Friday, October 25, 2013

Conscious Creation

Currently, the greatest portion of our daily life is spent upon making a series of unconscious decisions based upon our habits. For instance, when you decide to get out of bed, it is generally dictated upon the need for you to get out of bed to begin your day. Work days indicate one time while your off days indicate a different time. What you decide to eat for breakfast, if you do, is usually dependent upon the amount of leisure time you have before you start your day outside of your home and predicated on your primary daily routine. Habits like making time for physical fitness, relaxation, and playing, generally fit into our routine as a secondary priority. But what if you were to reprioritize your secondary events over your primary priorities, what would be the worse case scenario that could happen? Would you loose your job, your relationships, your lifestyle, or even your health by becoming stressed and worried?

In the days to come many will be considering such a dramatic shift in lifestyle, both Lightworker Souls and Man of Destiny Souls, though in different ways that will move each Soul into the process of Conscious Creation. Conscious Creation is what the collective term means, you are Consciously Creating what you will want and need with Love to manifest your Soul’s sojourning reason for your coming upon Mother Earth! For you, dear Ones, you will no longer be bound by the unconscious or unaware force of habit to dictate what you will Create! Instead, you will be Consciously Creating with the Power of Love and the Universe to produce all the things that you will need to manifest your Soul’s Pathway!

When the Energy of November 17, 2013 arrives, you are one to begin expanding in the process of Unlimited Change with the Universe through Conscious Creation! Lightworker Souls will naturally attune to the Song of Harmony with the Universe, but Man of Destiny Souls will be in a place of continuous learning in order to understand that Love is the Way of the Fifth Dimension and the Universe. For in Man of Destiny’s attempts to mobilize his or her Life as if he or she were still in the Third or Fourth Dimension, failure will come until he or she learns to develop faith and confidence that Love is required in all thoughts, deeds, and actions. It will be as if Man of Destiny Souls were learning how to swim underwater for the first time. Any attempt to breathe underwater will induce drowning while holding his or her breath too long will induce asphyxiation by attempting to control his or her breathing.

There will be three critical days in which every Soul will become aware that Conscious Creation will become the standard for all Souls. These days are November 22, 23, and 24, 2013. In the same way one learns to swim underwater, attempts to act as if one were still in the Third or Fourth Dimension will lead many Man of Destiny Souls to “drown” without Love or become asphyxiated in any attempt to control any other Soul – for Love is the Way of the Fifth Dimension and the Universe! Man of Destiny Souls will be learning this through increased awareness in his or her association between the intention and the results of manifestation for the experience of gaining Spiritual Wisdom, and with it, will come the advent of his or her designated status of Co-Creator in Unity with God from January 23, 2014 through February 7, 2014!

These three critical days in November 2013 will mark the place in Time that everyone will realize that the New Horizon is in full effect. Conscious Creation will be the standard as God the Father and Mother of ALL Things makes His/Her Presence KNOWN upon Mother Earth and throughout the Universe! You will never be led astray, dear Ones, for God Source will lead you with the Truth of your Heart and Soul to bring you growth and expansion with the Universe as Conscious Creation begins to reveal the Universe’s presence upon Mother Earth for the first time ever, through you!