Sunday, March 2, 2014

Light, Love, and Harmony

The Universe is an accumulation of three Eternal dynamics – Light, Love, and Harmony. These three dynamics allow the Universe to remain in an Eternal State of Expansion and Oneness. There cannot be any deviation or divergence from God’s Plan of Eternal Expansion and Oneness for to eliminate the State of Expansion or to renege on its State of Unity and Oneness would cause the entire Universe to collapse and cease to exist. What appears to our physical senses from Mother Earth as separation from the Universe derives from three aspects – the multiple dimensions that exist within the Universe and the facade of Time and Space in the Universe. These three aspects, dear Ones, actually serve to provide “classroom lessons” for all Man of Destiny Souls in the Universe to progress and learn in all phases of Spiritual Experience with Love.

It will be important to understand that the Universe is an accumulation of Light, Love, and Harmony existing without Time or Space as a multidimensional expression of Love. This will become more apparent when the last week of March 2014 arrives for the New Horizon will be in full motion! Man of Destiny Souls will not even notice the difference but you will, dear Ones! For the process to unify Mother Earth and the Milky Way Galaxy with God and the Universe will be leading to the experience of Creating in the Fifth Dimension with less need for Time or Space. In fact, the only reason that Time and Space exist in the lower Dimensions is to assist Man of Destiny Souls in the evolutionary development of his or her Spiritual Experience and Abilities. So what will appear as “slow motion” compared to the upper Dimensions, dear Ones, is what gives Man of Destiny Souls the opportunity to reflect, contemplate, and learn from his or her experiences at a much lower vibration and speed than events actually transpire in the upper Dimensions!

The speed of the Universe is instantaneous and IN THE NOW of ALL Things! There is no past, present, or future, it is only this present moment! This is how you were used to Creating as a being of Light, Love, and Harmony in the Universe, dear Ones, but for the growth and learning of all Man of Destiny Souls, all Lightworker Souls agreed with God to work in a dimension of “delayed reaction” in order to demonstrate how a “slow motion” variety of Creating with Love is accomplished with “minimal damage”! In the next three year’s development period you will be in process of regaining your Creating skills within the environment of the Universe once more! The first year has already begun and will complete on February 7, 2015 when you will no longer be dreaming but be fully immersed in Mother Earth’s Expansion with the Universe!

The pace of the Energy upon Mother Earth in the next three years will quicken and accelerate in order to correspond with the speed of the Universe. You, dear Ones, will be easily navigating the Energy of the Universe as quickly or as gradually as you would need to acclimate yourself once more. For Man of Destiny Souls, it will be much like watching an African wilderness television program on the migration of the Serengeti wildebeest. Instinctively they will know that they must seek the “grasslands” to survive, crossing rivers and basins with the ever present “danger” that lurks in the form of predators seeking their own survival. Man of Destiny’s reaction to the Universe’s Presence will truly be out of fear and an apprehensive imagination at work! But without experience in the Joy and Happiness that the Universe Eternally provides, there will be much panic and chaos emerging for no apparent reason than the lack of comprehension!

For this reason, dear Ones, you will be in the places of leadership worldwide! No place on Earth will be without a Beacon of Light to address the readiness of Man of Destiny Souls. Many Man of Destiny Souls will not listen or even pay attention to what you will be doing for a year, much like the Time of Noah building the Ark in preparation for the eventual flood. You will not need to worry about what you are preparing, dear Ones, for you and the whole of the Legion of Light will be in the Activation of all Projects of Light, Love, and Harmony! If you were to look at the way this “Quiet Revolution” will be progressing, consider how the speed of the Internet has increased everyone’s capacity to communicate in the past decades. Twenty years ago most people were just happy to communicate with email and early versions of Internet at 52K speed. Today 1000 times the 52K speed is being considered and sought after. Now imagine what the speed of the Universe will bring to us being IN THE NOW!