universe, and produce Light Forms as particles of matter. These two Soul types are Man of Destiny Souls and Lightworker Souls. In the long run there is no difference between each Soul type’s outcome in becoming a Caretaker of All Life Forms in the Universe and to assist God with the growth and expansion of the Universe. The only difference between the two is in the way both Soul types began into motion with the Universe. Lightworker Souls began in the Universe as a Light Form with full understanding of the Power of Love and are designed to assume the responsibility of being a Caretaker with the Universe in order to assist God with the growth and expansion of the Universe. Man of Destiny Souls on the other hand, begin in an evolutionary process by first learning about the Power of Love within his or her immediate world in order to grow into his or her future role.

The process of learning about the Power of Love for Man of Destiny involves an evolutionary process of growing through four stages of Spiritual Knowledge to gain understanding for his or her future role as a Caretaker of the Universe. Man of Destiny Souls first begin the evolutionary process as an egocentric being, full of fear, lacking in trust, and socially deficient. As learning progresses into the second stage, awareness of others in his or her world begins, and with it, God Consciousness. This stage leads to the third stage of learning and utilizes God Consciousness to influence the Soul to accept social learning and social encounters as positive experiences rather than as fearful experiences. The final Spiritual stage of Man of Destiny’s learning process serves to introduce a broadminded social approach for learning and understanding with philosophical concepts. This evolutionary process is not an “overnight” sequence of study but a process that can take several lifetimes spanning a century to a millennia or more.

Whenever Man of Destiny Souls reach a new stage of learning, his or her natural tendency is to always fall back on what is known and well understood – the egocentric stage of fear, lack of trust, and social deficiency. In the days to come many Man of Destiny Souls will be called upon to drop all fear and move to progress with the growth and expansion of the Universe. For when the Energy Vibration for the final week of August 2014 arrives, there will be two significant events being introduced to demonstrate the growth and expansion of the Universe upon Mother Earth. The first event will be the first unifying Project of Man and Light in the Fifth Dimension’s New Horizon on August 25, 2014. The Project of Man and Light will endure from August 25, 2014 through March 27, 2017, when the transitional stage of the New Horizon finally completes. During this Time, Man of Destiny Souls will have only one choice – to be a part of the growth and expansion of the Universe or to phase out. This will become more apparent when the Energy from December 4, 2014 through July 31, 2016 serves to produce the Harmony Vibration for Man of Destiny to make the possibility of Unity with God possible! However, many of these Souls will spend the year “hiding in fear” rather than moving forward with the New Energy!

The second event will lead to elevation of some Lightworker Souls into prominent leadership roles beginning on August 29, 2014. Worldwide in scale, the new crop of leadership will rise and bring forth an auxiliary force of Light to assist the placement of Mother Earth’s foundation for the Fifth Dimension’s New Horizon. Man of Destiny Souls will welcome the new leadership at first, but as Time moves forward, they will revert to “listening without understanding” only to give commentary and feedback as if this were a debate rather than the growth and expansion of the Universe as well as on Mother Earth! The leadership of the Light will be “tunnel-visioned” in scope and duty to God and the Universe. So do not let Man of Destiny’s fear, worries, and petty concerns burden you while assisting God and the Universe to Create the possibility of Unity with God for all Man of Destiny Souls!

In understanding the evolutionary cycle of Man of Destiny Souls, dear Ones, you will better understand the actions and motivations of the many Man of Destiny Souls upon Mother Earth in the days to come. The months of September and October 2014 will bring further evidence of Man’s world being replaced with the New Foundation of the Fifth Dimension’s New Horizon. By November 2014 the Fifth Dimension’s New Horizon will be fully in effect and bring “great panic” to Man’s world and all things in disharmony with Mother Earth’s fully merged Body and Soul operating within the Energy of the Universe! When December 28, 2014 arrives a New Era begins as Man of Destiny Souls who will only have base level Spiritual Knowledge and no recognition of God Consciousness will begin to “phase out” and bring an end to any counter influences in Mother Earth’s quest to fully integrate into the Fifth Dimension! Have cheer, dear Ones, for your Projects of Light and Love will begin to blossom like never before!